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PITCH OPPORTUNITY: Agent of the Month Kaitlyn Sanchez – Interview Part One

Everyone has a great opportunity this month. Kaitlyn Sanchez from Context Literary Agency is February’s AGENT OF THE MONTH. Kaitlyn is closed to submissions, but starting today everyone has the opportunity to pitch their story to her in the comments section. (If you don’t see the comment section, scroll all the way down below my sign off and underneath the customized buttons, then look for a line that shows the amount of comments. Click that and it will open up with the comments. If you never have left a comment you will have to wait for me to approve it before it will show up.)

If your pitch sounds interesting, Kaitlyn will reply to your pitch and you will send her a short description, short bio, and 5 – 10 pages of text to me to pass on. 

There will still be four first page critiques at the end of the month, taken from the requested submissions. Please read all the details at the bottom of this page in the Submission Guidelines.

Fiction: Action/Adventure, Children’s, Commercial, Historical, Horror, Humor, LGBTQ, Middle Grade, Mystery, Picture Books, Short Story, Thriller, Young Adult

Non-Fiction: Biography, Illustrated

Kaitlyn says she is incredibly eclectic and pretty dichotomous. On one side, she really connects with emotional writing and, on the other, very funny stories. She loves Both! In her eye creators who can do this are magicians. In all categories, she is always looking for diversity all in forms, including but not limited to BIPOC, neurodiversity, and LGBTQ+.

For picture books, she enjoys representing author-only and author-illustrators as well. For style, she likes them all: character-driven, concept, and any creative new formats ideas you might have! Kaitlyn connect with poignant, lyrical writing (rhyme and non-rhyme) just as much as laugh out loud funny, and of course, the best are those magical books that mix humor and heart. She  also enjoys nonfiction STEAM books and super interesting picture book biographies especially ones about underrepresented people.

For chapter books, middle-grade, and young adult stories, She leans toward historical fiction, mysteries, magical realism (high fantasy isn’t generally her thing, but she always enjoys a little magic), humorous, and friendships stories. Also, she is super interested in scary stories that aren’t gruesome. Note: Kaitlyn generally leans toward PG and PG-13, though some intensity here and there is fine.

She loves working with artists, so I’m always on the lookout for great portfolios, author-illustrators, and graphic novelists.

Kaitlyn says she is an editorial agent and always works with her clients to make sure they’re putting out their best work. She is highly communicative and invested in every aspect of helping her clients have a strong and happy career.

Kaitlyn is currently closed to submissions.

Agency Website:

Kaitlyn’s Website:




HERE IS PART ONE OF MY INTERVIEW WITH KAITLYN (DON’T MISS the Three Query Letter examples Kaitlyn Shared Below:

When did you decide you wanted to become an agent?

When I think about it, it feels like I’ve always been an agent because it’s like a found what I was meant to do, but in reality, it all began in the fall of 2019. I had just completed running my second blog contest. Connecting the winners with people in the publishing industry who could help them get their book into the world made me so happy. I already loved being in many critique groups for picture book writing, and it just hit me: “This is what agents do! They edit beautiful stories and help connect authors/illustrators to the people who can help bring the books into the world.” I was lucky that at the time that I was critique partners with James McGowan and Andrea Walker who were both interns at awesome literary agencies, and they really helped guide me.

How did you get the job with Context Literary Agency?

This is one of my favorite stories! When I was looking for an agency, I sent an email asking Liza Dawson if she was looking for an agent. She let me know that I impressed her, but she wasn’t looking and then asked if I had met Tamar Rydzinski because she thought we might be a good fit. So, of course, I sent an email to Tamar, and the rest is history! Needless to say, Liza is amazing at connecting people! I will always be so grateful that she thought of the wonderful connection.

Do you work from home or does Context have a physical office?

Great question! Tamar Rydzinski began Context Literary Agency in 2019 with the idea that agents could work from anywhere, and we do! I’m in California, Tamar and Jessica are in NY, and Crystal and Monica are in Texas.

Do you have a limit on number of clients you will represent? 

I don’t have a limit on the number of clients I will represent; it’s more about who inspires me.

Any story or themes you wish someone would submit?

  • A cool MG or YA mystery/suspense, like One of Us is Lying or A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder
  • Something fun, akin to Middle School, The Worst Years of My Life
  • The next Burden of Truth (or other super cool Erin Brockovich-style story) for kidlit
  • A cool sports story; if someone can get the same funny and heartfelt vibe of the movie Little Giants into a new MG, I’d be so in!
  • Something beautiful with different points of view, like Refugee

Which do you lean more towards: Literary or Commercial?

I lean more literary. I definitely represent some fun, commercial books, too, but I tend to lean more toward heartfelt, lyrical writing.

If someone submitted something that was not right for you, but was nicely written, would you pass it to another agent if you thought they might like it?


What do you like to see in a submission?

I like to see a personal connection with me; why did you choose me? Then, a short pitch and any awesome bio information.

How important is the query letter?

For picture books, I tend to read the pages first, but for anything longer, the most important part of the query is the pitch.

Would you have a sample of a good query letter or a link to one you saw on the Internet that would help writers?

Of course! Check out the following three wonderful queries! I checked with the authors, and they all approved of their queries being shared. Notice for all of these queries, the authors started with a lovely personal connection, shared about their honors, and provided amazing pitches and stellar bios.


Dear Kaitlyn,

Congratulations on your new associate agent position. I’ve waited patiently for you to open for submissions, and am rejoicing that the day has come. We both approach this business with the same kindness, commitment, and quest for excellence. I feel we would be a terrific team. Then, he gave a fantastic pitch, wonderful comps, and a great bio!

I would like to share a manuscript that has just received the honor of runner-up for the SCBWI Ann Whitford Paul-Writer’s Digest ;Award for most promising new picture book manuscript.

When the zookeeper gets sick, the librarian offers to help. What does he do? Places the animals up on a shelf, of course! This sets into motion a hilarious chain of events where other workers put their own misguided spins on each other’s jobs. Now, they must find the right helper to keep the town from tumbling into complete chaos!

If the Librarian Ran the Zoo is a quirky 480 word picture book with themes of helping, making mistakes, community jobs, and problem solving, told in a cumulative format similar to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Perfect for readers who enjoyed Great, Now We’ve Got Barbarians by Jason Carter Eaton, and This Book Will Not be Fun by Cirocco Dunlap.

I most recently worked as a youth specialist with the Henderson Public Libraries, but never once tried to take over a zoo. A former Broadway performer and teacher, I am published by Cricket Media, and have work included in several poetry anthologies alongside such authors as Jane Yolen. I won a Writing with the Stars mentorship, and am an active member of SCBWI.

I am devoted in every way to making writing a career. I write both picture books and chapter books, and would be happy to share more manuscripts if you are interested. Thank you for your time and consideration.


David McMullin


Dear Kaitlyn,

Congratulations on your new career path! I am especially excited to see a fellow rhyme writer joining the agent ranks! I would love it if you would please consider representing my picture book manuscript, BRAINSTORM.

Your thinking is cloudy —gloomy and gray. But wait! A BRAINSTORM is headed your way. What begins as the tiniest drop of a thought — kerplink! — soon swells into a whirlwind of words, pictures, and ideas spilling down — Plunk! Plonk! Splat!  For fans of WHAT IF? by Samantha Berger and WHAT DO YOU DO WITH AN IDEA? by Kobi Yamada, BRAINSTORM takes us inside the mind of a young writer caught in a downpour of creativity.

