Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 29, 2009

Onomatopoeia Word List

    • argh                                                        
    • achoo
    • ahem
    • bang
    • bash
    • bam
    • bark
    • bawl
    • beep
    • belch
    • blab
    • blare
    • blurt
    • boing
    • boink
    • bonk
    • bong
    • boo
    • boo-hoo
    • boom
    • bow-wow
    • brring
    • bubble
    • bump
    • burp
    • buzz
    • cackle
    • chatter
    • cheep
    • chirp
    • chomp
    • choo-choo
    • chortle
    • clang
    • clash
    • clank
    • clap
    • clack
    • clatter
    • click
    • clink
    • clip clop
    • cluck
    • clunk
    • cock a doodle doo
    • cough
    • crack
    • crackle
    • crash
    • creak
    • croak
    • crunch
    • cuckoo
    • ding
    • ding dong
    • drip
    • fizz
    • flick
    • flip
    • flip-flop
    • flop
    • flutter
    • giggle
    • glug
    • glup
    • groan
    • growl
    • grunt
    • guffaw
    • gurgle
    • hack
    • haha
    • hack
    • hiccup
    • hiss
    • hohoho
    • honk
    • hoot
    • howl
    • huh
    • hum
    • jangle
    • jingle
    • ker-ching
    • kerplunk
    • knock
    • la
    • Lub Dub (heart beating)
    • meow
    • moan
    • moo
    • mumble
    • munch
    • murmur
    • mutter
    • neigh
    • oink
    • ouch
    • ooze
    • phew
    • ping
    • ping pong
    • pitter patter
    • plink
    • plop
    • pluck
    • plunk
    • poof
    • pong
    • pop
    • pow
    • purr
    • quack
    • rattle
    • ribbit
    • ring
    • rip
    • roar
    • rumble
    • rush
    • rustle
    • screech
    • shuffle
    • shush
    • sizzle
    • slap
    • slash
    • Slish
    • slither
    • Slosh
    • slurp
    • smack
    • snap
    • snarl
    • sniff
    • snip
    • snore
    • snort
    • spit
    • splash
    • splat
    • splatter
    • splish
    • splosh
    • squawk
    • squeak
    • squelch
    • squish
    • Sway
    • Swish
    • swoosh
    • thud
    • thump
    • thwack
    • tic-toc
    • tinkle
    • trickle
    • twang
    • tweet
    • ugh
    • vroom
    • waffle
    • whack
    • whallop
    • wham
    • whimper
    • whip
    • whirr
    • whish
    • whisper
    • whizz
    • whoop
    • whoosh
    • woof
    • yelp
    • yikes
    • zap
    • zing
    • zip
    • zoom


  1. Hahaha. I love how the list starts with “argh”–LOL. Thanks for the list. I’m sure I’ll use it.

  2. I am sure there must be more fun words that I missed. Let me know if you come up with any more.

    • I came up with one word Ahahhahaha it is so FUNNY

      • ya it is

      • This was an amazing list.. And it really helped me out with my homework … So whoever the creator of the list is a BIG thank you to you

    • Fizzle sizzle chortle drizzle

    • it should have phrases to make it easier..!!

    • Here is a fun onomatopoeic word in Hebrew. The Hebrew word for a
      bottle is like sound of pouring liquid out of a bottle with air bubbles pushing in and making the sound – Buckbook, buck book,,

      • That’s really awesome!

    • you missed gong and dip-dip and tip toe

      • Blanca,

        I don’t think either of them qualify as an onomatopoeia word. I have drip. What causes a dip sound? Thank you for making me think about the words. Hope you stop back.


  3. I am having a very hard time! I’m trying to find a onomatopoeia word in which the fifth letter is R. It seems impossible. Any suggestions?

    • Rawr

      • Grrrr

      • whirr?

  4. Aha! Pitter-patter! Thanks a lot for the helpful list! i searched everywhere else but this has been the most helpful so far!

    • Claudia,

      I hate to point this out, but the “r” is the sixth letter in pitter. How about whirr?

      I made up this list, because I wanted a list to use. Glad it helped.


      • This is a lot of words to work on

  5. thanks a lot for your help


  6. i am not sure of this one but i think it will do!!!!!!!!!!

    so here i go drip drop

  7. A very helpful list thanks

    • Haifa,

      My pleasure. It think it is time for me to start thinking of another list. Thanks for letting me know you liked this one.


      • omg thanks so much Kathy!!
        your the best <3!

  8. I LOVE your list!! It was really fun to read. . .would you be willing to add susurrus? It’s my favorite onomatopoeia, and just isn’t used often enough!

