Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 11, 2011

Free Fall Friday – Contest

Here is an inspiring painting by Renoir, and one I know well.  A copy of this famous piece of artwork sits by my mother’s bed. When Kathy emailed me her Free Fall Friday selections, the pictures triggered loving memories from my childhood.

Memories of hearing my mother read to me while I studied the two girls at the piano. Perhaps this image is what made me fall in love with the piano, and the reason why I taught myself how to play at a young age. Inspiration comes from many places, and art is a prevailing source.

Is there a particular piece of artwork that you remember as a child? If so, what was it? How did you react to it and why? Though you may not use this in this week’s challenge, write about this topic at some point because you may use it in a future piece of writing. Keep jotting down those memories!

For this week’s inspiration, what do you see in Renoir’s painting? What kind of relationship do these two young women have? Is one a teacher? Are they sisters or friends? Are you writing your first lines or paragraphs to meet the Free Fall Friday weekly challenge? I hope so. Remember, this is only an exercise to work those writing muscles, and, of course, have the opportunity to win something to use towards an upcoming NJ SCBWI event. Speaking of NJ SCBWI, I hope to see a great number of you at the annual conference in June. For why I never miss a NJ SCBWI conference, visit my blog:

As for Free Fall Friday, tell yourself you will send us something this week, even if it is only the opening line. We all have to start somewhere.

Have a great week, everyone! Betsy

Talk tomorrow,



  1. […] Finally, for those who follow Free Fall Friday on my blog, I have continued to do these weekly posts over at Kathy Temean’s blog. Please visit me there as well, and send us your beginnings! We have a contest going on for a few months. Here is the post for this week’s challenge: […]


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