Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 29, 2009

Onomatopoeia Word List

    • argh                                                        
    • achoo
    • ahem
    • bang
    • bash
    • bam
    • bark
    • bawl
    • beep
    • belch
    • blab
    • blare
    • blurt
    • boing
    • boink
    • bonk
    • bong
    • boo
    • boo-hoo
    • boom
    • bow-wow
    • brring
    • bubble
    • bump
    • burp
    • buzz
    • cackle
    • chatter
    • cheep
    • chirp
    • chomp
    • choo-choo
    • chortle
    • clang
    • clash
    • clank
    • clap
    • clatter
    • click
    • clink
    • clip clop
    • cluck
    • clunk
    • cock a doodle doo
    • cough
    • crackle
    • creak
    • croak
    • crunch
    • cuckoo
    • ding
    • ding dong
    • drip
    • fizz
    • flick
    • flip
    • flip-flop
    • flop
    • flutter
    • giggle
    • glug
    • groan
    • growl
    • grunt
    • guffaw
    • gurgle
    • hack
    • haha
    • hack
    • hiccup
    • hiss
    • hohoho
    • honk
    • hoot
    • howl
    • huh
    • hum
    • jangle
    • jingle
    • ker-ching
    • kerplunk
    • knock
    • la
    • Lub Dub (heart beating)
    • meow
    • moan
    • moo
    • mumble
    • munch
    • murmur
    • mutter
    • neigh
    • oink
    • ouch
    • ooze
    • phew
    • ping
    • pitter patter
    • plink
    • plop
    • pluck
    • plunk
    • poof
    • pong
    • pop
    • pow
    • purr
    • quack
    • rattle
    • ribbit
    • ring
    • rip
    • roar
    • rumble
    • rush
    • rustle
    • screech
    • shuffle
    • shush
    • sizzle
    • slap
    • slash
    • slither
    • slurp
    • smack
    • snap
    • snarl
    • sniff
    • snip
    • snore
    • snort
    • splash
    • splat
    • splatter
    • splish
    • splosh
    • squawk
    • squeak
    • squelch
    • squish
    • swoosh
    • thud
    • thump
    • thwack
    • tic-toc
    • tinkle
    • trickle
    • twang
    • tweet
    • ugh
    • vroom
    • waffle
    • whack
    • whallop
    • wham
    • whimper
    • whip
    • whirr
    • whish
    • whisper
    • whizz
    • whoop
    • whoosh
    • woof
    • yelp
    • yikes
    • zap
    • zing
    • zip
    • zoom


  1. Hahaha. I love how the list starts with “argh”–LOL. Thanks for the list. I’m sure I’ll use it.

  2. I am sure there must be more fun words that I missed. Let me know if you come up with any more.

    • I came up with one word Ahahhahaha it is so FUNNY

      • ya it is

    • Fizzle sizzle chortle drizzle

    • it should have phrases to make it easier..!!

  3. I am having a very hard time! I’m trying to find a onomatopoeia word in which the fifth letter is R. It seems impossible. Any suggestions?

    • Rawr

  4. Aha! Pitter-patter! Thanks a lot for the helpful list! i searched everywhere else but this has been the most helpful so far!

    • Claudia,

      I hate to point this out, but the “r” is the sixth letter in pitter. How about whirr?

      I made up this list, because I wanted a list to use. Glad it helped.


      • This is a lot of words to work on

  5. thanks a lot for your help


  6. i am not sure of this one but i think it will do!!!!!!!!!!

    so here i go drip drop

  7. A very helpful list thanks

    • Haifa,

      My pleasure. It think it is time for me to start thinking of another list. Thanks for letting me know you liked this one.


  8. I LOVE your list!! It was really fun to read. . .would you be willing to add susurrus? It’s my favorite onomatopoeia, and just isn’t used often enough! :-)

    • yup

  9. itss really good!!!

    • Laura,

      Thanks for leaving a comment and letting me know you like things like this. Hope you stop back.


      • So Katie I
        I’ve your picture it is so cute

  10. thank you kathy temean this list really helped

  11. This is for the CREATOR of this list:


    I’m sorry to say that you zoomed past a word often used in comic books.
    And that is POW. I’m also not aware that “poop” is a example of onomatopoeia. I’m not saying “poop” isn’t a onomatopoeia example but I just didn’t know it was one.

