Looking for Illustrators willing to share techniques or articles of interest.  I will put them up on this site with your name and a link to your artwork.  You can contact me at or leave a comment and I will contact you.



Have you ever wanted to try your hand at Egg Tempura?  Take a minute to look at this site. 

smoking1Brigid Marlin gives step-by-step instruction to her incredible master techniques, The Method and Formulas of the Mische Technique. This really is worth taking a look.  I would love to fly to England and take her course in Marjorca.


You’ve finished your painting and decide to show it off with a postcard.  If you don’t have your own scanner, you may take it to a place like Kinkos to have it scanned.  But when you bring the disk home and print it out, it doesn’t have the same color vibrancy of the original.  It’s not Kinkos fault.  The same thing happens when you do your own scans.  This is were Photoshop comes in.  The dodge and burn tools are great to use to enhance various parts of your scanned picture. You can use the color adjustment tools under “Image” to also help bring the colors back to their original state.  Of course, you can pay a lot of money for a professional to make the perfect scan, but I say, “Save your money,” add Photoshop to your painting tools, brushes and paints.  Check back to specific “Tips and Tricks.”

See my work


  1. KAthy this is a wonderful page. I only glimpsed you in NYC. I thought it was a great conference, especially liked Paul’s talk and Laurent Lin’s. And Jackie Woodson

    I cannot find the logos that were used in the last two June conferences. what am I doing wrong?my web site will soon have children’s illustration gallery on it. cheers,

    • Starr,

      I am sorry we didn’t have a few more minutes to talk at the conference, but there wasn’t much down time. hope you had a nice time. When you say logos are you referring to the logos for the bags? I put those u p on my blog on February 11th. Here is the link:

      I think it is about time to start showing off your art. Are you planning on doing the Illustrator’s Intensive before the conference? Hope you will join us.


      • I really like this blog. It’s cool.

  2. thank you for the tips and tricks it is helpful, I know this website takes time to put together,I really appreciate the interviews and tips thank you again Beth Bogert

  3. I am a writer and I would like to get started with illustrating as well. I have been told that it is near to impossible to be a good writer and illustrator at the same time. We shall see about that…

  4. Hi! I’m an illustrator looking for advice on sending a query letter to an agency representing both illustrators and authors. When there is no person’s name listed as a contact, how should I address the letter? To Whom It May Concern? Dear To Whom It May Concern? Thanks for the advice. No guesses, please. I really want to know the proper format. Thanks!

    • I am looking for an illustrator

  5. Should I be a writer and an illustrator at the same time? Or is it more “worry less” to just find an illustrator and me just write?

    • Carrie,

      If you are an illustrator then by all means develop your skills. But if you aren’t an artist, then don’t worry about it. The publisher will find an illustrator for your writing, so don’t worry about the artwork. Though if you are doing a picture book, you should try to think if you have enough scenes in your story to inspirer the illustrator.

      Thanks for leaving a comment,


  6. In my opinion, portraits are one of the hardest subjects to paint. This one is wonderful. I envy those that successfully master the features that bring out the personality of the person they are portraying. I never could capture the expression, or get the colors right when attempting to mimic flesh tones. Thus, I wimp out and attempt my drawings in a more ‘cartoonish’ fashion. Thankfully, my method works well with children’s literature.

  7. Just wanted to let you know that I think this blog is great and so useful. I have not had a chance to completely look around everything yet though but I am on to that 🙂 Thanks for everything you share.

  8. Kathy, I just discovered your blog while I was looking at ink and watercolor illustrations of children’s books! Thanks for your tips! I’m new to wordpress as well as dabbling in watercolor to ‘try my hand’ at illustrating some of my own children’s books! I’d love your feedback if you have a chance to check my blog:
    Thanks for supporting so many authors and illustrators! Enjoy your days! Ann

  9. Great information. Love this blog!
    I am an illustrator and would love to share techniques, learn new techniques as well as have another venue to feature my work.

    • Kary,

      Just sent you an email through your website. Would you contact me?



  10. Good Afternoon Kathy,
    A good friend suggested that I contact you about my illustrations for children’s books. i am very interested in creating art for children’s books and I would be happy to share my process. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Thanks. elizabeth

    • Elizabeth,

      I went to your site, but couldn’t find a gallery of your artwork. Could you point me in the right direction.


  11. Morning Kathy, I have some of my art up on Fine Art America and here are the links:

  12. Hi Kathy! I’m an illustrator. I’d love to talk about the creative process or how to work with mixed media. (Photo/Hand drawn & painted) in Photoshop.
    I’m an SCBWI member and just came back from an amazing NY conference.

    My website is:

    I like your website! Thanks for checking out mine 🙂

    Thanks for looking.

  13. hi
    i am a stay at home mother of one year old daughter. i am very good at free hand drawings and using Photoshop.
    looking for some illustration work online.

  14. Hi Kathy,
    Can you point me in the direction of the guidelines to submit for the writing competition regarding manuscripts for children aged 8 – 14?

    • Heather,

      Are you talking about the first page submissions available to send in each month on this blog?


  15. I love art and have sold many commissions in the past few years. I love drawing, sketches, painting..I have mustipke sclerosis and do not get out very often. Art is my refuge.

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