BRAINSTORM is a 271-word rhyming concept picture book targeted to children in grades K-3 who are beginning to learn how to shape and sharpen their idea-generation and storytelling skills. It includes back matter for parents, teachers and librarians who can use this book to help encourage kids to have fun playing with new ideas!

I am a journalist turned children’s book author and poet and a member of SCBWI, 12×12, Women Who Write and the Poet’s Garage, an invitation-only critiquing community for children’s poets. I was a 2019 #PBChat Mentorship Recipient (chosen by Lori Degman), a #PBParty finalist in 2019 (for my story about villainous vegetables), and First Place winner of Susanna Hill’s 2019 Holiday Contest (with my rhyming story “The Greatest Latke Topping”). I was also a selected mentee at the Rutgers University Council on Children’s Literature conference in 2018 and 2019. My poems have appeared in Honeycake magazine and in the book Chicken Soup For the Soul: The Magic of Cats (out in July!)

Below please find the full text of BRAINSTORM. I have additional manuscripts available upon request.

Thank you for your consideration and congrats again!

All the best,

Rebecca Gardyn Levington


Dear Kaitlyn,

I’m so excited you commented on my Mixed-Up Files Pitch. I watched your agent session with Manuscript Academy and was planning on querying you when you opened.

Sahara Rashad has a plan for everything—everything except what to do when she flies to Cairo and discovers her uncle’s marrying a witch!

The twelve-year-old from Queens was sure her Ten Reasons the Rashad Family Should Go to Disney World list had convinced her father to take them on the ultimate American vacation. Finally, she’d prove to the school jerk that “her people” do visit Disney. Instead, her dad announces they’re flying to Egypt for her uncle’s wedding—news that sends Sahara reeling. But from the moment she arrives in Cairo and meets her eclectic extended family, she feels a familiarity she can’t explain. For logical-minded Sahara, it makes no sense to feel at home when she’s thousands of miles away from it—nor does it make sense that the hamsa necklace she inherited from her mom is thrashing in the middle of the night like it’s possessed.

And that’s before she even meets the shady sharp-tongued and pretentious bride her cousin swears is El Ghoula—a dangerous witch. Sahara doesn’t buy she’s the broomstick-flying kind, but she definitely doesn’t want her uncle marrying someone so awful. She races to expose el ghoula before the wedding, and as she is about to discover, stop her from stealing an enchanted jinni lamp (Wait, what?) the women in her family have guarded for one thousand years. If she doesn’t, her family’s legacy and all of Cairo are doomed.

SAHARA AND THE AMULET OF THE FOUR is a 68,000-word upper middle grade fantasy with series potential. It will appeal to readers drawn to ARU SHAH’s folklore-inspired adventures and A THOUSAND QUESTIONS’ exploration of the complex dynamics between second-generation Americans and their families/homelands. Though most of the novel is told from Sahara’s POV, ancestor Morgana’s tale is woven in, sneak-peeking magical family secrets not yet uncovered by Sahara.

I am a member of SCBWI and a 2020 Author Mentor Match mentee. My manuscript was longlisted for the 2021 WriteMentor Children’s Novel Award and received interest from editors at Penguin Random House and Harper Collins. I can provide more information upon request. SAHARA was inspired by the folktales I heard growing up and my experience as a second-generation Egyptian American.

Thank you for your consideration,

Nedda Lewers

Do you have any tips on how to find comps to use in a submission query letter?

I don’t think there’s an easy trick to finding comps. Like most advice in this industry, the best way to find comps is to read, talk, and listen. Read in your genre and talk and listen on social media and to your critique partners, librarian, and local books store. A good way to stay in the know about what’s selling is to read awards lists and Publishers Weekly Children’s Bookshelf emails, which announce kidlit deals.

Any tips on how an author can get you to ask to see more?

I wish there was something magical I could give here, but know your craft, know your voice, and send me something unique to you!


FEBRUARY PITCH Submission Guidelines

February AGENT OF THE MONTH, Kaitlyn Sanchez is closed to submissions, but wants to give everyone an opportunity to pitch your story to her. You will do this in the comment section. (If you leave a pitch and have never commented before you will not see your comment right away. I have to approved them before they show up and I am not sitting by my computer all day long).

Here are the guidelines:

  1. You can pitch a picture book, middle grade, young adult book or graphic novel. 
  2. The work must be complete. 
  3. The pitch must be 60 words or less. 
  4. You can leave a pitch in the comment section on the February 11th. The February 4th post is now closed.  
  5. The deadline to leave a pitch in the comment section of February 11th post is February 15th 11:59 PM (EST). FEBRARUARY 4th is closed, so ONLY LEAVE A PITCH using Feb. 11th post. Cut off is on the 15th.
  6. If Kaitlyn responds to your pitch, make sure you send an email titled “FOR KAITLYN SANCHEZ REQUESTED MATERIALS” include a short description, short bio, and 5 – 10 pages of text. I will forward this to Kaitlyn.
  7. DEADLINE TO SUBMIT REQUESTED MATERIALS is February 16th. No one is going to chase you down for this.
  8. Kaitlyn will get back to the people she chose as she normally does and will chose 4 first pages from those submissions to critique for the last Friday of the month – February 25th. 
  9. Anyone who doesn’t want to participate in the first page critique should indicate that when you submit to Kaitlyn.
  10. Please remember, only the pitches that Kaitlyn comments on should be sent in. Let’s be respectful of her time and the fact that she’s doing a special event just for us, even though she’s closed to queries. 
  11. If you choose to pitch, be sure and click the “Notify Me Of Follow-Up Comments By Email” box so you’ll know if you received a response from Kaitlyn.



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  1. My heartfelt 453-word picture book, THE MEMORY QUILT is for ages 5-8.

    When Grace sees her neighbors sad about losing their son, she decides to make them a special gift with a bag of items she gets for free. Her thoughtfulness surprises her neighbors and turns their sadness into joy. #SEL

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  2. In BUR OAK QUEEN PLANTS HOPE, (445-word, creative nonfiction PB, ages 5-10) an ancient tree tells lyrical stories of her lifetime of changes on the midwestern oak savanna. Persistence fuels her call to action, urging us to preserve, protect, and plant – to face our greatest challenge yet. Our planet’s future.


  3. Hi, Kathy! Greetings from Munich, Germany. It has been a while since I last posted to you. I would love to pitch my YA historical novel, ‘Face The Music and Dance’ to Kaitlyn Sanchez. May I? Thanks for your time, Sally Buchanan Sühler

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  4. Kira wants her yellow belt, but she can’t unravel the jiu-jitsu pretzel. She’s a stiff puffin not a flexible jiu-jitsu snake. Even best friend Jonah pins her to the ground. But when Kira learns Jonah’s dance moves, her disco arms and twists feel like reaches and bridges. DANCE-JITSU is a 490 word PB about the power of learning something new.

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    • Thank you for this opportunity to pitch my picture book.

      Dr. Ira Ossicle OD is known worldwide for providing vision testing and care for creatures with unique needs. Send message through FairyFax for appointment.

      Comp titles: The Barnabus Project x The Monster Doctor Series


  5. Dear Kaitlyn,

    Thank you for this opportunity to submit this pitch.

    Two rats steal a ship and accidentally launch themselves into space. Oh no! The Rat-o-naunts is a rhyming manuscript complete at 349 words. It is designed for ages 4-8.

    My writing credits include: Wiggle-Wiggle, Scratch-Scratch, Itch-Itch-Itch from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Pink Riding Hood. Pink Riding Hood and The Warty Stick Monster from Bumples magazine. Song of the Whippoorwill with Balloon’s Literary Journal. Moments with Kids Imagination Train, Daydreaming with Kids Imagination Train. And many others.