    Other than that… I LOVE YOUR LIST. It is very helpful to me. Thank You.

    • POW! Is a great word! Thanks for sending it in. You are probably right about Poop. I got that from someone else, but I think you are correct.



  12. good place to look

  13. Hey

    Nice list! Its sure usefull.

    But im missing the onomatopoeia sounds of someone disliking food (Blegh?)

    And maybe “chuckle” ?


  14. I believe “scribble” should be added(:

    • Ihanson,

      Thanks for sending. I’ll check it out.



  16. THIS TOTALLY HELPS,GREAT LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  17. This one may be controversial, but give it a chance – it’s a great word in its own right!
    BORBORYGMI [def: the sound of a rumbling stomach.]

  18. add “gurgle”

    • and WHOOOHOOO

  19. thank you very much the examples that you gave where excellent¡¡ I needed them a LoT¡ ThAnK yOu VeRy MuCh¡

  20. thanks, great list

  21. Thanks so much! :) Helped alot!

    • *a lot

  22. thanks

  23. what about zoing it sounds really cool but isnt very common

    • Harley,

      Never heard that? What is it and where would you use it?


  24. zoing as in a fast moving item, or something?
    that could work

    • nevermind, sorry :(

      • this list does help, though
        thanks ;)

  25. Hi Kathleen, thank for the list. I was trying to find “Huhuh” and “Hmm” but they aren’t on there. I just need the correct spelling…lol

  26. It would be interesting to have on the right side the description/meaning of the onomatopeia word.

  27. IT’s Nice.My teacher told to do project.but by seeing this i try to do my own

  28. it fun looking at omomatopoeia word list becaues i have leant about super hero weeke and comics.!

  29. Love it


  31. LOL
    PS.Very Helpful with homework yoooooooo

    • Fakirah,

      So glad I could help.


  32. What a great list, my mission is to now try and find an ‘i’ onomatopoeia

    • Ida,

      If one comes to mind, I will add it. If you think of one, please let me know.


  33. flip-flop (sound made by loose sandals)

    • hey, you forgot pong

      • nice list XD

      • Timmy,



      • Joe,

        Thanks for adding to the list. Good job.


  34. These are all very good but i need these words in sentences

  35. good job

  36. Hey I’m Jessica. There are also some more words that I’ll add just for additional stuff : rumble, crash, snort, jangle, thump, roar, fizzle, splat moo, hiss, gobble, clang, tweet, sputter, ticktock, growl, crackle chirp, boom, whistle, wheeze, squawk, jingle,etc. Btw I got those words from a poem titled clatter by Joyce armor. Be sure to check that out. And lastly, very helpful list!

  37. thanks this will work well for my class :)

  38. Add: growl, rumble, snort, roar/rawr, boom, crash, hiss, thump, squawk
    But, thanks (: really helpful for my hw

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  40. […] is – Onomatopoeia Word list I think this is a fun page.  It has word like guffaw and kerplunk on it.  It has a wide range of […]

  41. THANKS I’m hussain from Lindi sec school in Tanzania!

    • Hussain,

      Nice to meet you. Don’t know anyone else from your country.



    • Griselda,

      Hey, that is a good one. Thanks!


  43. i needed this for my homework and i got an A+

    • Crisa,

      Wow! That is great. Thanks for letting me know.


  44. Help me understand why Microwave is on this list..

    • Clayton,

      Thank you so much for pointing this out. I meant to put that on the food related list. Moving it over right now.


  45. Where is microwave!

  46. Oh how I was serching these Onomatopoeias ! Thank you so much . I have more to learn .

    Once again , thank you.

  47. I really like your list. It helped do my homework LOL. But really, your list is helpful.

    • Justin,

      So glad it helped you.


  48. Is gurgling one and choking?

    • I think gurgling might fit, but not choking.

  49. Your list is amazing! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you Kathy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Helo. Very interesting work. I have dificulty in tallying the sound and the object. Can u pls help me out in that area. TJ from nigeria

      • TJ,

        I will give that some thought.


  50. Thanks for ur prompt reply, I hope my request will be granted.

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