Posted by: Kathy Temean | November 27, 2018

Editor Alice Jerman – HarperCollins

Alice is Jerman editor at HarperCollin Teen looking for both YA and MG.

She loves to fall in love with characters, so she’s drawn to complex, well-drawn characters that really come to life. She’s also drawn to forbidden love, and beautiful poetic writing.

Her wish list is:

  • Romantic, richly imagined fantasy, think The Winner’s Curse or Daughter of Smoke and Bone.
  • She wants MG characters she can nurture…and characters she feels like need her to take care of them. So she’d love a coming of age MG, anything with a tender heart, a focus on family, platonic love, memory, and/or the every-day struggles of growing up, making friends, coming out of your shell. Something like El Deafo, Counting By 7’s, and Nightbird.
  • Any realistic novels with an unreliable narrator, or big twisty reveals that turn everything on its head…like We Were Liars.
  • She’s looking for a good (platonic) friendship “break-up” story–whether MG or YA– she’d like to see a story about the first time you lose a friendship. It happens to everyone and it can be the most heart-wrenching thing. She’d love to see it on the page.
  • Something different and unexpected–lovingly crafted and intricately written, something like Midwinterblood (a book I re-read and re-read).

Finally, some other elements she is on the hunt for: Small town (She’s from New Jersey, so am particular to east-coast small town), recent historical (think ’60’s-’80s), and anything with a ghost.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Hi Kathy,

    Is Alice Jerman open to submissions? First chapter? The website says no unsolicited.

    Wishing you holiday cheer.




    • Where did you find that? I would think she would be open to queries.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for this post. It’s always nice to hear what editors are seeking.


  3. Unless you have news outside of the website, this is what is out there.

    With the exception of our Avon Impulse imprint, HarperCollins does not accept unsolicited submissions.

    Always enjoy what falls in my inbox from you.


    • Sue,

      A query letter is not a submission. So I think she is open to them.



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