    In addition, I am a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature, the Lyrical Language Lab, Making Picture Book Magic, a Picture Book Master Class and The Art of Arc, SCBWI and 12 x 12.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

    Joy Moore


  6. (Kaitlyn, Thank you for the pitch opportunity.)
    Izzy and The Moonlight Bandit
    Middle Grade novel
    An eleven-year-old entrepreneur uses her business smarts to save her elderly neighbor from going to jail for crimes she didn’t commit, but when her sure-fire plan backfires, she finds herself caught in her own web and face-to-face with the real Moonlight Bandit.

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  7. Thanks for your time, Kaitlyn!


    After Marguerite’s physics research pushes the limits with a toilet-flushing fiasco following a sugar-snorting mishap, she works hard to steer clear of the principal. But when a disaster in judgment causes a tidal wave of friend/family issues that even Marguerite the scientist can’t predict, she’s swimming in consequences, wondering if she’ll resurface without giving up her curiosity about the world.

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  8. A Lost Art
    41,000-word upper middle grade; magical realism

    The arrival of an old trunk filled with his Danish family’s secrets spurs Jonas, a 13-year-old fledgling artist, to investigate his father and now deceased grandfather’s mysterious falling out. By the time he realizes that the drawings he makes on his grandfather’s sketchpad come to life, is it too late to ward off the ancient Nordic forces he’s inadvertently reawakened?

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  9. Thank you for this opportunity!

    Samantha Big and Strong
    Picture Book

    Samantha doesn’t want to sleep until she discovers that a good night’s rest can help her grow as big and strong as anything—even a rhinoceros, an ocean, or an oak tree. This book redefines the words “big” and “strong” to include brainpower and compassion, and if we’re lucky, it tempts readers to go to sleep on time.


  10. Thank you, Kathy & Kaitlyn, for this opportunity!
    Are you curious about the love life of a dung beetle or a hippopotamus? You need look no further than my G-rated, non-boring, nonfiction picture book, THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE. Featuring ten lovesick animals and their unique mating rituals, my humorous manuscript captures the silly, smelly, and serious sides of love in the animal world.


  11. Dear Kaitlyn, Thank you for the opportunity to pitch my story to you.
    In, A Special Lunch, (359-word picture book; age 4-7),best friends Worm and Bird always make lunch together until they don’t. Now Worm worries he is no longer the best friend but the special lunch for the new best friend.


  12. Dear Kaitlyn,

    Imagine you spot an adorable cat. Your eyes meet and before you know it, you´re considering sharing your home with her. Well, if the cat feels the same way about you, make sure she reads HUMANS- MANUAL FOR OWNERS (CATS).
    This book offers all the essential information a cat needs before getting a pet human.

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  13. Sorry Kathy, for leaving another comment, I forgot to mention the genre in the previous one.

    Dear Kaitlyn,

    Imagine you spot an adorable cat. Your eyes meet and before you know it, you´re considering sharing your home with her. Well, if the cat feels the same way about you, make sure she reads HUMANS- MANUAL FOR OWNERS (CATS).
    This picture book offers all the essential information a cat needs before getting a pet human.

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  14. Kaitlyn Thank you for this opportunity!
    Princess Aria and the Narrator are at odds about what story to tell. Her mission to rescue the prince will be no picnic in the park—although the Narrator would prefer one. Join Princess Aria as she artfully tackles all obstacles that stand in her way.


  15. Thanks for such a great opportunity Kaitlyn. I hope this one tickles your taste buds!

    Mommy Macaron (PB / 420 words)
    #DV #OWN

    When super-baker Mommy Macaron loses her mojo, it is up to her side-kick helper to whip on her apron-cape. With wobbly cupcakes and melting buttercream, she reminds Mommy Macaron how fun and special baking can be. Especially if the recipe involves one key ingredient – teamwork.

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  16. Hi Kaitlyn, thanks for the opportunity!

    When Eloise gets a notice in the mail about ‘new greens’, she thinks it’s from the Herbivore Society alerting her to a new restaurant, not a golf course. This misunderstanding creates an elephant-size problem that has Eloise written all over it. ELOISE AND THE GREAT GREENS DISASTER is a 507-word pb.


  17. Thank you, Kathy & Kaitlyn, for this opportunity!
    Are you curious about the love life of an alligator or hippo? Look no further than my G-rated, non-boring, nonfiction picture book, THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE. Featuring the mating rituals of ten lovesick animals, my humorous manuscript captures the silly, smelly, and serious sides of love in the animal world.


  18. Thank you, Kathy and Kaitlyn for this opportunity!

    Under rug? Giant bug. Treasure box? Stinky socks. When opening a bedroom door to toys galore, finding a LOST SHOE becomes an enormous feat, yet one child’s determination pays off in an unexpected way.

    Readers of STUCK will enjoy the wacky humor in LOST SHOE, a 123-word PB.


  19. The Tell Tale Candy Hearts #sel

    Milo can’t resist the call from a box of candy hearts. After eating them all he blames his brother so he doesn’t get in trouble. Now strange things are happening: hearts loom on the walls and a strange beating sound is following him. Is it real or his guilty conscious.


  20. Thanks, Kaitlyn and Kathy, for the pitch opportunity today. ( February 11th)

    Unable to face her little brother’s death in a fire she caused—and survived, Claire Donovan’s soul takes root in the dying body of a scullery maid, Lizzie. She is in her own Brooklyn brownstone. But it is 1880!
    As Lizzie, Claire must now survive the harsh realities of Servitude, and worse.
    But will Lizzie live long enough for Claire to save her brother and redeem herself?

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  21. Thank you for the pitch opportunity!

    In my picture book, A LASSI WITH LOVE (980 words), Jai & Raya can’t wait for Nana’s arrival: their very first visitor from India. But they’re nervous. They don’t know Hindi or Punjabi. What if he misses home? As Mama recalls childhood trips to India, the kids realize that a quintessential South Asian drink, mango lassi, can bring them all together.


  22. I appreciate this opportunity, Kaitlyn and Kathy. 🙂

    PB, 499 words

    If you have a passion for puns and modern fairy tales with an independent, persevering heroine, read on. Ella (sans Cinder) views unappealing, yet familiar characters’ houses on her quest to find her own home. After she singlehandedly transforms a gingerbread fixer-upper into her own sweet home, guess who visits?


  23. AN UNBERRYABLE FATE (humorous 532-word PB for ages 5-9)

    Pop!: Otto, the Kernel Who Didn’t Pop X Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast

    In The Fridge, three bowls of berries await their desired fate: to be chosen to flavor Lemonade for the Lemonade Stand. But narcissistic Lemonade spills a sour secret: to flavor him, they must endure….The Blades! Dun dun dunnnnn! After learning what will happen to them if they go to The Blades, the berries grow hysterical. But fates aren’t always fixed.


  24. Thanks gal’s for the pitch opportunity!

    WC 589 Ages 5-9

    Why did you leave? Was it my fault? Will you ever come back? YESTERDAY’S RAINBOW is a journal entry that hits right to the heart of a child who carries broken pieces of a shattered life preceding a storm no one predicted.


  25. Thank you for the opportunity to pitch my picture book, ALBERTA NINESTEIN.

    Six of one, half dozen of the other? When Alberta Ninestein struggles to understand the numerical phrases that adults are using, she takes matters into her own hands and uses calculations to try to make sense of their words.

