Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 10, 2014

Free Fall Friday – October – Liza Fleissig

lizaimgsmallLiza Leissig of the Liza Royce Agency has agreed to be our First Page Guest Critiquer for October.

Liza Fleissig, with her partner Ginger Harris-Dontzin, opened the Liza Royce Agency (LRA) in early 2011. Prior to that she had represented a large number of adult based fiction and non-fiction writers.

I invited Liza and Ginger to the New Jersey SCBWI Conference and introduce many of the writers to her that year in June 2011. Liza took on a number of those writers and has successfully placed 31 children’s manuscripts with publishers since then. She has proven herself as a real go getter.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business with a BS in Finance, and the Benjamin N. Cadozo School of Law with a JD, Liza brings 20 years of litigation and negotiating experience to the field. On the children’s side of publishing, being a mother to a preschooler girl and a pre-teen boy, she is interested in everything from picture books to middle grade and young adult. She is open to anything that really speaks to her.

Liza Fleissig
Liza Royce Agency LLC
1049 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10028

The four winning first pages will be sent to Liza for her critique. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO HAVE YOUR CRIQUE POSTED.

Here are the guidelines for submitting a First Page in October: In the subject line, please write “October First Page Critique” and paste the text in the email. Please make sure you include your name, the title of the piece, and whether it is as picture book, middle grade, or young adult, etc. at the top.

Plus attach your first page Word doc. to email. Format using one inch margins and 12 point New Times Roman font – double space – no more than 23 lines. Send to: kathy(dot)temean(at)gmail(dot)com. Guidelines must be followed. Four first page will be critiqued and the results posted.

DEADLINE: October 24th.

RESULTS: October 31st.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Love, love, love, LOVE, Liza 😀

    Kathy, did you mean the deadline is Oct. 24th? 🙂


    • Duh! That is exactly what I meant. Thanks for the heads-up.


  2. Reblogged this on Darlene Beck-Jacobson and commented:
    My wonderful agent is featured on today’s post by Kathy Temean.


  3. So great to see you feature Liza in this post. You forgot to tell everyone she and Ginger are the best agents in the Literary Universe!


  4. I’m excited because I signed with Ginger and Liza in May this year. They swept me off my feet and am loving working with them.


  5. Why should a writer have an agent? Can a writer submit their manuscript to publishers on their own without having an agent? Just curious.


    • Kathy,

      Many publishers are closed to unagented submissions. There are still a few that accept them. So you can submit to them, but your manuscript could sit in a big slush pile and not get read for a year or more (if ever). An agent will quicken that time and if they sell it, they will help you get the best contract deal.



      • Thanks for your reply, Kathy. That’s good to know.


  6. […] Liza does First Page critiques on Kathy Temean’s blog here. […]


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