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Everyone who attends meets with two different agents and gets one full manuscript critique and a 25 page critique, plus a group first page session with two agents. Plus optional participation in an assigned writer’s group.

Novel Writers Receive: A One hour full manuscript novel critique up to 72,000 words – Plus, one 30 minute 25 page critique with a second agent. Also includes a first page session, plus an optional critique group (must read the other writer’s manuscripts to participate.)

Click here for agent details.

Picture book authors and/or illustrators are welcome.

Spots are limited. Please email: Kathy.temean (at), Put 2023 Spring Virtual Writer’s Retreat in Subject Box. Please include a little blurb about your manuscript – what you write and what you plan to submit – and I’ll will get back to you.

Cost: $800
Deposit: $400 – final Payment by February 15th
Manuscripts Due: February 15th

There are still a few spots available for our Spring Virtual Writer’s Retreat. If you have a question or would like attend please email me at kathy(.)temean(@)hotmail(.com) and put 2023 SPRING WRITER’S RETEAT in the Subject Box  

AUTHORS and ILLUSTRATORS: Do you have a new book coming out? You may have noticed that I feature new books coming out. If you do have a book coming out, don’t wait to ask for a spot. I have reservations for dates from not through December 2023. So don’t wait. Send me an email letting me know the title of your book. Who is the publisher? What type of book it is? When is the expected Pub Date? I will need a .jpg of the cover. A PDF of the book or six interior art .jpgs that are at least 500 pixels wide. A promise that you or your publisher will send a copy of the book to the winner of the book giveaway which is part of the feature. Your picture (at least 500 pixels wide) and your bio. Please email me at kathy(.)temean(@)hotmail(.com) and put BOOK GIVEAWAY FEATURE in the Subject Box.

AUTHORS and ILLUSTRATORS: I like to share good news with everyone, so don’t hesitate to email me things like new book contracts, signing with and agent, Won an award or contest. Cover reveal or new book trailer, and others things not mentioned. GOOD NEWS is contiguous so lets spread it around. Please email me at kathy(.)temean(@)hotmail(.com) and put GOOD NEWS KUDO’S POST in the Subject Box.

AUTHORS: Every month our Agent of the Month reads four first pages and comments on those pages. Everyone can read the four on the last Friday of the month. This is a great way to get feedback and even if your first page was not chosen, you can still learn from what the agent’s comments and also get an idea of what they want to see in a submission. Visit an Agent of the Month feature on Fridays at Writing and for the Submission Guidelines.

ILLUSTRATORS: Have you noticed Illustrator Saturday? I feature a talented illustrator and show off their artwork. You can do a search using the search box to see the wonderful illustrators and read their interviews to find out how they made it to where they are now and capture a glimpse of their process. If you haven’t been featured you can email me with a link to your website to let me know you would like to be featured. I have been doing Illustrator Saturday for 15 years, so if you were already featured and think you have done new illustrations since then, email so we can discuss showing off more of your work. Please email me at kathy(.)temean(@)hotmail(.com) and put ILLUSTRATOR SATURDAY QUESTION in the Subject Box.

ALSO, I would love to get back to illustrators sending me an illustration they think I might be able to show off in my daily blogs. I always need holiday illustrations. Most illustrators forget about the minor holidays. Examples: Presidents Day, St. Patty’s Day, Memorial Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day. I also use seasonal illustrations for Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. So send them in, too. Please email me at kathy(.)temean(@)hotmail(.com) and put ILLUSTRATOR BLOG SPOTS in the Subject Box.

Talk tomorrow,


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