    • yup

  9. itss really good!!!

    • Laura,

      Thanks for leaving a comment and letting me know you like things like this. Hope you stop back.


      • So Katie I
        I’ve your picture it is so cute

  10. thank you kathy temean this list really helped

  11. This is for the CREATOR of this list:


    I’m sorry to say that you zoomed past a word often used in comic books.
    And that is POW. I’m also not aware that “poop” is a example of onomatopoeia. I’m not saying “poop” isn’t a onomatopoeia example but I just didn’t know it was one.

    Other than that… I LOVE YOUR LIST. It is very helpful to me. Thank You.

    • POW! Is a great word! Thanks for sending it in. You are probably right about Poop. I got that from someone else, but I think you are correct.



  12. good place to look

  13. Hey

    Nice list! Its sure usefull.

    But im missing the onomatopoeia sounds of someone disliking food (Blegh?)

    And maybe “chuckle” ?


  14. I believe “scribble” should be added(:

    • Ihanson,

      Thanks for sending. I’ll check it out.



  16. THIS TOTALLY HELPS,GREAT LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  17. This one may be controversial, but give it a chance – it’s a great word in its own right!
    BORBORYGMI [def: the sound of a rumbling stomach.]

  18. add “gurgle”

    • and WHOOOHOOO

  19. thank you very much the examples that you gave where excellent¡¡ I needed them a LoT¡ ThAnK yOu VeRy MuCh¡

  20. thanks, great list

  21. Thanks so much! 🙂 Helped alot!

    • *a lot

  22. thanks

  23. what about zoing it sounds really cool but isnt very common

    • Harley,

      Never heard that? What is it and where would you use it?


  24. zoing as in a fast moving item, or something?
    that could work

    • nevermind, sorry

      • this list does help, though

  25. Hi Kathleen, thank for the list. I was trying to find “Huhuh” and “Hmm” but they aren’t on there. I just need the correct spelling…lol

  26. It would be interesting to have on the right side the description/meaning of the onomatopeia word.

  27. IT’s Nice.My teacher told to do project.but by seeing this i try to do my own

  28. it fun looking at omomatopoeia word list becaues i have leant about super hero weeke and comics.!

  29. Love it


  31. LOL
    PS.Very Helpful with homework yoooooooo

    • Fakirah,

      So glad I could help.


  32. What a great list, my mission is to now try and find an ‘i’ onomatopoeia

    • Ida,

      If one comes to mind, I will add it. If you think of one, please let me know.


    • Hi. Rette here. Just came across this site and was browsing through the comments. If you’re still trying to think of some examples starting with i, how about ich (or ichh or ick) or ichy (or icky), like when something is perhaps slimy, sticky and gross, like a slug, a girl might say “Ich – I’m not touching THAT! It’s so icky!”

      • Rette,

        Icky is an awesome word, but not a sound, so it would not fit on an onomatopoeia list. That easy to do. I should do a list of word that are just plain fun. If I do, I will make sure icky is on there.


  33. flip-flop (sound made by loose sandals)

    • hey, you forgot pong

      • nice list 😄

      • Timmy,



      • Joe,

        Thanks for adding to the list. Good job.


  34. These are all very good but i need these words in sentences

  35. good job

  36. Hey I’m Jessica. There are also some more words that I’ll add just for additional stuff : rumble, crash, snort, jangle, thump, roar, fizzle, splat moo, hiss, gobble, clang, tweet, sputter, ticktock, growl, crackle chirp, boom, whistle, wheeze, squawk, jingle,etc. Btw I got those words from a poem titled clatter by Joyce armor. Be sure to check that out. And lastly, very helpful list!

    • Thanks Snort was the word I was looking for.

  37. thanks this will work well for my class 🙂

  38. Add: growl, rumble, snort, roar/rawr, boom, crash, hiss, thump, squawk
    But, thanks (: really helpful for my hw

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  40. […] is – Onomatopoeia Word list I think this is a fun page.  It has word like guffaw and kerplunk on it.  It has a wide range of […]

  41. THANKS I’m hussain from Lindi sec school in Tanzania!

    • Hussain,

      Nice to meet you. Don’t know anyone else from your country.



    • Griselda,

      Hey, that is a good one. Thanks!


  43. i needed this for my homework and i got an A+

    • Crisa,

      Wow! That is great. Thanks for letting me know.


  44. Help me understand why Microwave is on this list..

    • Clayton,

      Thank you so much for pointing this out. I meant to put that on the food related list. Moving it over right now.


  45. Where is microwave!

  46. Oh how I was serching these Onomatopoeias ! Thank you so much . I have more to learn .

    Once again , thank you.