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    • I was the only kid who knew this phrase growing up, and it’s legit one of my favorites, AND the MC is exploring the math of it. Please send this my way, thank you!


  26. Mavis is worried. Birds huddle up and shiver as a blizzard howls outside her window. She knows just what to do! BIRD CAKES IN THE SNOW is a rhythmic, 260-word picture book for ages 3-8 years with repetitive phrases that invite children to join in. It includes back matter on how birds stay warm in the winter.

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  27. Hi Kaitlyn and Kathy, thanks so much for this chance to pitch.

    BELLA’S MUMMY ATE A CLOUD ( 272 word picture book ) #L

    When Bella notices that Mummy has eaten a storm cloud, she tries to help, but can only watch as the storm destroys their happiness. Bella learns the value of waiting and the temporary nature of storms.

    It is a gentle metaphor for mental health with a message of hope.


  28. Thanks for the pitch opportunity, Kaitlyn!

    MR. SHAW’S ZOOM ROOM (humorous PB/ 242 words/ ages 5-9)

    Ready, Set, Ding! The Zoom Room rings! Mr. Shaw’s class begins the year sharing hobbies, snacks, and pets on Zoom- trapeze, honeybees, pickles in jars, chocolate stars, a hedgehog and tree frog! But what will Mr. Shaw share? A knight in armor. A donut tower. And a…Yeti! Fun on Zoom ensues in Mr. Shaw’s room!

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  29. 13-year-old Addison Weekly should be happy to be home in Washington
    state. After all, during the 6 months he was in Kansas he’s grown 9 inches and is now big enough to defend himself against bullies. 8th grade bullies are one thing, but what can Addison possibly do about the adult bully in his house?
    HULKED OUT #upperMG


  30. Presenting Five Finger Feud, a 500 word PB, with puns and wordplay.

    #5 Fingers
    4 – ever fighting
    3 themes of teamwork, ego, and siblings
    2 – gether they must unite to remain
    1 family

    Colors vs Shapes x Inside Out


  31. After Neville, a desert camel, is scolded for stepping on his owner’s compass, he is nudged by his pal, Beetle, to run away to the oasis where life is more idyllic. Waylaid by mirages, billboards, and sandstorms, his journey is anything but straightforward and all for naught when Neville learns that paradise is not a location after all.

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  32. OGRE OFF COURSE – Pitch By: Lyn Jekowsky
    PB Fiction @LJekowsky
    Ages 4-8, 629 words

    When a curious young ogre is lured from his exotic home in the forest by a cacophony of unusual sounds, he hops on a vine and swings until he is breathless. He is lost on a foggy beach, where he experiences unfamiliar senses, and appeals to frightening beach creatures to help him find his way home. His mantra: home is near, home is near.

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  33. Thank you Kaitlyn, for the opportunity to submit my picture book, PAY ATTENTION

    Alice loves to mosey at the farmers market, taking in the bright colors, sounds of the shoppers and yummy smells. Mama, always in rush, almost trips over Alice as she shops. ‘Pay attention Alice,’ Mama says. That’s exactly what Alice is doing. More than Mama realizes.


  34. In the city’s oldest fire station clad in rough red brick with an old-time red fire bell, all the trucks boast one color: RED. That’s until someone new backs in. She is BIG and she is BLUE! The other trucks don’t think there’s any use for Big Blue until a blizzard buries the fire hydrants and it’s BIG BLUE TO THE RESCUE.

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  35. Thank you Kaitly & Kathy!

    For highly sensitive Coco, the outside world can be too much–¬too big, too loud, too messy. But when she meets a rescue dog with worries of his own, she realizes when they’re together, an overwhelming world can feel just right. COCO AND HEDGEHOG DOG ARE JUST RIGHT, a girl-saves-dog-saves-girl story. F/PB/SEL


  36. Thanks for the opportunity to submit.
    Quiet Violet Blandin makes a habit of blending in. At school, no one notices her at all, but in the kitchen, she can’t be missed. When a hands-on lesson about measurement goes haywire, Violet finds she is the only one who can save Chef de La Claire from an awful encounter with a very salty cookie. Violet’s journey to be heard shows us the uniqueness of each voice and the power of bold, quiet people.


  37. Thank you, Kathy & Kaitlyn, for this opportunity!
    PB pitch:

    My Uncle Pete is an AWESOME pirate! But Mom expects me to teach him manners! This will be harder than I thought, especially when Uncle Pete’s behavior gets us into trouble. Just when Mom has had enough (and I think all hope is lost), bad manners end up being the only thing that will help when Scallywags threaten our family.


  38. DESSERTOSAURUS – 240-word rhyming PB – Thank you!

    Audacious paleontologist siblings, Mae and Xan, set out into the great unknown (their backyard) in search of a fanciful dinosaur fossil. Armed only with shovels and their imaginations they bite off a bit more than they can chew when they attempt to construct a never-before-seen species of dinosaur worthy of display in their regionally famous “Unbelievable Museum”.


  39. Thanks so much!

    Missing Moose

    word count: 490

    Moose was missing—on the walk home from school George regales his friend Ruth with details about Moose’s homecoming.

    Moose rode in the car, licked his face, and slept with George.

    Ruth’s mind boggles at a pet moose. As the friends reach George’s home, neighbors ask about Moose.

    George opens the front door and Ruth braces to encounter a moose!


  40. Thank you for this opportunity.

    A picture book, with a bubble blower who blows an increasingly large bubble until he blows bigger, better, bouncy, brilliant, beautiful, blueberry-blue, bubbles. The encroaching bubble annoys his pets. And where did the cow come from?


  41. Thank you for this opportunity.

    A picture book, with a bubble blower who blows an increasingly large bubble until he blows bigger, better, bouncy, brilliant, beautiful, blueberry-blue, bubbles. The encroaching bubble annoys his pets. And where did the cow come from?

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    • Sorry for the repeated posting. Thought I had changed the name, and it put it under both.


  42. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for providing us such wonderful writing help and information. Thanks, Kaitlyn for a stupendous opportunity!
    FLY ANXIETY rhyming PB
    Taddy, the youngest bat in the cave, is nervous and too anxious to try to fly. Mack, the class bat bully, makes his anxiety worse. When Taddy hears a cry for help, he listens to his heart to fly to the rescue. Lots of NF BAT matter.


  43. Thank you Kathy and Kaitlyn
    Crayons break red, yellow and blue paint keeps mixing in brown and woodworks topple down. Busy Izzy’s I HATE/LOVE ART! is a triumphant story that gives readers the determination to explore and persevere because you never know what you are capable of until you try!

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  44. Hey, thanks for the opportunity! I accidentally left my comment on the 4th post, so apologies for the duplicate!

    PB: 448 words
    Title: Betty Rex and the Three Words that Changed Everything.

    A girl sensitive to sugar learns to consume goodies in moderation after her inner monster comes out during a party and yells something horrific at her friends.

    Themes: controlling emotions, moderation, apologizing, empathy, forgiveness, healthy choices


  45. Kathy and Kaitlyn – thank you both for this opportunity.
    THE MOON FROG 21,250 word novel for 6-10 year olds.
    Fergie, born in a tiny village pond, meets the Moon and becomes famous. He discovers how nights and days are made, why months and tides and seasons happen, when to plant things and why we don’t all grow at the same pace. He becomes a teacher, meets Professor Ching, receives an international award and falls in love. Jan Darling


  46. Thanks, Kathy! Kaitlyn, thanks for considering this PB of 417 words, THE APPLE BUTTER BISCUIT MAKER.
    Lugging ladders and bumping buckets, Daisy’s family swarms into the orchard for apple butter weekend. But can the best biscuit maker in the county try something new without toppling the harvest? For ages 4-8, this warm-hearted story celebrates family, apples, and taking chances!

