Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 17, 2013

Jenne Abramowitz Opportunity + NAESP & Charlesbridge

jenneI am very excited to announce that Jenne Abramowitz, Senior Editor at Scholastic has agreed to be out Guest Critiquer for February.  She acquires chapter books and middle grade fiction, as well as easy readers. She has worked with a diverse and talented list of authors and illustrators including Marion Dane Bauer, Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver, Frank Remkiewicz, Beth Ain, Pam Muñoz Ryan, Robert Neubecker, and Kevin Sherry.

Before joining Scholastic, Jenne worked at the Sheldon Fogelman Agency and Harlequin. Jenne looks for commercial voices and high-concept plots. She loves mysteries, modern (but not epic) fantasy, adventures, humor, ghost stories, and anything with a really juicy secret.

Jenne will be on the faculty at the New Jersey SCBWI Conference in June and doing critiques. This is a great opportunity to, not only, learn from Jenne, but to get a flavor of what she thinks and help you prepare.  Registration will open shortly for the conference. Don’t worry about not seeing the information, I will post as soon as you can register. The New Jersey conference gets writer’s and illustrator from all over the country and many parts of the world.

Deadline for First Page Critique Submission: February 23rd.


NAESP Award NEW LogoHere is an incredible opportunity for children’s book authors.  The National Association of Elementaary School Principals has teamed up with Charlesbridge Publishing to discover, publish and launch two aspiring writer’s careers.  There will be two winners, a children’s picture book winner and a children’s chapter book winner.

DEADLINE: Entries need to be postmarked by March 15th, 2013

ENTRY FEE: $45 – $25 for additional entries

ENTRY FORM:  Click here.


What is the National Children’s Book of the Year Contest? It’s a contest for prospective children’s authors to submit manuscript(s) for picture book and/or chapter book written for children 3-16 years of age. Applicants have the opportunity for their work to be endorsed by the NAESP Foundation and published by a nationally known publisher.

Why submit a manuscript? It is extremely difficult to break into the publishing world, let alone have your manuscript reviewed by an esteemed publisher. This is your chance to have your work(s) reviewed by a publisher with a proven track record and extensive outreach across the nation. If you win, you will receive a contract with Charlesbridge Publishing and have your work endorsed by the NAESP Foundation. This is a wonderful opportunity for authors, aspiring authors, or anyone with a great piece of children’s literature.

Who is eligible? This opportunity is for any individual who has written a children’s manuscript that they feel is worthy of being published.

Who is judging and what are the judging criteria? A select panel including experts from the fields of editing, education, reviewing, bookselling, and libraries will judge each manuscript. Judging will be based on content, originality, and age-appropriateness.

How do I submit my manuscript? 1. Download an entry form 2. Attach your completed manuscript(s) 3.  Enclose cash, check or credit card information payable to NAESP Foundation $45 for the first manuscript and $25 for second and subsequent entries (entry fees are non-refundable) 4.  Mail entry form and manuscript(s) to the NAESP Foundation, Attn.: National Children’s Book of the Year Contest, 1615, Duke Street, Alexandria, VA  22314.  No email entries are accepted.

When does the contest end and how do I know if I won? Entries can be submitted until March 1, 2012. Five finalists will be announced on March 23, 2012. You will be contacted via email if you are a finalist or check the NAESP Foundation homepage after March 1, 2012. Two winners will be announced March 23, 2012 at NAESP 2012 Annual Conference and receive a contract to publish his/her books.

What do the two winners receive? Each winner will receive a contract to have his/her book published by Charlesbridge Publishing in Boston and endorsed by the NAESP Foundation with the NAESP Foundation Children’s Book Award emblem on his/her book.

Will I get my manuscripts back? No, please send copies of manuscript only.

Do I have to submit illustrations? No, illustrations are not required for either category. The publisher will identify an illustrator after the manuscript is approved.

Do I relinquish rights after I submit my manuscript? No, the authors retain all rights unless they win and work with Charlesbridge in a publishing contract.

If I win, will I receive royalties from the selling of my book? The author contract, including royalties will be negotiated with Charlesbridge, but you are under no obligation to accept they agreement if you decide otherwise.

Who will sell the books? The books will be marketed for sale via the extensive Charlesbridge Publishing network which will include school libraries and major retail sellers. The books will also be marketed and sold to the education market via NAESP.

Where can I go for more information? More information about the contest and download an entry form is available on the Foundation page, or by contacting:

NAESP Foundation  (703) 684-3345


Talk tomorrow,



  1. Thanks for this info, Kathy! I think I may actually send in a PB for the contest 🙂


    • Donna,

      Remember that is costs $45 to enter, but it really is a good contest.

      Still up Kathy


      • I know 😦 As you know, money is usually the deterent for me. I was REALLY examining this last night, did the research and decided to do it. I figure, since I don’t see that I’ll be coming to the conference, I’ll borrow money for at least this 🙂 I have educational books and it’s a great opportunity. Ya neva know! 🙂


  2. Kathy, as an Australian am I eligible to enter Children’s Book of the Year competition?


    • I didn’t see anything that said you had to live in the states, but let me try to call them to find out. I’ll try to remember on Monday. Know it would be difficult for you to call.



      • Thanks. I read as much as I could find on their website and it didn’t mention anything about needing to be American. It is an amazing opportunity.


  3. @the eternal traveller — when I read the form, the only stipulations I noted were that the manuscripts have to be in the english language, and that they want only hard-copy, not electronic submission. So, since you’re in Australia, I would think to pop it in the mail a.s.a.p.!


  4. Jenne Abramowitz gave me a thoughtful, thorough critique at the fall event, for which I’m grateful, as it helped me polish my manuscript to a glossy shine!


    • That’s saying a LOT, Tara, especially considering you’re already a successfully published author 🙂 High praise I’m sure she will love hearing!


  5. The one thing I DID notice, now looking at the printed form, is that this is the entry form for 2012. I’m going to search further on the site, or possibly contact the organization about it. We don’t want to be disqualified if the form isn’t up-to-date, even if it’s through their site!


  6. Sorry, ignore my remark about the 2012 form. I must’ve clicked on another link while searching around the site! This is definitely the right form *sigh*

    Click to access 2013form_0.pdf


  7. The deadline for 2013 is: “Postmarked by March 15, 2013. Finalists announced May 4, 2013. Two winners will be announced at the NAESP 2013 Annual Convention.”


  8. Thanks, Kathy. This contest is a wonderful opportunity for pb and chapter book writers. I also posted it a couple of weeks ago on the 12×12 FB page.


  9. Kathy, do we email the first page for Jenne to your email adress as per usual first page crituques? Just want to be sure. I met Jenne at the Fall NJSCBWI crafting event and would love to receive any feedback.


    • Tracy,

      Yes, all the regular info was on Free Fall Friday’s Post. So send it to the gmail address. I really like her, too.



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