  47. I really like your list. It helped do my homework LOL. But really, your list is helpful.

    • Justin,

      So glad it helped you.


  48. Is gurgling one and choking?

    • I think gurgling might fit, but not choking.

  49. Your list is amazing! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you Kathy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Helo. Very interesting work. I have dificulty in tallying the sound and the object. Can u pls help me out in that area. TJ from nigeria

      • TJ,

        I will give that some thought.


  50. Thanks for ur prompt reply, I hope my request will be granted.

  51. This is an amazing website for essays!!

  52. Reblogged this on The Creative Asian and commented:
    WOW! This is exactly what I need sometimes! Lol :3

  53. I like it but it’s to long

  54. Fab list : )

  55. Hey thanks for this site I needed it to do schoolwork. I’m in 5th grade so my whole class thanks you!

  56. thank you for compiling this list! so many of these escaped my mind and it definitely helped me with my poetry with an onomatopoeia/rhyming motif.

    if you needed more, there’s swish (like swish sway), clack (click clack), slosh (slish slosh) etcetc.
    I haven’t checked yet, but if you made a combo list, that’d be amazing too :)!

    • Grace,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment and thank you for the additional words for the list. I wonder what I would title a list like you suggest. I’m open to it. Have any combo’s other that the ones you wrote? I added the words you suggested. Great words.


      • Maybe something to do with alliteration & assonance? I can’t find the right term for it…
        Off the top of my head and with what I’ve written, I have these:
        Huff puff
        Tick tock
        Clitter clatter
        Wham bam
        Bing bang
        Plink plunk
        Drip drop
        Flip(pity) flop
        Bling ling
        Clip clop
        Ding dong
        Beep boop

        Not a problem! Onomatopoeia’s one of my favorite literary devices to use and I’m always looking for new ones

  57. love this cite helped me in school for an introduction

  58. Onomatopoeia are very fascinating! The fact I like most about them is that onomatopoeia differ greatly from language to language. So, for instance, animal-related onomatopoeia are not the same in every language. A dog makes ‘bow wow’ in English, however it does ‘wuff ‘wuff’ in German.

  59. Shatter smash boom jingling

  60. HeHe this list will come in handy when I go for my afternoon sprint laps around the curve after dark. I just have to be sure to censor some a wee bit down incase i run into the kids over there. NOW, HIP HIP HOORAY, I AM NOT STARTTLED BY THINGS THAT GO #BUMP IN THE DARK 🙂 _

  61. why isn’t mi-cro-wave on here?

    • I really don’t think it is a onomatopoeia word.

  62. Thank you for this words

  63. this was so helpful. I used for my homework

  64. what about swerve

  65. Spittoon has got to be one. LOL. my kids love Onomatopeoeias.

    • Debra,

      I don’t think Spittoon is one, but Spit would be. I added it.



  66. cock-a-doodle-doo…. o.o

    • Kyle,

      Good one! Ah, I just looked and it was on the list. Let me know if you think of something not there.


  67. Is it still an onomatopoeia if it ends in -Ed?

  68. or gulp?

  69. Thanks for this list… You didn’t add crash though.. that one was pretty basic. But either way this will help me, that’s 176 onomatopoeia’s right there!

  70. Thank you for the list! It really helped with my school work! 🙂

  71. This is great! Thanks!

  72. Why isn’t Microwave on this list? I’m pretty sure it’s an onomatopoeia and Dan Howell said it was so it is but you just didn’t put it on the list. Person that made the list.. Please respond!

    • An onomatopoeia word is a word that is the imitation of a sound. The formation of words whose sound is imitative of the sound of the noise or action designated, such as hiss, buzz, and bang.

      Microwave is not a sound.

  73. This was really helpful!
    But there’s just one thing…
    I’m looking for a word for a sudden, small movement, like “jerk” except more small.
    Could you help me out here?

  74. Wow so many this is great

  75. Kids can learnalot of things here

  76. Hahahahahaha
    Stupid me

  77. Hahaha!!
    It’s nice when to said with this words,
    And make me laugh…

  78. Wow this will sure work for my teacher.

  79. This really helped thanks

  80. what about the word gurgle?

    • Mikayla,

      Thanks for the suggestion, but it was already on the list.


  81. I think it was a little big but it was very impressive

  82. I disagree with some of these;

    There are plenty here that don’t make sense to being an Onomatopoeia.

    • Kelley,

      I agree this needs to be cleaned up. I have it on my “to do” list.



  83. what about CRACK?

    • Star,

      Thanks, just added it.


  84. Thank you so so much it helped a lot with my homework you are a life saver haha!

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