Posted by: Kathy Temean | September 13, 2021


Last Chance to Join the Picture Book Palooza and Surprise Announcement from Mira Reisberg

Hullo lovely Kathy Temean readers, I just wanted to give you a heads up that time is running out  with only a few more days left to join the 2021 Picture Book Palooza! You really don’t want to miss this: 

  1. a) because it is going to be absolutely brilliant 
  2. b) it’s crazy inexpensive for all that you get, 
  3. c) it has helped others reach their publishing goals, 
  4. d) if all goes well, and I’m half-way sane, this will be my last one and . . .
  5. e) You will grow and blossom and have amazing opportunities 

Now, we know you have lots of options so why should you sign up for the Picture Book Palooza?

  • For starters, your hosts, the Children’s Book Academy, have the best recorded number of books published by former students
  • We have kept the cost super-low, especially for people who may not be able to afford our labor intensive, feature rich, highly interactive courses with lots of submission opportunities (which are very expensive for us to run)
  • We have a phenomenal faculty working hard to give you a leg up in the industry
  • You’ll be gaining good karma helping fund diversity and low-income scholarships
  • You’ll learn more helpful information than you could ever imagine

PLUS it’s only $99 for two full days if you register now with this link at  

Or only $20 more for $119 to access last year’s recordings and worksheets plus attend this year’s live and recorded event here


You will receive:

  1. Before and after materials (value $200)
  2. A chance to receive a pitch and bio makeover from the Picture Book Whisperer herself (me) read by two extraordinary actresses (Cheryl Chase AKA Angelika Pickles from Rugrats and Holly Vagley from Homicide and many other TV and film shows) so you can hear your work in the most magical way (Priceless)
  3. Presentations from 6 panels with 27 AMAZING published or publishing creatives (Value $450 if this was a course or other conference)
  4. TWENTY-SEVEN Giveaways and Prizes including books, critiques, and courses (Value $700)
  5. NINE OPTIMIZED submission opportunities (Priceless)
  6. Q & A opportunities to ask Agents, Publishers, Editors, and published Authors & Illustrators important questions (Priceless)
  7. Worksheets, handouts, tons of fun and so much more (Priceless) 
  8. Meet and greet small group meetings with kindred writing and/or illustrating interests (
  9. And a WHOLE YEAR OF ACCESS to the recordings, handouts and re-usable worksheets! (Value $99)

It’s time to take advantage of all that we have to offer and invest in your career in this meaningful and productive way. Choose the option that works best for you and access materials right now! 

The Spectacular 2021 Palooza.  

The Equally Spectacular 2020 Palooza (Recordings, worksheets and handouts) PLUS EVERYTHING in the 2021 Palooza!

The Palooza was created to help former students get the word out about their fabulous books (which has been super-hard during the pandemic) while passing on their hard-earned knowledge in fresh innovative ways, make our many years of knowledge affordable to more creatives, and help fund scholarships for low income or diverse students to make a more just and wonderful world.

HOT OFF THE PRESSES! And now for our FAB Surprise! Random House’s Graphic imprint Publishing Director Gina Gaglione will be joining you live (and recorded) in the Graphic Novels panel. And FYI there are graphic novel style picture books that we’ll be talking about as well as part of this panel. Gina will also be looking at Palooza participant’s optimized pitches, bios and optional art samples. Wahoo! We are including Graphic Novels to demystify the process and open even more doors for you.

Click here to invest in your career and register now or find out more!  

Here to meet the magical people presenting in the Palooza: 

And here to see the Prizes and Giveaways: 

Dr. Mira Reisberg is the hard-working founder and director of the Children’s Book Academy and an acquiring editor and art director at Clear Fork Publishing/Spork.

Her nicknames include The Picture Book Whisperer and The Fairy Godmother. Mira’s students have published or contracted over 700 books and won nearly every North American award. Apart from the featured editors and agents, all of the Palooza presenters are former students paying it forward.

Mira hopes to retire next year.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Really looking forward to this, Mira!!! Thanks so much, Kathy, for being such a beacon of light for the community and using your platform to share resources and events.


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