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  47. Thanks for this opportunity, Kaitlyn!


    When the 1715 solar eclipse threatened to plunge London into darkness, astronomer Edmund Halley called upon the curious people of England to join the first citizen science project in modern history. Together, they made observations, mapped the eclipse, and charted a path for the future of science.

    (FYI The next solar eclipse will cross North America in 2024 – perfect timing for this story! 🙂

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  48. Gabby always rides the jeepney to her grandparents’ house with her older brother, but when he falls sick, she rides it by herself for the first time. Despite Gabby’s doubts about finding the right jeepney, passing her pesos, and shouting “Para po!” at the perfect time, she must learn to believe in herself in this rite of passage story.


  49. Thanks for the opportunity!

    When 12-year-old Miracle Jones’ Momma is sought by police, Miracle finds herself on a bus to Montana to a grandma she didn’t know existed carrying a note from Momma to “get bail money”. Hoping not to steal, Miracle attempts to discover gold. Her search uncovers family secrets and the truth about her father. MIRACLE JONES GOES HOME, novel in verse

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  50. Thanks for doing this.
    Iris, new at her preschool, wants to become a rainbow so everyone will notice her. Her parents tell her all the reasons she cannot be a rainbow, but Iris persists, learning about colors and rainbows along the way. RAINBOW GIRL is a 651-word (plus possible back matter) picture book for children 3-5 years old with lots of STEM.

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    • Sounds great, Rosi!

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  51. Pitch for the third book in my early MG series. Book one and Book two are under contract
    KAYA BELL a brilliant musician and only child, wishes for a bigger family. Especially when her mum is always late for special events. Thanks to a chance meeting her mum meets STEVE RUBIN and while at dinner to meet his niece Samara Rubin and Toby King, he gives Kaya a mysterious utility belt. The belt contains eleven tools which the wearer can use to get what they wish for the most. For Kaya this is a bigger family. However, the belt comes with a deadline, Kaya has to use all of the tools within seven days, otherwise…


  52. In Horsefeathers, an MG speculative historical, Ian MacLeith is a lame and undervalued fifth son in a medieval castle. When an explosion in the sky lands a shuttle of intelligent animals and their companions on the shore of a nearby loch, Ian partners with a flying horse who helps Ian to save the castle from enemy aliens.


  53. QUIET TIME (184w PB)

    I Can Be Anything (Shinsuke) x Just Because (Barnett)

    It’s Quiet Time! An hour is a long time to try and entertain yourself, but there is plenty to do—as long as you’re not too picky about the “quiet” part… (the hammer helps the puzzle pieces fit together better!)


  54. Thank you so much, Kathy and Kaitlyn.

    A grumpy mouse wants to be alone but is forced to share the bed, the burrow, and the berry bush with the other mice. After escaping the clutches of a hungry hawk, he discovers the joys of having friends.

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  55. Chester hates carrots—cabbage hurts his tummy. Radishes? No way. It’s spaghetti all the way! Problem is, Chester’s a bunny, and bunnies can’t like spaghetti. Can they?

    This story is about being true to yourself—even when ridiculed. It’s about being courageous—even when it’s not cool. In the end, it’s about how one smile or kind act can truly change someone’s life!


    • Hi Kathy and Kaitlyn – I just wanted to thank you both for this opportunity and apologize if I didn’t include all the right details earlier. This is my very first submission, and I took the 60 words or less quite literally!

      My book, “The Bunny Who Likes Spaghetti,” is a 760-word children’s picture book, aimed at 5-10 year olds.

      I hope I get the opportunity to work with you both!



  56. A RED FOX IN WINTER (314 words)
    Informational Fiction PB

    Red Foxes are not just forest dwellers– they live everywhere from forests and farmlands, to backyards and parks. Rollicking rhyme highlights one Red Fox’s struggle finding prey in winter to summer when she parades her most prized possessions right in front of us. Red Foxes are here to stay, and they’re watching our every move, adapting, and thriving in our world . . . maybe even in your backyard! (Light BM included)

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  57. Thank you for the opportunity to pitch!

    Felix tries to convince Mae to go out and enjoy a great summer day, but Mae shoots down all his suggestions. Sandals? Stubbed toes! Flowers? Allergies! Lightning bugs? Wasps and mosquitos! SUMMERTIME is a fun, humorous, rhyming picture book that demonstrates how two people can have different opinions about the same subject but still be friends.

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    NIAO’S SONG – Fiction PB

    Hiding deep in the aviary at Hong Kong Park, Niao cuts holes in the netting allowing birds to escape with small messages of hope tied to their feet. As protests rage around her sanctuary, she becomes more entrapped, until the birds return and show that she must have both courage and acceptance in order to fly to freedom.

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  59. Thank you Kaitlyn for considering my PB Bio based on an inspirational woman with a pituitary disorder:

    What could possibly motivate a young woman to stand on stage, facing a jeering crowd, to earn herself the title of Ugliest Woman in the World? Mary signed herself up for the humiliating contest—and won—to feed her family, but what will she do when the circus comes calling with the opportunity of a lifetime?

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  60. When Nazi Germany invades the Soviet Union, Yuri, a talented artist at age thirteen, must save himself, his little brother and his best friend from starvation. Yuri cooks mice and crows, makes his brother and friend laugh and gives them hope, brings that hope to his entire city with cheerful outdoor art, and with courage attempts a dangerous escape for all.


  61. When Theodore, a T. Rex, arrives special delivery, an unexpected friendship develops until pleas for Theodore to return home can no longer be ignored, no matter how hard the child tries to keep this interesting new friend from leaving. SPECIAL DELIVERY is a 490-word picture book that combines magical elements of surprise and humor with the warmth of friendship and the power of home, wherever home may be.


  62. Thanks for this opportunity, Kaitlyn!
    4-7 years
    Funny PB
    TITLE: Five little monkeys
    793 words
    The never-before-told story of why the five little monkeys (of the famous song) are jumping in the bed. It is to scare off the monster that they´ve heard snoring under their bed at night. They keep hurting themselves in all sorts of ways so mama calls Doctor Babar again and again. But all he seems to care about is stopping the monkeys from jumping on the bed. The surprising twist of the story is that Doctor Babar (a very large pink elephant) is, in fact, the snoring figure who has been living under the bed all along. No wonder he was getting tired of all the little monkeys jumping on the bed…


  63. The Shrinking Stone: Middle grade magical realism (Loosely based on The Monkey’s Paw)

    When Clancy’s dad went to prison for drunk driving, she lost everything. Now dad is back and life gets worse. Her aunt gives her a magical stone that grants wishes but shrinks with every use. If she taxes the stone past its capacity both she and the stone will disappear. Her wishes yield disastrous results and she must face their dire consequences to save her family.


  64. Thank you for this opportunity!
    STEM PB for ages 4-8, 446 words

    Millie reads every mystery book she can find and never misses a clue, but she’s never had a case of her own to solve—until her trusty stuffed sidekick disappears. Millie must secure the crime scene, dust for fingerprints, and search for evidence to find her best friend. Otherwise sleep will be the next thing she loses!

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  65. Thank you for this opportunity and taking the time to consider my PB story:

    MAULTASCHEN MEMORIES is a lyrical PB story based on a german family tradition.

