Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 30, 2009

Top Twelve 2009 Posts

Year in review:

I posted every day, since I started this blog in March, except for the two days in June when I was running the NJSCBWI Annual Conference.  Thought you might be interested in the following stats.

74 posts about industry professional moves and changes.

34 posts listing writing and illustrating contests.

95 posts offering “how to” articles.

23 posts offering news items in the book industry.

15 posts listing opportunities to places to submit.

The rest were announcements of conferences, workshops and kudos for writers and illustrators who were successful in their pursuit of publication.  I look forward to providing you the information you will help need to be successful.

Below are 12 top posts from 2009:

14 Proofreading Tips

Eleven Revision Tips


Character Arc and Story Structure

Creating Memorable Characters

Social Media Marketing Yourself

Editor Caroline Meckler on Voice

Writing Better Dialogue

Ten Tips – Outline Your Way to a Better Novel

Three Simple Things

Top Ten Question Dutton Editors Ask Themselves

5 Ways to Open Your Blog Posts

Hope you stop back in 2010.



  1. Guess that’s why I stop by your blog nearly every day Kathy! Thank you!

    Happy New Year, here’s to more writing in 2010.



    • And I appreciate you dropping by everyday. I csn see you are a fast learner.

      Happy New Year,



  2. You’re doing an awesome job, Kathy. Great posts, and a good finger on the pulse of all things “writing and illustrating!”


  3. Dear Kathy – I’m so pleased I’ve found you. I’ve just subscribed to your blog via RSS. Thank heavens for Twitter and kind folks who point out good links for writerly types.


  4. Very bad with out images.


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