Posted by: Kathy Temean | September 19, 2022

Agent Jemiacoe – Andrea Brown

Jemiscoe “Jem” Chambers-Black

Andrea Brown Literary Agency

Before Jemiscoe “Jem” Chambers-Black joined Andrea Brown Literary Agency in 2020, she was an assistant director for film and television. Her love for books prevailed, and she went back to school to study English Literature and creative writing in fiction and earned her MFA. She represents adult fiction, YA, MG, picture book authors, illustrators and select adult nonfiction.

I am currently building a diverse list of illustrators and authors. I represent picture books (by referral only), MG, YA, and Adult genre fiction. Across the board, and regardless of age group or genre, I am interested in writing that contains authentic emotional resonance–whether it brings on the giggles or tears or both.


  • Romance—rom com, paranormal, and contemporary

  • Upmarket—commercial plot with beautiful writing

  • Suspense/Thriller, and a cozy mystery (think Golden Girls with a dead body)

  • Select nonfiction—narrative, memoir, and cookbooks

Young Adult:

  • Romance—rom com, paranormal, or contemporary

  • Fantasy

  • Mystery/Suspense

  • Thriller/Horror

Middle Grade:

  • ·  Contemporary

  • ·  Fantasy: urban fantasy, paranormal – GHOSTS! And WITCHES!

  • ·  Horror – would love any kind

  • ·  Graphic Novels


  • Creators that illustrate any age group from picture books, chapter books, middle grade, and YA
  •  Author-illustrators


I am including this “NOT open” information, since this is what is up on the Agency website, but her query form says she is open and so does her manuscript wish list. Seems like old information to me, but I could be wrong.

Middle Grade:

  • I am NOT open for middle grade at this time

Picture Book:

  • I am NOT open for picture books at this time


  • I am NOT open to Illustrators at this time

*Note: I prioritize human characters over animal characters in picture books. And if they are talking, I am absolutely allergic to them in novels. Well, unless they’re a familiar in a fantasy MG, YA, or adult.* book.*


  • Black joy!
  • Romance! Even 1st crushes, hand-holding, and 1st kisses in MG! Give me all the love stories!
  • Generational family dynamics
  • Fantasy steeped in folklore, mythology, or culture
  • Fresh takes on the supernatural and paranormal – wait, did I tell you how much I LOVE witches and ghosts!?! Oooo, and the afterlife, underworld, Gods, and anything similar.
  • Humor, whimsy, adventure, wonder
  • Sibling stories
  • Single parent or single grandparent stories
  • Interracial friendships/relationships
  • Narratives with cultures outside of my own
  • Sloths, cats, and tarsiers!

Submission Guidelines


  • All submissions should include a short Query Letter to that agent introducing yourself and including a description of your work, as well as previous publishing credentials (if any), and publisher submission history.
  • Following your Query Letter, depending on what you are submitting, you will be asked to include:
    • Fiction (chapter books, MG, YA, Adult): first 10 pages typed (or copy/pasted) into the box provided in the QueryManager form
    • Graphic novel (art and text): attach 10-20 sample page spreads in jpg or pdf format, summary/synopsis typed (or copy/pasted) into the box provided in the QueryManager form, and provide link to online portfolio
    • Graphic novel (script only): first 10 pages of script typed (or copy/pasted) into the box provided in the QueryManager form
  • Please be sure to enclose a contact phone number as well as your email address.
  • Query Form:  (please note that I do not accept email, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin queries)



Talk tomorrow,


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