Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 3, 2014

New Idea – What Do You Think?

mellisawinter clothes

This fun illustration was sent in by Melissa Iwai. Melissa has illustrated over twenty picture books, and her first picture book that she wrote and illustrated was, Soup Day. She was featured on Illustrator Saturday on October 13, 2012. Click here to view.

In the past couple of weeks I have realized that there are always new writers and illustrators stopping by in hopes to learn more about the children’s book publishing industry. I have been blogging everyday for the last five years and so many subjects have been discussed, but many of you have not been following me for that many years. Example, I was afraid to blog about the formatting issue thinking that writers would think I wasn’t covering a important topic, but it turns out that many of you thanked me for clarifying  the subject. I breathed a sigh of relief, because I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

This lead me to wondering if you had more questions that you would like answered. If you do I would be willing to collect them, answer the ones I know and get editors and agents to weigh in on others. Why don’t we give it a test run? I am going to the March Writer’s Retreat that I put out there at the end of last year. Steve Meltzer, Associate Publisher/Executive Managing Editor of Dial Books for Young Readers, Dutton Children’s Books, Kathy Dawson Books, and Celebra Children’s Books and Agent Sean McCarthy from McCarthy Lit are the two faculty members for our small group. We will be spending the weekend with them, so I could get answers to anything you want to know.

If you have a burning question, please send it to Kathy.temean(at) You can ask more than one question and it can be about any aspect of the children’s publishing industry. You can be a completely new writer or illustrator, or an author or and illustrator who has published many books. Just make sure you put ASK KATHY in the subject area of the email, so I can search on that. I look forward to reading your questions and sharing the answers later the month.

Had to share the picture below with all you winter weary people out there. Nanci Turner Steveson move from New Jersey to her dream state – Wyoming. Maybe you will feel a little less weary after you see all the snow at her house.


Now that is snow. It brings the words, “Cabin Fever” to my mine.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Love that illustration!


  2. Kathy, just need to know. Nanci Turner Stevenson, was winter her other favorite state? 😉 God bless her. She’s going to put that firewood to good use!!


  3. I don’t really have pressing questions but I think it’s great idea collect questions from people to answer. I’m somewhat newish to this blog and would love to see a Q&A. Thanks! (And that photo is exactly why I’m not moving to WY…LOL!)


  4. Oh, my, that amount of snow actually frightens me! Stay warm, Nanci!


  5. oh my gosh. I love, love that illustration. want to hang it in my office area. so. nice and so many before and afters it can inspire.

    whoa on the home…that is snowshoe worthy!


  6. Hope she stocked up on canned goods, and doggie biscuits/cat chow for any pets!
    Question: How long does an Illustrator typically have from the time they get the manuscript to hand in first sketches? And time from Okay on sketches to finished art?
    Great idea on the questions. Can’t wait to read them.


  7. Sounds like a great idea! Of course I can’t think of a single question right now, which means after you’re done collecting questions I will come up with 100…


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