The goal of this blog is to bring and share information about Writing and Illustrating for children to published and unpublished authors and illustrators.  I will post information I acquire from my interactions with editors and agents in the industry and share thoughts and techniques of other writers and illustrators in the field.  Please send me your articles to help Children’s book professionals in the process of getting published.  – Thanks, Kathy

A little about me:

I’m the former Regional Advisor in New Jersey for the SCBWI.  It was a lot of work, but writing and illustrating and helping people is a passion of mine.  Please visit my website to see my portfoilo and activity book titled “Horseplay.”  www.kathytemean.com.  If you have a passion to writer or illustrate for children, you should visit www.newjerseyscbwi.com and look at our events.  We are a very active chapter and our members who come out and participate have been very successful in furthering their writing and illustrating careers.

I also run Temean Consulting, a Web Design and Marketing company for the creative individual or business.  Children’s writers and illustrators will recognize the many clients we work with to show off their talents.  Check out www.temeanconsulting.com and see some of the sites we have designed and developed for award winning authors, like Jerry Spinelli and Eileen Spinelli and David L Harrison.

In addition to heading up the NJSCBWI and writing and illustrating children’s books and magzines, I teach a children’s writing class and conduct classes for adults to learn the ins and outs of using Photoshop to enhance your illustrating.  I also, do school visits to encourage writing and illustrating and conduct workshops for authors to assist in helping them market themselves.  I have presented at the Highlights for Children “Life in the Spotlight” for the last few years and I am the editor-in-chief of Sprouts Magazine.  –  Please check out my website www.kathytemean.com

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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

    • Thanks for visiting. Let me know if there is any types of information that you feel are interesting.


      • Hi Kathy. I’ve got a new computer and can’t reach you except this way. I have something ready for you about the New England SCBWI conference. Shall I send it? Thanks, Karen

      • Karen,

        I just sent you an email from my email.


  2. Thanks for sending science writers my way.

  3. My pleasure. Let me know when you put up any interesting article.


  4. Nice workshop today at Princeton U. Thank you to you and Laurie for all your hard work.

    • Nancy,

      Thanks! Everything is a lot of work, so it is nice to hear you thought it was a worth the effort. Hope to see you soon.


  5. Kathy,

    This is my first trip to a blog. What exactly is YAA? The character description sheet was very helpful. Thanks.

    See you in class.

    • Lisa,

      I’m glad you like the sheet. It is just a start. I’m sure there are lots of other ideas. Happy that you visited.


    • Lisa,

      I just realized I never answered your question about the http://www.yaagroup.com. It is a place dedicated to helping young writers learn all they need to become our future authors and artists – Young Authors and Artists Group. Hope you have been using your creative talents.

      Happy New Year,


  6. Rock-n-roll, Kathy. Thanks for posting. Certainly is sound advice. Will post a link from #YAlitchat over to this page. Thanks so much-Georgia

  7. Georgia,

    Thanks for visiting, leaving a comment and helping to spread the word. Hope you will become a regular visitor.


  8. Rock-n-roll, Kathy. Thanks for posting. Certainly is sound advice. Will post a link from #YAlitchat over to this page. Thanks so much-Georgia

  9. Rock-n-roll, Kathy. Thanks for posting. Certainly is sound advice. Will post a link from #YAlitchat over to this page. Thanks so much-Georgia+1

  10. Hi Kathy,

    Though I’ve been doing children’s books for 30 years, I’m just entering the world of blogs. Finding yours was a treat. I hope it’s okay to list it under “Supportive Sites” on my fledgling blog that’s all about picture books.


    George Shannon

  11. Hi there,
    We are having Ms. Ettlinger visit our schools in March. Would you mind if I used some of the photos/text from your site for our bulletin boards? It’s so interesting! (I’ve already gotten permission from Sleeping Bear Press.) Most appreciated : )

    • Kristy,

      Of course, you are welcome to use any of Doris’s pictures for her school visit. If you find they do not print big enough for you, let me know. I may be able to send something bigger or get it from Doris. I know you and the children will love her.


