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Book Giveaway: DEFINITELY DOMINGUITA Series by Terry Jennings

Terry Jennings has written a new chapter book series, DEFINITELY DOMINGUITA illustrated by Fatima Anaya and published by Aladdin. It is available in bookstores now. There will be two winners.

Terry has agreed to send a copy of the first book, Knight of the Cape to one winner and send Captain Dom’s Treasure to a second lucky winner living in the United States.

All you have to do to get in the running is leave a comment. Reblog, tweet, or talk about it on Facebook with a link and you will get additional chances to win. Just let me know other things you do to share the good news, so I can put the right amount of tickets in my basket for you.

Sharing on Facebook, Twitter or reblogging really helps spread the word for a new book. So, thanks for helping Angie and Rachel.

If you have signed up to follow my blog and it is delivered to you everyday, please let me know when you leave a comment and I will give you an extra ticket. Thanks!


Judy Moody meets Netflix’s One Day at a Time in this first book in a new chapter book series featuring a young Cuban American girl who tries to find adventure based on the classics she read with her beloved abuela—can Dominguita become a noble knight?

All Dominguita wants to do is read. Especially the books in Spanish that Abuela gave to her just before she moved away. They were classics that Abuela and Dominguita read together, classics her abuela brought with her all the way from Cuba when she was a young girl. It helps Dominguita feel like Abuela’s still there with her.

One of her favorites, Don Quixote, tells of a brave knight errant who tries to do good deeds. Dominguita decides that she, too, will become a knight and do good deeds around her community, creating a grand adventure for her to share with her abuela. And when the class bully tells Dominguita that girls can’t be knights, Dom is determined to prove him wrong. With a team of new friends, can Dominguita learn how to be the hero of her own story?


In this second book of the charming and heartfelt chapter series that is Judy Moody meets Netflix’s One Day at a Time, will Dominguita find that X marks the spot?

When Dominguita finds an old map in the back of an even older book in her beloved library, she is excited to see a telltale X marking an unknown place. Everyone knows that X marks the spot for treasure—and Dom knows that means a new adventure for her, Pancho, and Steph!

But everyone seems to think that the map, while fun, probably isn’t real. Dom is determined to prove them wrong. And as the trio starts to uncover the mystery of the map, they realize that it has closer ties to the community they love than they could have imagined.


The  journey of this book started with another book, Kathy ,and it involved you and SCBWI New Jersey.  It began in 2008 with what I call my Cuba Book—a book about a kid who lives through the Cuban revolution. I think you might recognize that one, because I almost took it to your retreat at the beach. That would have been 2015. I say I almost took it because  I had a family emergency and couldn’t attend, but both agents requested fulls. And I worked with one of them for a bit, changing things. That happened with that book about four times. An agent was excited, asked for changes, but it never quite got there.

By 2016, though at the June New Jersey conference, I submitted to Natalie Lakosil. I love what you guys do, of allowing a person to try to choose the agent or editor to whom they want to pitch. And I really liked Natalie. Turns out she liked my work. And at the conference we mostly talked about everything other than the Cuba book. When I submitted the full, she offered representation. And I couldn’t be happier.

We worked on the Cuba book and got it perfect and danged if it didn’t bomb. My goodness. Natalie pulled it back after two rounds and we’re still working on that, although we are close.

Meanwhile, she sold a picture book, La Casita de Esperanza (The Little House of Hope) to Neal Porter at Holiday House. That comes out next February and is being illustrated by Raúl Colón. Meanwhile in 2018 I pitched the idea about a kid who pretends to be a character in the classics to Natalie. Some of my writer group folks had said that a book about kids who pretend wouldn’t appeal to second graders. But thank goodness, Natalie agreed with me. She and I are both  pretenders.  So I charged on. The Knight of the Cape was ready for prime time in March of 2019 along with a pretty good draft of Captain Dom’s Treasure and short pitches for four or six other books.

