Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 12, 2023

Book Giveaway: WHEN YOU OPEN A BOOK by Caroline Derlatka

Caroline Derlatka has written and illustrated a new picture book, WHEN YOU OPEN A BOOK, illustrated by Sara Ugolotti and published by Bushel & Peck Books. Caroline has agreed to send a copy to the one lucky winner in the US.

Just leave a comment. Reblog, tweet, or talk about it on Facebook with a link and you will get additional chances to win. Let me know other things you did to share the good news, so I can put the right amount of tickets in my basket for you. Sharing on Facebook, Twitter or reblogging really helps spread the word for a new book. So, thanks for helping Caroline and Sara.

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An enchanting adventure that captures the spirit of storytelling.” ―Julian Lennon

?“Two children dine with mermaids, swashbuckle with pirates, and ride on the shoulders of a giant in this beautiful tale about the transportive power of reading. The dreamlike illustrations use a broad palette of bright colors and wispy textures to spark children’s imaginations, encouraging them to crack open a book and enter a world of winged dragons, musical sea creatures, and mice hanging stars on the moon.”―ForeWord Reviews, starred review

For you unlock magic that is hidden within,
and opening the cover is how you begin.
Oh, all the worlds and the places you’ll see;
when you hold a book, you hold the key.

When You Open a Book is a stunning ode to the world’s grandest adventure of all: reading a book. Gorgeous artwork by Italian illustrator Sara Ugolotti depicts dragons, forests, pirates, merfolk, lollipop trees, lemonade tides, and more as a child journeys through page upon page of the written word.


As a child, I had a lot of anxiety. My father was in and out of the hospital with heart issues since I was very little. So, I would create these elaborate scenarios in my head to transport me to other places. I learned early on that I could escape my everyday fears by creating and losing myself in my own imagined worlds. I found a lot of peace in those places, and I wanted to share my love of that with children – showing them that books can take them anywhere.

When my son was born, I was inspired to start creating stories. I had written several children’s picture book manuscripts that were sitting on my computer for a couple years collecting dust when Covid hit. I began researching small children’s publishing houses that give back, and Bushel and Peck was the first publisher I found. Their book-for-book promise gives one book to a child in need for every book sold. I sent them the manuscript, and they agreed to publish it.

I always knew that I wanted to have the project do good in some additional way. My husband had worked with Julian Lennon. He is just a lovely human, and the work his White Feather Foundation does is incredible. I decided to make them the beneficiary, and White Feather was all for it.


Caroline Derlatka is a lover of all things fairytale. She has always believed in magic. She grew up creating fantastical worlds in her head – places filled with unicorns that would give her rides over ribbon rainbows, giant hares that would lead her through cotton candy clouds, and mermaids that would swim with her into the deep. She is a constant dreamer with a million ideas and about eight hundred big plans.

After living in Los Angeles for twenty years, she now splits her time with her husband, son and cat between the shores of Flathead Lake, Montana and the green hills of Nashville, Tennessee.

To find out more about her other projects, which all benefit various charities, visit her online at


Sara Ugolotti was born in a small town in Italy. In 2012, she obtained a degree in Architecture from the University of Parma, and in 2015, she earned a degree in Illustration from the International School of Comics in Reggio Emilia.

She then specialized in children’s books illustration and she works now as a freelance illustrator for clients worldwide. She loves art, nature and animals, especially dogs and lives in Italy with her boyfriend and their frenchie Murphy.

Caroline, thank you for sharing your book and journey with us. I love the title of your book, since when you open a book, magic happens for the reader. They can spend time in other places and meet people different from you. I’m sure children will be fascinated to read and see some of the adventures kids will find when they open the pages of WHEN YOU OPEN A BOOK. Sara’s whimsical illustrations are perfect for this magical book. Good luck promoting it.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. This book looks so magical! I would love to read it with my kids.

    I subscribe to the email list.


  2. Oh my gosh, this is the kind of book kids (I) dream about. Can’t wait to read, and the illustrations are wonderful, too!


  3. This sounds like a dream come true. I’m so glad I receive your news, Kathy. I’d miss many beautiful books if I didn’t wake up each day to open your newsletter.


  4. I’m looking forward to reading WHEN YOU OPEN A BOOK It sounds like a fun adventure.


  5. Congratulations, Caroline and Sara! What an enchanting book! I can’t wait to read it. I posted on Twitter and get your blog daily, Kathy. Thanks.


  6. This book looks absoutely beautiful! Looking forward to reading it.


  7. Reading this book will be like living a fairy tale. The art is beautiful. I’m an email subscriber and shared on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and tumblr.


  8. Looks great!


  9. I’m looking forward to reading and sharing, When You Open A Book with my family and students. Best of luck with it Caroline and Sara! I’m a subscriber and I’ve shared on twitter and Facebook.


  10. This looks simply enchanting. Thanks for the post. I subscribe to your blog by email.


  11. I shared on FB, Twitter and Pinterest. Great idea for a book!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. What a splendid book with gorgeous illustrations. Conveys the magic of reading!


  13. This is a gorgeous book! Love the imagination! Thanks for sharing with us!

    I follow by email. 🙂


  14. What a super cute, adorable book! Shared on twitter, facebook and pinterest, and following your blog daily, thanks!


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