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Book Givaway: EVEN SUPERHEROS GET SCARED by Shelly Becker

Shelly Becker has a new picture book, EVEN SUPERHEROS GET SCARED, illustrated by Eda Kaban and published today by Union Square Kids. They have agreed to send a copy to the one lucky winner in the US or Canada.

Just leave a comment. Reblog, tweet, or talk about it on Facebook with a link and you will get additional chances to win. Let me know other things you did to share the good news, so I can put the right amount of tickets in my basket for you. Sharing on Facebook, Twitter or reblogging really helps spread the word for a new book. So, thanks for helping Shelly and Eda.

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When Superheroes feel worried or scared,
When they fret, when they sweat, when they feel unprepared . . .

They could run off screeching, they could but they don’t.
Because real superheroes just wouldn’t, they won’t.

Even superheroes get scared sometimes. When that happens, do they run and hide? NO! They acknowledge the feeling, then choose to be brave! There are villains to fight and cities to save! Young readers can follow the superheroes’ examples and take deep breaths, ask for help, and face new challenges.


Even Superheroes Get Scared is the third book in the Superheroes Are Just Like Us series. In the first book (Even Superheroes Have Bad Days), I explored how superheroes might deal with difficult emotions like frustration or anger. The second book (Even Superheroes Make Mistakes) explored the idea that it’s ok to make mistakes and in fact, we can use mistakes to help us learn and grow.

Ever since Even Superheroes Have Bad Days was accepted for publication, I’ve been compiling a running list of ideas for potential sequels. I try to think of universal situations, problems, and emotions that kids (and adults!) can relate to which could be fun and valuable to explore in the Superheroes Are Just Like Us world.

After the second book was published, I perused my list of ideas and considered which of the topics I was most drawn to and most excited to dive into next. Being excited about a topic is crucial to motivate me to dedicate precious time and energy to writing a book. I also believe that my genuine enthusiasm will show up between the lines and somehow be transmitted to the reader.

Most (if not all) humans experience fear, worry, and anxiety, and I felt a strong pull to write about this topic after Even Superheroes Make Mistakes was published. So I jumped right in and Even Superheroes Get Scared is the result.

While working on this book, I was doing a lot of author visits, reading the previous two books to thousands of kids. During these events, I sometimes asked audiences questions along the lines of, “Can you imagine Superheroes having temper tantrums? What if they stomped their feet so hard that their super-strength knocked down the whole building? Would Superheroes ever do that?” These questions usually elicited gleeful giggles from young audiences imagining some pretty outlandish scenes. After the laughter subsided, they emphatically responded, “No, of course superheroes wouldn’t do that!”

I decided to incorporate this real-world experience into the text of Even Superheroes Get Scared. Rather than writing what superheroes hypothetically could do if they were to react to a difficult emotion in an unhelpful way (as in the previous books), I decided to use questions to invite readers to imagine these hypothetical situations and to evaluate whether superheroes would engage in these “negative” behaviors. It’s a subtle difference but I think it works well and I’m looking forward to sharing it with readers and seeing how they respond.

Along this book’s journey, I had to face an unexpected fear of my own—the fear that publication would be perpetually delayed due to unforeseen challenges that were completely out of my control, including changes at the publisher, Covid, the illustrator’s schedule, and supply-chain issues. The previous books in the series took approximately 2 years from acceptance to publication. This time around, it was twice as long—4 years!

Fortunately, with a diligent and determined publication team and much patience, the book overcame a series of obstacles and finally hits the market today (January 24, 2023)!

(Yes, it was worth the wait, but don’t be surprised if my next book is called Even Superheroes Need Patience or Even Superheroes Ultimately Accept What They Can’t Control.)

One of my favorite aspects of writing picture books is seeing how the illustrator brings my words to life with their artistic talents. Since Eda Kaban has fabulously illustrated all the books in the Superheroes Are Just Like Us series, I wasn’t surprised to see how she brought these characters and this text to life with more amazing illustrations. Each page comes alive with vibrant colors and exciting action. Eda completely outdid herself with the stunning cover illustration. (You can judge this book by its cover!) THANK YOU, EDA!

Although it is gratifying that Even Superheroes Get Scared has finally made it to Publication Day, and I am definitely celebrating the milestone, the journey is still not over. The next step is sharing the book with readers and seeing how it is received in the world. I hope it will be enjoyed and embraced, as the previous books were!

It is also time to consult my list of ideas again. The next idea is calling…


Shelly Becker is the author of more than twenty children’s books, including Even Superheroes Get Scared, Even Superheroes Make Mistakes, Even Superheroes Have Bad Days (a 2018 Blue Spruce Award Nomineed that Kirkus called “an action-packed romp”), and One, Two, Grandma Loves You, and the forthcoming sequel, One, Two, Grandpa Loves You. 

She lives in Toronto, Canada and has 4 SUPER children and 4 SUPER grandchildren. Although she does not have a cape or laser-vision, she knows how it feels to have bad days, make mistakes, and get scared. She says, “I try to use my inner super-powers to respond to life’s challenges in a positive way. I hope my books will encourage readers of all ages to do the same.”


Eda Kaban was born and raised in Turkey with a great passion for drawing, reading, and monkey bars. She has traveled the globe wearing a backpack slightly larger than herself. Her travels brought her to the States where she studied illustration.

Her work can be seen in a variety of publications. She has worked with clients such as Penguin Random House, Disney, HarperCollins, Marvel, LucasFilm, Simon & Schuster, Scholastic, Chronicle Books, Lufthansa Airlines, Wall Street Journal and Boston Globe among others. Her illustrations have been recognized by Society of Illustrators, Creative Quarterly and 3X3.

When she is not drawing, you can find her climbing some rocks, or biking the hills of the Bay Area. She currently resides in San Francisco happily with her husband, their son and Siamese cats, where they continually water their plants too much.

Shelly, thank you for sharing your book and journey with us. I love how you’ve shared a number of coping strategies techniques to help children to calm down and face their fears. It’s good for children to learn that even superheroes can get scared. I am sure the techniques in this book will benefit many children and make their lives better. Eda did a great job creating the illustrations. They are sure to keep everyone turning every page each time they read the book. Good luck!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Kathy, I look forward to reading your blog. You’re a SUPER Blogger! I’d love to win Shelly’s book.


  2. Great concept! How fun! Congrats!


  3. What a fun and helpful book — love superheroes! Best of luck to you. [Newsletter Subscriber]


  4. I think authors and illustrators are superheroes with superhero patience. Congrats to Shelly and Eda!


  5. This book will be fun to read and will help all readers find the superhero inside of them. I’m an email subscriber and shared on Facebook, Pinterest, tumblr, and Twitter.


  6. Thanks for sharing, Shelly and Edna. I can’t wait to read all 3 of your books. They sound great! I shared on Twitter and I’m a newsletter subscriber.


  7. Would love to win this book! Email subscriber + tweeted


  8. This looks so cute! I feel like I say that about every book you share, but well, they all are! I’d love to win.

    I’m on the email list!


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