Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 30, 2014

Books Edited By…

Are you using all your SCBWI member benefits? I bet there are a lot of busy writers who are missing a lot of things that the SCBWI provides to help you sell your manuscripts. Did you know if you are a member and login to, you can find a list of editors and what books they edited? This is valuable information when trying to find the right home for something you have written. 

A smart writer or illustrator (they list picture books with the illustrators) would save this file and every time they read a book, they would look in the author credits to see if they mentioned who helped them make their book shine. If they are smart, they will mention the editors at the publishing company as a way to thank them for their expertise. We can use that information to hone our submissions and use that information in a query letter or when we run into an editor. This is called, “doing your homework” and makes you appear as someone who knows the industry.

Below is just part of one page to give you an idea of what it looks like.


Hope you take the time to check out all the benefits your SCBWI membership provides.

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  1. To help those who may be having trouble finding this resource within the SCBWI website, go to the Resource Library tab on the purple bar (2nd from right), select “The Book: Guide to Publishing for Children”, scroll down until you see “Download the 2014 version of The Book (pdf), download, then go to page 71 where this chapter begins!


    • Karen,

      Thanks for adding the directions to help people find it.



  2. Wow, that’s a benefit I didn’t even know about. Thanks!


    • Marianne,

      So, I was right that people might not even be aware that is there. Glad I put it up.



  3. Super tip Kathy – thanks!


  4. Thanks for the tip! I’ll check it out.


  5. Thanks!


  6. Thanks, Kathy.


  7. Great tip. I’m relatively new to SCBWI and hadn’t found this on my own yet! And thanks to Karen above for the step-by-step directions for newbies like myself.


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