We got interest from one company in early May and when Natalie checked with the other folks to whom she had submitted, Simon and Schuster made a preemptive offer. So that was a story book kind of journey if you just think of that book. But if you think of the whole journey, then you can put it in perspective. And thank you for the part you played in it and to New Jersey SCBWI. You guys have always been so supportive.


On September 11, 1961, Terry Catasús Jennings landed in the United States after a short flight from Cuba. On September 12th, she was enrolled in seventh grade in an American school. Her family, including her father who had been jailed during the Bay of Pigs invasion, was now in a free country. The only catch for twelve-year-old Terry was that she could count in
English and recite the days of the week and the months of the year, but not much more. Often being the only Cuban in her school—even through college—Terry knows what it’s like to be the new kid on the block. She is delighted to have the opportunity, with Definitely Dominguita, to portray a typical child of immigrants—no different than her peers—other than she loves the classics (like Jennings did as a child) and thinks Cuban food rules.

Terry has written educational content for the Smithsonian Science Education Center and internet sources. From that, she transitioned to writing award-winning science and history-based nonfiction books for children. With Definitely Dominguita, she has fulfilled her dream of writing fiction for children.

What Terry loves about working on the Definitely Dominguita series is revisiting books she loved as a child and imagining a modern, but similar, adventure for Dominguita and her friends. Most fun was creating the mythical suburban town of Mundytown—a fun place full of caring characters—where Dom and her crew have freedom to roam.

Terry lives with her husband in Reston, Virginia and enjoys spending winters hiking and biking in Southern Utah. She enjoys visiting with her four grandchildren and often encourages them to bring their parents along. She is a member of SCBWI, Las Musas Latinx Collective and the Children’s Book Guild of Washington, DC.


Fátima Anaya is a graphic designer and children illustrator based in El Salvador. She loves working on projects about diversity, family, love, and friendship. The Bright Agency has represented her since 2016, working on various books, magazines, and projects for kids.

Born in the tiniest country of Central America, I always wanted to write the magic of ordinary stories but being too young and inexperienced in literature, I started to illustrate every magical moment. My inspiration comes from love, peace, childhood and a little bit of historical events.

This passion of drawing motivated me to achieve a bachelor degree in Graphic Design at Don Bosco University in El Salvador, always trying to combine illustration and graphic design.

Fatima Anaya is represented by Lucie Luddington — to work with Fatima please email Lucie

Terry, thank you for sharing your chapter book series with us. I look forward to sharing the third with everyone in August this year. I love how you are sharing your Cuban heritage thourh your stories, while providing a strong female character for little girls to emulate. Fatima did a really nice job with the cover and the B&W interior art. Good luck with the book!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Congratulations on your series! What fun. I look forward to following your journey.


  2. Congratulations on the series, Terry! It looks wonderful!


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  4. I didn’t realize there were two! Great news! Congratulations, Terry and Fatima!

    I will tweet this post and I follow by email. :0


  5. I’m glad that you didn’t stop pursuing your chapter book because some peers said that a book about kids who pretend wouldn’t appeal to second graders. Good for you! (Shared –


  6. These look great! Thanks for an interesting post. I follow by email.


  7. I enjoyed your journey to publication and getting to know your background. I love when characters have strong connections to family and books. I’m an email subscriber and shared on pinterest, tumblr, twitter, and facebook:


  8. I’m a big fan! This series is so fun!
    See my blog post about this series at the Grog Blog:

    I have also posted on FB and on several group FB pages. And I follow you by email.


  9. These would be wonderful to share with my students! I loved the description of “Judy Moody meets Netflix One Day at a Time”. I have some Judy Moody lovers that would enjoy these books too!


  10. Thank you for the opportunity. I’m sharing on Twitter, Facebook, and via email to colleagues. I’d love to add to my classroom library.

    Twitter: @sc_wife_n_mommy
    Facebook: candice Watson Godfrey


  11. I would love to be able to read this book to my 4th grade dual language students! Twitter: @mindfulmaestra_


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