  12. This information is welcomed. I have a friend who has a talent for adorable children’s stories.
    I will e mail her about this site in five seconds.


  13. Hi Kathy, enjoyed finding your blog…due to looking into contacting Abi Samoun and her new agency! I’d love it if you would be interested in possibly listing my blog for artists…THE WAY TUGEAU hope you’ll check it out. Like my website articles I write to HELP artists in the industry as I have for going on 20 years now. http://catugeau.wordpress.com A new blog post about an interview with Callaway Digital Arts will be going up end of this week I think. love to increase the following…that’s the point of writing all this! thanks and best to you…

  14. Hi Kathy
    I just found your wonderful resource today. It’s great and full of so much useful information for us children’s authors. You can never get enough information!
    Rob Bullock

    • Rob,

      Thanks for the note. Hope you will stop back to visit.


  15. Hi Kathy. I am new to your blog and also new to writing children’s books.. I am looking for help in getting published and getting my vision for my books to become a reality. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Nancy Mindo

  16. I was excited to see your site but now I see that it hasn’t been updated. I hope you are still doing this blog. Looks like it was a good thing.

    • Cindy,

      I blog everyday, so it is current. I haven’t changed the About Page, but that is not where the meat of the information lives. Are you a writer or an illustrator?


  17. Greetings Kathy,

    I realize that your blog is more business oriented than most of our blogs,so you may not have time to collect this award by its rules. However, I elected you because you truly deserve to be acknowledged for your fine blog, the inspiration you exude, and the opportunities that your present to others.

    Please, if you get time, accept this award, with my heartfelt gratitude, for the doors that you open for others. Blessings to you!


  18. nice to meet you
    David in Maine USA

  19. Off topic question for you. So I am building my wordpress site and wondering if you pay at all. Do you pay for plugins? Your site looks great. Any tips for me?

    • Rick,

      You don’t have to pay for plug-ins with WordPress. I do play to display videos, but have to email, because it isn’t working now. Everything else is provided for free. Sorry, I did not see this right away.


  20. Hi Kathy. I stumbled upon your great site. I have a question. I”m Australian and living in Latin America, so the New Jersey site http://www.newjerseyscbwi.com might not be so relevant to me. I only just started to illustrate for tweens and would like to develop this further. Any suggestions/tips for more ‘global’ sites ? Thank you! Cheers, Jenny

  21. I’ve nominated you for an award – pop by my blog – http://www.mandyevebarnett.com – to pick it up.

    • Mandy,

      Thanks! I’ll take a look.


  22. Kathy,
    I love the interview with Susan Hood. What a lovely person. Can’t wait to read the PB’s. Thanks.

  23. Hi. Kathy , I have been reading your blog for over a month now and find it very informative . Several of my writing questions have been answered by reading your blog. I write both YA and middle reader fiction. I just published a two part article and want to stay in the public eye at this time . How do I continue to make sure this continues? The article was in the National PKU News. It was the story of my life .

  24. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award – pop on over to collect it. http://www.mandyevebarnett.com

  25. I love your site Kathy – I have tagged you in a blog hop about the Writing Process. I really hope you will participate and share. Thank you!

  26. Your site is very helpful. I’m a freelance portrait artist, planning to become and illustrator…I’d be very grateful if you would consider viewing my websites: http://callieswordsillustrated.wordpress.com/ and http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/callie-smith.html

    Thanks, and have a great day.

  27. Just a big “thank you” for our recent interview Kathy, and I hope we keep in touch! 🙂

    • Mary,

      My pleasure. Hope you will take a minute to reply to the people who left a comment for you.


