Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 14, 2016

2016 Avalon Writer’s Retreat

beach dan

This gorgeous scene at the beach was done by Dan Finaldi. You can see more of Dan’s work at:

Each year I run a Full Manuscript Critique Writer’s Retreat in Avalon, NJ.  It is always a small group of MG/YA novel writers who want to advance their manuscripts and careers. I rent a nice house for the week two doors from the beach where everyone can stay and work on their manuscripts.

During the week two retreats are scheduled. The first group arrives on Sunday September 25th on and departs in the morning (no program) on Wednesday September 28th. The second session Arrives September 29th and leaves October 2nd. Agent Scott Treimel is confirmed. 

Agent Scott Treimel from the Scott Treimel Agency

Scott Treimel has worked for a literary agency, a literary scout, two book publishers, a newspaper syndicate, a book club, and a movie studio, either buying, selling, packaging, editing or creating intellectual property—all for children. He represents picture books, chapter books, middle grade, and young adult novels. He has a 98% sales success rate.

Waiting for confirmation on the other three.

Why am I putting this out now? I’m trying to get a handle on who is interested in attending, so I can chose a house to fit our needs. If you are interested please contact me to get on the list.

This is how it works:  There are ten writers and two agents. One of the agents will read and critique your full manuscript and the other agent will read and critique the first 35 pages of that manuscript or another one that you are working on. There will be ten writers in each retreat – split into two group, so you will receive the four manuscripts from the writers in your group to read and critique before the retreat. Each person in your group will have an hour with the assigned agent and an hour with your group to discuss what works and what could be improved. There will also be a first page session with the group and the agents during the retreat.

All meals are planned with the agents and are included in the price of the retreat. We are used to gluten free writers. Evenings are spent socializing and having fun. Usually there is time to walk the beach or swim in the pool that belongs to the house.  Everyone helps with the cooking and clean up. The house has Wi-Fi access, so you can use your computers, cell phones, and ipads to work and keep in touch with family and friends.

Here is the link with last years details, if you want to get an idea how the retreat works.

Talk tomorrow,




  1. Every year I look at this and think how wonderful it sounds! The timing hasn’t worked out for me, but so glad you continue to host this retreat – receiving a full manuscript critique years ago has been the most helpful part of my own writing journey.


  2. I love this retreat and Kathy and amazing writers who have attended! Wonderful cameraderie, instruction and just fun!! Kathy is one who motivated me at this retreat to write the first page of my novel, The Weight of Zero, that’s getting published in the fall!


  3. When The Hounds of Too Much To Do attack in October, my writing projects can scatter and get tangled. Kathy’s Avalon retreat sounds like the perfect way to pause, reflect, and re-focus. Planning to attend Avalon 2016 for a creative and productive writing season!


  4. Cannot Wait. Nothing is more motivational, full of ideas, support and comraderie. Kathy is brilliant !!!


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