    Some hands bake cookies or cakes.
    One child’s hands bake Maultaschen.
    Her hands help create more than a traditional German meal with her dad.
    They show the memories of her Oma’s struggles and the continued strength of her family.

    Thank you.


    Is your mom making you eat that yucky spinach again? Perhaps you can use your magic wand to get out of it by “POOF!” turning Mommy into a dog, or a cat, or even an elephant! Suddenly bedtime becomes a lot harder when Mommy has dinosaur claws or gives kisses with a lizard tongue- yuck!

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    Before environmental activism was a trend and before Rachel Carson raised the alarm over protecting the earth—Elizabeth Clarkson fought to prevent birds and their habitats from being destroyed. This lyrical picture book shows how Elizabeth persevered, despite illness and ridicule, to become a voice for safeguarding birds and their environment in North Carolina.

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    • Thanks for liking my pitch!


  68. Thanks for this great opportunity, Kaitlyn.

    Id like to share with you my 636 word PB
    Wannabe Rhino
    Abrafo, a brave warthog, is a
    wannabe rhino. Who wouldn’t want to be the fastest, bravest and strongest creature in the Savanna? Despite wanting to be more rhino, things don’t go quite to plan. It isn’t until faced with life or death, Abrafo realises his own worth. A story about being happy in your own hooves.

    Comps – Itty Bitty Kittycorn (Shannon Hale) x Good Night Oppy (James McGowan)


    10YO Marigold dreads the HUGE NM Figueroa Thanksgiving.

    To navigate it, she must:
    Face a rowdy prima sleepover
    Keep extroverted Mama happy
    Interview intimidating Abuelo for school
    Not freak out (again)
    Oh, and be herself.

    No problem.


  70. Thank you for another opportunity to pitch! Kaitlyn, previously you had been reviewing a full manuscript from me, DAY DREAMERS, and I know you were interested in a soccer MG. I thought my MG story THE SHOW UP PACT would be a great fit for you! Please see below for more details.

    Vita is spending the summer at soccer camp—and her best friend Mickey doesn’t want her to go, because she hates soccer girls. But Vita doesn’t think they’re so bad. She even wants to join their team—and Mickey’s not okay with that. If Vita tries out for the team, she might lose her best friend. But if she gives up on tryouts, she’ll lose her new friends too.


  71. Thanks for this opportunity, Kaitlyn.
    JUST BETWEEN US is a contemporary middle-grade dual-POV STEAM novel.

    When a serious third grader and her mischievous fifth-grade brother find themselves working toward the goal of developing separate but equally challenging community fair projects, they come to know about more than just science and music: they learn about themselves, each other, and about respecting and supporting their differences.

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  72. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, Kathy Temean and Kaitlyn Sanchez!
    I have a pair of related rhyming PB’s, funny and educational.

    Cooking in the Musical Kitchen
    Word Count 343
    Comps: Zin Zin Zin a Violin + Our Little Kitchen
    Experience a melodious, mouth-watering day of musical cooking fun. From piano-ninis to French horn dogs; nibble and gnaw, crunch and chew, eat to the beat the whole day through!

    Growing in the Musical Garden
    Comps: I Know a Shy Fellow Who Swallowed a Cello + Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt
    Word count 418
    “Tune the turnips, play some s-kales.” Enjoy a delicious, harmonious romp through a year of seasonal sounds and delights as you help plant a garden where everything makes music.


  73. GRETCHEN GRAVES IS GROUNDED — Middle Grade Sci-fi Fantasy

    Gretchen Graves has an unusual condition: The laws of gravity do not apply to her. When she meets Jason, a kid who literally vanishes if he feels a difficult emotion, they infiltrate a global chemical company to stop it from altering the world’s food supply through genetic manipulation—while still hoping to reverse their embarrassing conditions before sixth grade graduation.


  74. Such a wonderful opportunity. Thank you, Kaitlyn. I follow you on twitter and one of your recent tweets sparked this manuscript.

    Pitch: Chicken Soup With Rice Meets the 21sts Century

    Whether it’s on a snowy Saturday when it’s too cold to play outside, or on a Tuesday when far-away relatives drop by for a surprise visit, there’s nothing like a steaming bowl of chicken soup with sriracha!

    Reminiscent of Maurice Sendak’s Chicken Soup Wirth Rice, 362-page rhyming picture book, Chicken Soup With Sriracha, also includes back matter with variations of chicken soup recipes from around the world.

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  75. Smokey Joe, Where Did You Go? is a 366-word picture book.

    Smokey Joe is missing! His owner has searched the house without success, but, when he decides to enlist the help of the neighbors, he discovers that his cat has been living a double, triple (even quadruple) life! When he’s finally found, a sweet surprise gives everyone their own personal happy ending.


  76. Picture Book: DARLA VS THE LUNCH LADY

    Introverted Darla dons her camouflage costume at school because it makes her invisible. Lunch forgotten one day, Darla tries using her invisibility to grab a sandwich, but the wily lunch lady thwarts every attempt! Battle-worn and tummy-rumbling, Darla spies another incognito kid. Discovering a comrade-in-arms helps Darla overcome her fears – and face the lunch lady head-on.


  77. Lyrical, SEL PB
    525 words

    Beneath the weeping willow, Emily stumbles on a stone. Not knowing what she’s truly found, she puts it in her pocket. As she collects more, the weight of the WORRY STONES drags her down into a deep sleep. When she wakes, she lays her burdens down, surrounded by support from her family.


  78. What a wonderful opportunity, Kathy and Kaitlyn! And Kaitlyn, thanks so much for your feedback on another of my manuscripts! I hope you enjoy this “taste” of another of my stories:


    When Gram invites Tess to help on CRAWFISH DAY, Tess worries that she is not big enough. But with Gram’s hands to guide her, Tess chops and dices her way to discovering the love and family traditions that season the pot. #PB


  79. Adult Thriller
    Word Count: 75000
    Awake X The Vanishing
    Jennifer’s dark past of as the heiress to a deranged sacrificial cult comes back to claim her life. Her ex lover Enrique must find her before it’s too late. This only ends in tragedy for these two lovers just as the Cult planned from the beginning.


  80. Title: THE NEST QUEST
    PB – Humorous, STEM
    440 words + back matter

    Before Martha the mason bee can begin her vital work in Pollen-Nation, she needs a place to stay. When no options meet her specific needs, she dons a hard hat to make her own home before the flowers fade.


  81. Title: MOMO THE BRAVE

    Worries aren’t a measure of bravery. Action is. And by that measure, Momo is the bravest stuffy in the world even though his worries pile up like skyscrapers. A tribute for all those who worry and act anyway!


  82. Unnoticeable at school, Quiet Violet lives loud in the kitchen. When Mary mismeasures the mayo, Violet must find her voice to save Chef from an encounter with a very salty cookie. An SEL book for quiet kids with STEM connections.


  83. Thank you Kathy and Kaitlyn for this opportunity. HOW TO PLAY GOLF WITH YOUR GRANDPA is a 590-word realistic picture book, targeting ages 5-8. It combines humor and heart similar to When Grandma Gives You A Lemon Tree (Dennihan/Rocha) and How to Babysit Your Grandpa (Regan/Wildish). “Your grandpa invites you to play golf. But the thought of standing in the hot sun, whacking a tiny ball with a metal stick, doesn’t sound so great.” In this humorous how-to book about familial love and discovery, a child dreads a day on the course with Grandpa. But when he follows the narrator’s timely tips and Grandpa’s wise advice, he learns playing golf with Grandpa can be fun, if you know where to find it.