  28. I love your site Kathy! Very informative and helpful! I’m a children’s book illustrator and author, so glad to find your site!
    -Helen H. Wu

  29. Hello Kathy. I have just subscribed to your email newsletter and have found recent articles interesting and helpful. However, I believe it is essential that articles about writing not contain glaring errors. Typos can happen, but when “sole” is written instead of “soul”, and “quarks” instead of “quirks” (article on the Ten Tips to juice up your Protagonist, it really detracts from the author’s credibility. I hope this feedback is helpful.


    • Lise,

      Thank you for pointing out the errors.


  30. Kathy, your blog is full of great stuff! My only criticism is that there are a lot of errors in spelling, punctuation, usage, etc., in your posts, so when you’re aiming at writers, especially nitpicky editorial-oriented ones (kinda like myself), having someone who’s equally nitpicky proofread before you post would probably be to your advantage and get you even more respect–since it’s already a given that you do get a lot of deserved respect for all the value you provide in so many venues!

    • Petra,

      Thank you for your kind note. It is a matter of trying to provide as much information as I can to help writers and illustrators – EVERYDAY and still have a life. I realize there are types, etc. and I would love to fix them if someone points them out, but I would have to cut back on the information if I were to spend a lot of time editing. I do my blog before I go to bed and sometimes I read the post when I wake up and see mistakes. I’ll consider cutting back.


  31. Oh, I just noticed an earlier commenter mentioned the same thing I just did. But I totally agree with the things she points out as well, especially about credibility. Among several problems/errors I saw in just a single post, the word “it’s” was used when it should have been “its.” Harder to get away with these kinds of things on a site for writers–avid members of the Grammar Police!

  32. no no cutting back! hahaha tho if you do it to have a life, we’ll understand but miss you daily. I look forward to your amazing posts!

  33. Chris,

    Petra was saying I had some typos and I needed to spend more time editing what I put out. There isn’t time for that, unless I cut back. But I think most people want the information. I guess I could ask for people to let me know when I make a mistake. Actually, I thought they were doing that. Right now I am doing a website for Newbery Medal Winner Phyllis Naylor. She won for Shiloh. So now I have two Newbery winners along with my other list of authors.


  34. Hi Kathy,
    I’ve tagged you on my blog today – have fun.


  35. Hey Kathy,

    I notice that you have a list of authors added to your site. Would you consider adding me? Check out my blog at http://www.taneekabdasilva.com.


  36. […] Kathy Temean is a former Regional Advisor in New Jersey for the SCBWI (Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators). She also runs hugely successful Temean Consulting, a Web Design and Marketing company for the creative individual or business.  […]

  37. Hi, i liked your site since we can find all the words needed to enrich our writing skills.
    I’m Jessica Helou the founder of the online magazine : “Oui Society”.
    You can all take a look at our website as well the interesting articles.

  38. Hi Kathy. Thank you for this wonderful blog. It’s most useful and a favorite. Within the last 40-50 days I believe you ran a peice on a religious/ inspirational leaning press that opened to submissions. Do you recall the press. I can’t find it. I really thought I saved it bit I guess I didn’t. Thanks again:)

  39. thank you so very much after viewing this website I knew that I can defeat both my rival writers at school I cant thank you enough

  40. Thank you so much. I just “happened” to find you. Great info!!!!!!!!!

    • Emmie,

      That’s great! Welcome to the community. Hope you stop back often.


  41. It was a pleasure meeting you at lunch today, Kathy. Your blog is a treasure!

    • Stacey,

      Thanks! Hope you stop back. It was fun talking to you, too.


  42. Great site Kathy. Thank you for compiling the word list on hair. Had been tearing my hair out!

    • Ha! Thanks for the cute note.

  43. Hi Kathy,
    I am tagging you on a blog Q&A for 21st November at http://www.mandyevebarnett.com
    No obligation but if you do have fun
    Happy writing

  44. Thank You ,it’s hard industry trying climb mountains highest peck’s to trust E-Publisher like create space Publishing unknown royalties .

  45. Not seeing how to send a giveaway book and/or article to you for consideration. I have a new narrative nonfiction coming out in March.

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