Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 10, 2011

What is Agent Jill Corcoran Looking for?

Thought I would update you on agent Jill Corcoran.  Jill came on the scene a few years ago, attended the New Jersey SCBWI conference, signed a few of our writers and sold their books.  She has been very successful placing her clients and their books.  This what she is looking for:


ROMANTIC YA-Contemporary, mystery, paranormal, historical, scifi…doesn’t matter—it is about characters–soul-searching, groin-yearning, heart thumping, heart breaking, fast paced, laugh out loud, cry out loud, make me want to be your character ROMANCE!

Jill says, “I want my romance from the GIRL’s POV. I have amazing male writers who are writing romance and YA from the male POV so I am looking more for girl povs.”

Original/Out of the box PARANORMAL MG & YA that keeps me at the edge of my seat and has a fantastic payoff at the end.

-Upper MIDDLE GRADE that captures the reality of Middle School with an intriguing plot + authentic emotion. 7th & 8th grade = hormonal roller coaster where kids strive to be independent yet are still such babes in the woods.

-Younger MG-FUNNY BOY & GIRL illustratable for 3rd-5th grade be it b/w line art all the way to graphic novel. I’m talking IVY & BEAN, CLEMENTINE, FANGBONE (new from Michael Rex), BIG NATE, LUNCH LADY.

-COMING OF AGE GIRL MG & YA with commercial hook and beautiful writing. School stories, sibling stories, friendship stories but with something fresh.

-MG ADVENTURE that is not episodic and where the main character is as imperative to the story as the action. A character who readers will want to follow into the clutches of death and back again.

– MYSTERY!Other Tips from Jill

-Literary with a commercial hook.
-Commercial with literary prose.
-Experimental formats/writing/attitude/approach


Email Queries Only!  NO snail mail.

Please email your query plus the first 10 pages of your manuscript pasted into the body of your email. Put the word QUERY in the Subject line of your email.

If you do not receive an email response to your query + 10 pages within a month, then she is not interested.


Click here for a chance to win a query letter critique.

Click here for tips from Jill on Ingrid’s Notes

Jill’s website with link to her blog

Talk tomorrow,



  1. All I know is I can’t wait to see Connie on that “Recent Deals” page! 😀


    • Donna,

      Me too! It will happen.

      See you soon,



  2. Thanks Kathy!!!
    I think Jill’s name is in the air these days. I keep hearing about her everywhere I go. 🙂
    Thanks for the info.


    • Mandy,

      Jill has been very successful and she gets herself out there. Probsbly why she is being successful.

      Thanks for stopping by,



  3. Thanks, Kathy, for this post. Just added to Joyce and my classroom wiki on “Is there a children’s book in you?” I have links to many of your blogs. good stuff!


    • Carol,

      Sound like you are doing a lot to help your class. Keep up the good work.



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