  84. Thank you for this opportunity!
    BRONSON’S SPACE MAP 460 words ages 2-6
    After playing The Super-Duper Space Game 2200 all night long, Bronson sleeps throughout his lunar school outing and is left on the moon as his school rocket blasts off back to earth.
    Now, alone on the moon, Bronson wakes to find an extraordinary robot and Space Map. Will they help Bronson find his way back home?

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  85. I add my thanks for reading our pitches!

    I am a member of SWCBI and NC Writers Network, and a former History teacher. I also participate in Storystorm and Non-fiction Fest.

    Biographical Picture Book

    Polly Cooper Saved My Life! is a picture book of 934 words (1,154 words with glossary and back matter) written in the voice of a Revolutionary War soldier starving to death at Valley Forge. Polly Cooper was a real Oneida woman who led her tribe’s efforts to bring food and medical help, General Washington’s troops. Then she stayed to continue helping her friends in the battles that followed. Very few people know of this amazing woman.

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  86. Thank you Kaitlyn and Kathy for this opportunity! Here is my PB pitch:

    Jasmine wants nothing more than to dance out the door in her new dress. But when she falls in the mud, her dream dress turns into a nightmare. Only the spirit of her Nigerian great grandmother can help her see that mistakes can be gifts. TEN BEAUTIFUL THINGS x THE YEAR WE LEARNED TO FLY #BIPOC


  87. A clumsy, young shark finds himself in a dire predicament when his manta ray buddy becomes trapped in a shipwreck and two pesky bull sharks appear. Tippy must believe in himself to outwit the bullies and use magic to spark an amazing transformation. Tippy’s Super Adventure is a humorous and heartful 5K word CB geared for ages 6-10.


  88. Thank you so much Kathy and Kaitlyn for this Pitch Party.

    THE HUNGRY LADYBUG is a 400- word Informational Fiction PB for children ages 4 to 8. A ladybug getting ready to hibernate for the winter wants one last meal. She follows the sounds in the meadow and finds other animals eating, but when she takes nibbles of their food, finds them yucky. Ladybug will not give up her quest to find the perfect meal, and in doing so, realizes that even the tiniest animals have big abilities to help the environment.

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  89. Hi Kathy and Kaitlyn! Thank you for your informative blog posts and for the opportunity to pitch my dual narrative PB.


    A gentle boy leaves his best friend and an ocean of memories when he moves to the city, where an effervescent girl wishes for a friend. But the path to meeting someone can be rocky. Until they uncover a shared seed of interest and begin to nurture their budding friendship in THE FRIENDSHIP SEEDS.

    I wish you both a wonderful week!

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  90. Thank you for this lovely opportunity!

    LILLY THE MAGNIFICENT has lots of jobs, and her newest job is Foster Sister! When she realizes she has gotten a total borebaby can she still find a way to be the best big sister ever? And can she deal with her emotions when it’s time for the baby to leave?

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  91. Animals are not the only ones that can make sounds in nature, so can plants! Perk up your ears and listen, can you guess the sounds these plants can make?

    WHAT SOUNDS CAN THESE PLANTS MAKE? showcases different sounds made by a variety of plants as well as the underlying science in an interactive guessing game format.

    (NF STEM PB with layered text)

    Thank you, Kathy and Kaitlyn!

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  92. Something went “ba-BUMP”, and then “tha-THUMP”, and a small wide-eyed boy tries to sort it out. He lives in an old apartment building with gurgling pipes and a noisy neighbor, whom the boy imagined as, THE MONSTER UPSTAIRS. The boy sits by his Mum, and from that safe and cozy place, he tells a lyrical tale of two perspectives. #PB 340 words + back matter

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  93. Greetings from Munich, Germany and Vielen Dank, Kathy and Kaitlyn, for this amazing opportunity!
    ‘FACE THE MUSIC AND DANCE’ is an 85,000 word historical YA fictional novel partially based on actual events.
    1942. As Germany spreads its dark wings over Europe, Josef (18) and Elisabeth (17) Graf are witnesses to the atrocities of mankind. Each must make a decision, knowing the consequences if caught. Whether on the Eastern Front or at home, brother and sister discover that the hardest battle to fight is finding the courage in one’s own heart.

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  94. Duncan Hines wasn’t a baker, a chef, or even a passable home cook. He was a traveling salesman who needed a restaurant meal that wouldn’t give him food poisoning. DUNCAN HINES: DINNER DETECTIVE, a 506 word PB biography, tells of his accidental transformation from salesman to restaurant reformer and baking mix icon.

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  95. Fizz! Bang! Flash! When a mysterious reaction shakes his precinct, Inspector Mendeleev is just the chemist for the job. But he’s never had a case like this and none of his usual suspects – the elements – are talking. In a race against time, he must piece together a table of clues before the culprit of this crime dissolves for good.

    Sherlock Holmes meets Baby University in the spirit of 7 ate 9!, PERIODIC CLUES is a 580-word humorous, character driven picture book that introduces young readers to the fundamental principles of chemistry. It would appeal to general audiences with cross-over relevance for STEM classroom education.


  96. Meet Me in Montana
    105,000 words, Women’s/Historical Fiction

    Big Little Lies with Seven Perfect Strangers plus a ghost.

    At a haunted, holistic hot springs retreat in Montana, a body is found during a reunion of four women. Maude, the chef at the retreat, whose best friends are her dog and the ghost, wants to keep to herself, but when a woman gets involved with the womanizing yoga instructor, Maude gets involved.


  97. Wish Upon a Starfish is Fiona Robinson’s The Bluest Blues meets little ocean lovers. A playful little book to dive, swish, glide, splash, and float along with all kinds of sea creatures. The illustrations are made with the ocean’s dreamy blue hues in mind using the process of cyanotype. This picture book is visually appealing to the youngest ocean explorers.


  98. LEFTY WRITEY is my 504-word fiction text about a lefty, Jonah, who writes the hook of his “J” the wrong way. He tries to fix it before he signs cards for his class for Valentine’s Day. When his left-handed neighbor makes a sign to sell jam, Jonah learns a secret the size of an elephant.


  99. Thank you for this great opportunity!

    Charlie and Sawyer love camping! But they enjoy it in very different ways. One throws a couple of things in a backpack while the other packs like the scout she is. One uses gadgets, one doesn’t. One is more carefree, one is more methodical. But one thing is for sure, wherever they go, especially in a thunderstorm, the best thing they bring is one other.

    CHARLIE AND SAWYER GO CAMPING, a 345-word PB highlights not only Charlie and Sawyer’s unique personalities but the beautiful way they honor and help one another.


  100. Thank you both so much for this opportunity!

    When a 16-year-old aspiring alchemist moves to the royal city after a life spent in hiding from the tyrannical king, she makes the friends she’s always longed for. But whispers of a rebellion and her role in it threaten to tear the friendships apart, and she must decide—save her friends or her kingdom.

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  101. Cinderella is prepped to pitch her plan at the Entrepreneur Contest, however, her stepfamily just sped off with her animal rescue wagon! With help from forest creatures and a vintage motorbike, she’s off to present to the mayor (who has a secret side job) in lyrical CINDERELLA’S RESCUE BIZ – a STEAM skills retelling of a classic.


  102. Thank you for the opportunity to pitch my picture book manuscript.

    Ava knows there’s a monster who lives in her closet. Inspired and encouraged by the story of David and Goliath, she devises a plan to take back her room. Although her plan doesn’t go as expected, Ava has still taken a huge step in conquering her fears.

