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Thought you would like me to share some of the pictures I took during this past weekend at the NJSCBWI Conference. Here they are:

Leeza and Karen

Leeza Hernandez and Karen Romagna all dressed up for the Faculty Dinner on Friday night. Steven Meltzer, associate publisher/executive managing editor, Penguin Random House is in the background.

Harold, Amy, Linda

Left to right: Editorial consultant Harold Underdown, the colorful Author Ame Dyckman, and Agent Linda Camacho from the Prospect Agency

alex slater

Alexander Slater, literary agent, Trident Media Group

Marcie, Rachel, Shannon

Left to Right: Author Marcie Colleen, Agent Rachel Orr, Prospect Agency, Shauna Rossano, Editor, G. P. Putnam’s Sons/Penguin Young Readers Group.

alexandra Penfold

Left to Right: Orli Zuravicky, senior editor, Scholastic, (will fill in name of the next person when someone lets me know), and Agent Alexandra Penfold, Upstart Crow Literary.


Bethany Strout, associate editor, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers and Karen Romagna.

kelly and marietta

Author/Actress Kelly Calabrese and Agent Marrietta Zacker of the Nancy Gallt Literary Agency going Federal (inside joke).

marie lamba

Agent Marie Lamba, The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency

meredith mundy and Kevin Pyle

Left to right: Kevin C. Pyle, author/illustrator and Meredith Mundy, executive editor, Sterling Children’s Books.

sean mccarthy

Sean McCarthy, literary agent, Sean McCarthy Literary Agency

sudipta and Annie

Author Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen and Author Annie Silvestro.

tracey baptiste

Tracey Baptiste, editor/author, Rosen Publishing

The pictures below are from Sunday at the conference.

leeza and Cathy

This is the picture from when Leeza Hernandez announced that she is stepping down as Regional Advisor and that Cathleen Daniels is stepping up to take her place.


This is Cathy Daniels with the flowers that Leeza gave her.


Leeza gave me flowers, too. It was very cute the way Leeza said she wanted to thank the past and the future and gave both of use flowers. Leeza said she is sandwiched between two Kathy’s one with a K and one with a C. It was nice to be remembered.


Here is Yvonne Ventresca holding her Crystal Kite Award with Leeza Hernandez after just receiving the award for Pandemic.

art winners

Then the winners of the Art Show were announced and brought up on stage. Check back on Saturday. I will post all the illustrators who participate in the art show. You don’t wan to miss seeing them. All the artwork was fabulous – almost impossible to choose a winner.

harold underdown

When all that was done, Harold Underdown was able to get up on Stage for his presentation Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Today’s Market.

john cusickpresentation

Author/Agent John Cusick gave the closing Keynote: How to Be a Writer Without Totally Losing Your Mind to top off a great weekend.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Love the photos!


    • I didn’t have a picture of you receiving your award. I just put up a note about it. Did anyone you know take a picture of you getting your award? It you can find one, I will add it to the post – hope so.


      • I don’t have a photo of me receiving the award, but I would love a copy if anyone else took one.


      • Yvonne,

        Thanks for sending the picture. I just added it. Now the post is perfect.



  2. So FEDERAL hanging out with you, Kathy!


    • Marie,

      Oh, I was hoping you would see that comment. Heather Alexander was in the picture with you, but I had to cut her out since she head the table stanchion cutting her face in half and the card covering her eyes. I’m blaming that on the Fuzzy Navel.



      • I blame EVERYTHING on the Fuzzy Navel! 😉


  3. Looks like I missed some fun things on Sunday!


    • Tracey,

      It was a great weekend and I really enjoyed seeing you again.



  4. Hi Kathy, The missing person is author, Jennifer Malone 🙂


    • Kirsti,

      Thanks for solving that mystery. I had blown the picture up and tried to read the card, but I could not make sense of the letters. I knew she was an author, but the last name looked like it had nine letter in it and Malone was too short. So thanks again.



  5. A fabulous whirlwind of a weekend. Kudos to Leeza, Sheri, Karen & Co. for a well-organized, fun, and inspiring conference. I came away with a renewed enthusiam about my illustration career.


    • Doris,

      Every year I walk out of the conference wondering how the time went by and I did not find time to talk to you. Thought I would see you and Eileen at the Bookfair, but somehow the critiques I was giving ran over time and I missed the whole book fair. We’re going to have to do a small group lunch so we have time to talk.



  6. Thanks for the pix, Kathy. Hope you share some of what you learned/heard too!


    • Carol,

      I have asked people to write up something about the workshops at the conference, so we can all learn from those. I only got to go to a couple of workshops because of the workshops I did. I am thinking maybe next week some of the workshops will show up.



  7. […] For more recaps of the conference, by other amazingly-talented author and illustrator friends who actually took photos 🙂 , you will want to visit Tara Lazar, Darlene Beck Jacobson, and Kathy Temean, too! […]


    • And let’s add Robin Newman to that bunch! All great pics on the posts 😀


  8. Great coverage Kathy (with a K!) Are you smelling your flowers? The breeze through my house is carrying the scent and smells so nice! Lots of love-Cathy (with a C!)


    • Cathy (with a C!),

      I am loving my flowers. I have them in a pretty vase and keep moving them from my office to the kitchen, so I won’t miss enjoying a minute of them. If I didn’t tell you, I think you are going to make a great RA (Steve Meltzer thinks so too!) If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to ask or call.

      Kathy (with a K!)


  9. Yay! More photos from what I hear was an amazing conference!


    • Teresa,

      It really was a great conference. Sorry you couldn’t attend.


      Liked by 1 person

      • Kathy, attending the February NYC conference took a lot this year, but I will definitely keep the NJ one in mind as I have many online and in real life friends around the area that I would love to see again. And, I hope to meet you one day, too! 🙂


  10. Great photos, Kathy, thanks for bringing them to life for me.


    • Kaye,

      I should have taken pictures on Saturday, but I got busy conducting workshops and giving critiques. It would be wonderful to have a picture of everyone who attended.



  11. Lovin’ the pics, Kathy! It’s been several years since I had the opportunity to attend it, so I forgot there’s still a faculty dinner! lol There were faces I didn’t recognize so was glad to see recent, candid pics of all of them 🙂

    As always, the conference is a whirlwind and I’m glad I didn’t miss it! What’s best is getting to see dear friends oxox


    • Donna,

      That really is the best, even though every time I leave I wish I had more time to just sit and talk to all my friends. But anytime is better than not seeing them. It was so nice to see you again.



      • It’s always good to see you and wish it were more often. Distance makes that difficult : / Susanna (Leonard Hill) said we need a day just for that with no workshops–just to socialize 🙂


  12. I’m SO bummed I couldn’t make it this year. Great to hear everyone had a great time!!!


  13. What fun photos. Kathy, I didn’t see you in any of them. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  14. Thanks so much for sharing the photos, Kathy! This conference is on my bucket list 🙂


  15. It was so nice looking back through the pictures today. Seems like we were there just yesterday. What an energetic conference!


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