Posted by: Kathy Temean | November 28, 2018

OPPORTUNITY: Online Picture Book Course

Are you debating where to spend your hard-earned money for 2019? You might consider The Children’s Book Academy’s tried and true Craft and Business of Writing Children’s Picture Books starting January 7th. Co-taught by two acquiring editors, Random House/ Knopf Assoc. Editor Kelly Delaney and Clearfork Publishing/Spork Editor and Art Director Dr. Mira Reisberg, with access to an additional 5 acquiring editors and agents though weekly critiquing webinars, daily interaction from your co-teachers and assistants in the private Facebook group and a major exposure Golden Ticket Talent Search contest PLUS close to 40 lessons. This comprehensive course has been invaluable in helping MANY authors get published.

Plus, when you sign up for the PB Course, the First 20 to enroll can also purchase the fabulous instant access Let’s Get Funny: Writing Humor for Kids course for HALF-PRICE offering you the crazy low price of 162.50 and you can start today!

Right now the Academy has a $100 discount for early birds for each of the two levels.

The Big Bonus includes the full course with the weekly interactive critiquing webinars (of which you are guaranteed at least one) and the interactive Facebook group PLUS all bonuses including:

1. A FREE Easy Peasy Instant Access How to Build Your Website course Great for authors & illustrators.

2. A How To Break The Rules instant access combination workshop and webinar Teaching you the proper way to ‘break the rules’ to make your picture book sing with Ariel Richardson from Chronicle Books, Editor Dr. Mira Reisberg, and award-winning author Miranda Paul. This workinar, as it is, will be disappearing next year so grab it while you can.

3. The FREE Brilliant Barbara Bottner Bonus Videos: This series of videos reinforces course materials and adds to them in ways that only Barbara Bottner can do.

4. A FREE Social Media e-Course: Learn to setup your accounts & develop a social media following to help promote your books.

5. A Half-Off Our Instant Access Photoshop Course: Receive half-off our amazing Adobe Photoshop course. We offer this at two levels:
beginners (Part 1) and seasoned users (Part 2) in one low-cost course.

6. A FREE e-Book of Expert Writing Tips: FREE The Little Big Book of Children’s Book Writing Techniques & Terminology

7. A FREE Keep-forever e-book of course materials to refer back to over and over!

8. Then there are the Success Levels with your choice of either Kelly or Mira. This level includes everything above PLUS A DEEPLY DISCOUNTED one-hour in-person critique deep-diving into your work or anything else you might need help with to make it even more marketable!

Here’s a quick overview:

Who: The course is co-taught by two editors, one of whom is a former children’s literary agent as well as an editor and art director, and the other is an acquiring major house editor along with fantastic contributions from other editors, agents, and rock star authors. The course also features targeted video and written interviews with over 25 industry experts as well as LIVE weekly interaction and critiquing from special guest Acquiring Editors and Agents during the course and mentoring from now published former students.

What: It’s a 5-week online interactive e-course and talent search with everything you need to know about writing, selling and marketing children’s picture books plus a bonus instant-access mini-conference week and an additional 6 or more months of exclusive access to materials PLUS a keep forever e-Book of course materials and worksheets to refer to over and over again.

Where: It all happens in the comfort of your own home, a café, the library, on vacation, anywhere that you can get Internet access.

When: The next course starts April 7th, 2019 and runs for 5+ glorious interactive weeks, plus an instant access bonus week. The program is designed to be extremely time flexible… you can access the materials and interact as much or as little as you like. With recorded LIVE webinars, this proven-track record course is designed to accommodate students from all corners of this beautiful world.

How: Access weekly lessons on our password protected website, with tons of resources including lists of publishers and agents, worksheets, writing templates, videos and interviews, and much more! Get your work critiqued in weekly topic-specific webinars. Interact via our private Facebook group where questions are answered and small critique groups are set up for those who want them.

Why: The most important aspect —you want to write and publish children’s picture books. This is the only course with a phenomenal proven track-record of published, contracted, agented and award-winning former students.

In fact, Dr. Mira (AKA The Picture Book Whisperer) took a job with Clearfork Publishing’s children’s book imprint, Spork Kid’s Books, so she could further help students realize their dreams by acquiring, editing, and art directing their books. These are the first books to be published from that collaboration. Several of the authors of these books will be joining the course live in the Facebook group to “pass it on” and help new students.

Here’s a peek at the first books to come out of this collaboration, which are receiving wonderful reviews:

To find out more about this spectacular course, which includes fabulous payment plans and a money-back guarantee, visit:

To find out about their generous scholarships visit and to grab your seat right now AND that $100 discount, use this code: YesPB19

The Big Bonus course, interaction, submissions, and bonuses

 The Success With Mira course, interaction, bonuses and an extraordinary critique

The Success With Kelly course, interaction, submissions, bonuses and an extraordinary critique

There are also generous scholarships available for this course right here

Personally, I took the Middle Grade Mastery course and can attest to the fact that it was top notch in terms of the quality of the materials and the instructor’s interactions with students.

Talk tomorrow,


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