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  103. Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity. Here’s my pitch for my dual perspective PB:

    When neighbors Owen and Anabeth meet for the first time, Owen says a lot, and Anabeth says nothing. In A SONG FOR ANABETH, Owen mistakes Anabeth’s silence for meanness, while Anabeth misunderstands Owen’s loudness as rudeness. Words can’t bring these new neighbors together, but they discover that music can.

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  104. Ms. Sanchez,
    While his foes are away at an axe-throwing convention, THE BORED KNIGHT searches for a fight. The dragon is too busy, so the knight joins him for painting class. And book club. And a barbecue. When his foes return, Sir Diggory has to decide between fighting and friends. This 465 word humorous picture book will delight fans of THE STORYBOOK KNIGHT and I’M BORED.

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  105. Recovering circus-zebra Tony could charm the pants off a clown but . . . turns out there are no clowns (or pants!) in the wild. So, when his would-be new zebra friends request that he “dazzle” them, Tony will stop at nothing (NOTHING) to prove how awesome he is.


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  106. Ms. Sanchez,
    Thank you for this opportunity.

    DON’T LICK THE BAT! is a funny MG novel that wraps the love of baseball around father/son conflicts, true friendships, and overcoming insurmountable odds through humor-filled strategy. It is a fresh contemporary take on the movie Sandlot meets the paralyzing power of a secret similar to HEAT by Mike Lupica or A HIGH FIVE FOR GLENN BURKE by Phil Bildner.


  107. Kaitlyn and Kathy, thank you for this opportunity!
    PB – (560 words)

    To rule the kingdom, Princess Daphne must marry. But her prospective princes feel she’s “too much.” Discovering that a rebellious prince was turned into a toad, Daphne wonders, “could he be the one?” Never mind the minor detail that she could end up with an ogre, a dragon or a troll. Will she find the FROG FORMERLY KNOWN AS PRINCE?


  108. Thank you for the opportunity Kathy and Kaitlyn

    CHUTKI’S CHOICE PB (570 words)

    As chief-shoe-thief, bride’s side, at her aunt’s wedding, Chutki is determined to steal the groom’s shoes and demand a gift in return. But arch-nemesis, Arjun a.k.a the chief-shoe-defender, groom’s side, mixes up the groom’s shoes with everyone else’s. Chutki must sort the shoes before the ceremony is over or there will be no gift!

    #STEM (probability/logic) #humor


  109. Thank you for this Opportunity!

    PB-True Story! (430 words)

    Edgar Morris was a hard worker, so when the depression hit he rode rails to Fresno, California and found work driving a cement mixer. After an accident totaled his truck, he had to drive a new one… which was pink. His co-workers laughed, but Edgar’s diligence and determined spirit made his unusual truck into a local icon.


  110. Leah, a physics buff, doesn’t believe in ghosts. But nothing’s been normal since her parents died, especially since it was her fault. The guilt is unbearable, but she needs her kid sister settled at their new school. When a baby mastodon ghost appears, asking for help finding its mother, Leah’s plan to take her life takes a back stage.

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  111. Thank you so much for the opportunity!


    An elite, fiercely competitive space academy offers the one thing every stationer wants: the chance to live on Earth. Brooklyn has sacrificed everything to earn a spot, but when a new girl threatens her dream, she’ll do whatever it takes to reach Earth, despite a budding crush on her rival.


  112. Upper MG GOSSIP GIRL meets SAINT IVY’s good intentions

    13yo Callie sells positive gossip, giving new kids any reputation they want. So what if it’s fake?
    Her 11yo brother doesn’t know he was her first client, but a blackmailer does.
    To protect him from the truth, she must prove her business does more good than harm.

    Thank you!


  113. LILLY THE MAGNIFICENT is excited for her newest job– Foster Sister! When she realizes she has gotten an annoying borebaby, she must still find a way to be the best big sister ever. Once she does finally bond, it’s time for the baby to leave and Lilly’s heart hurts. She’ll have to use her superhero skills to work through her emotions!


  114. 38,000 word contemporary MG novel

    Seventh-grader Neon thinks she has 28 days to live, but she’s not likely to be on the kids-who-deserve-a-miracle list. Her only chance is to do a good deed every day. She never would have predicted that while helping every quirky character in town, her best friends would ditch her, and hope would show up from unexpected places.    



    Activist Ruby tells her class about a For Sale sign in front of the abandoned Little Red Schoolhouse. The students raise money but it’s not enough and they can’t buy the school. With a vote coming up, they campaign for a new mayor, canvassing the whole town to stop the condos as they try to SAVE THE LITTLE RED SCHOOLHOUSE.


  116. THE MYSTERY OF DOG’S HEAD ROCK Middle Grade Mystery

    Adventure-loving Rosy receives a mysterious letter about treasure buried under a dog-shaped rock. She and her best amiga Elsie are following the directions when Rosy’s dog Chi Chi darts away and Elsie breaks her ankle. With the darkening sky and no cell service, surviving a night in the woods may trump finding treasure for all three.


  117. Kaitlyn and Kathy- thank you for this opportunity!

    On the first day of school, clumsy Mardina Fooshlina falls out of bed, knocks over the nightstand, and bumps into the bookcase. No way Mardina’s going, but Magical Mother and Fabulous Father, who founded the school, say otherwise.
    Disastrously, Mardina schemes all day to hide her identity, then learns the only way to save face is to face the truth.


  118. Thanks for the opportunity to pitch my bilingual rhyming PB!

    Exuberant-but-clumsy GALLINA BAILARINA (Ballerina Hen) hopes to perform in the annual ranch musical, but Director Ganso (Goose) relegates her to the concession stand instead of casting her in the dance ensemble. Stuck offstage, Gallina must stay true to the joyful ritmo inside of her and never give up on becoming una estrella in her own way.


  119. Doll-E 1.0 x There’s a Superhero in Your Book


    Leap’n Lasers! Kid genius, Nova, is ejected from her time machine. You help her find it, but then … THUD, CRACK, HISS… now it’s broken. Not to be deterred, Nova rebuilds it. The search for a new power source seems hopeless. Unless, maybe…YOU can help?

    *Spoiler Alert* The format of this story leads to a time loop.

    #STEM #TimeTravelBook #InteractiveBook

    A Huge THANKS to Kaitlyn and Kathy for this chance to pitch my story


  120. MG Novel Thank you! I think I didn’t post correctly the first time.

    Seventh-grader Neon thinks she has 28 days to live, but she’s not likely to be on the kids-who-deserve-a-miracle list. Her only chance is to do a good deed every day. She never would have predicted that while helping every quirky character in town, her best friends would ditch her and hope would show up from unexpected places.    


    Norm excels at school, but his talented friends don’t, so he helps them get better grades by doing their work for them. Together they develop a wildly successful app to hide their cheating. In this modern-day Breakfast Club, Norm has to choose whether to reap the rewards of his success, or quit a system that harms his friends.


  122. Thank you for this opportunity, Kathy and Kaitlyn!

    Lyrical picture book
    382 words

    This windswept and whimsical picture book celebrates our friendship with the Moon and our deep connection with the Sea. Both an adventure and a lullaby, We Danced with the Moon by the Sea captures the rhythm, spirit, and longing of a sea shanty. This love song to our wonder-filled nighttime world encourages early literacy through listener participation.


  123. Aqua Paws is equal parts excited and scared to snorkel around the seagrass garden. He can’t wait to dig for treasure but what if he gets hurt by a crab – – like last time? But while under water he discovers his true foe – – and his true friend. #PBPitch


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