Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 5, 2023

Opportunity on W & I – Two Excellent FREE Audio Books To Help Improve Your Writing – also in text format


I am starting to get caught up after all my computer problems for the last month, but somehow I am missing scheduled books. If you have were give a feature book spot on one of these dates, please get back to me.

If you have written a book and want to be featured, here are the dates that are open. 2/26, 2/28, 3/12, 3/14, 3/16, 3/19, 3/21, 3/23, 3/6/, 3/28, 3/30. I will work hard to see if I can figure out who had some of those spots, but don’t let that keep you from contacting me about your book.

Thank you!


Don’t miss getting these two books by Noah Lukeman. They are jammed packed with great writing information. Even if you are a veteran published author, you will want these books and they are free. And you can listen to them while working around the house or driving in the car. You will thank me if you do.

Please note: In THE FIRST FIVE PAGES Noah talks about how to submit and he talks about what to do when you mail in your manuscript. Keep in mind that this was written when that was how a writer had to submit. Things are so much easier with email, but what he tells you is relevant, so don’t skip that section.

THE FIRST FIVE PAGES: A Writers Guide to Staying Out of the Rejection Pile

Listen to the audiobook for FREE!


The Plot Thickens: 8 Ways to Bring Fiction to Life

Noah Lukeman
Oct 2018 · Noah Lukeman
6 hr 4 min

Listen to the audiobook edition for FREE!

Google      Ibooks

Read the ebook edition for FREE!

Amazon      Google     Kono     nook_icon

St. Martins Press (July 2002, Hardcover) (June 2003, Trade Paperback)
and in the United Kingdom by John Hale Publishers (hardcover) Fall, 2002

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Kathy

    Thanks for the great information. I always prefer reading to listening. I was able to get the free Plot Thickens on Kindle but The First Five pages has a cost for kindle. (just to let you know.) Elyse



  2. Hi, Kathy,

    I’m sorry about your computer problems. Last year mine crashed and I lost a lot of my stuff.

    My scheduled date is April 4, not one of the dates you listed.

    Thanks, Kathy.

    All the best,

    Debra Daugherty


    • Dedra,

      You are okay. Thanks for checking.


  3. Oh, no! So sorry Kathy!


  4. Hi Kathy,


    div>I’d love to jo


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