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August Agent of the Month – Bethany Fulk



Scroll to bottom for First Page Submission Guidelines

Bethany Fulk – Holloway Literary

Bethany Fulk is a junior agent at Holloway Literary.   Prior to being promoted to her current position, she has been with the agency as an intern and then an assistant for the past two years.  She graduated from Davis and Elkins College cum laude in 2017 with a BA in English. Following graduation, Bethany worked as a public relations assistant and most recently as an editorial assistant. Before joining Holloway Literary, Bethany interned with North Star Editions and Foundry Literary and Media.
What she is seeking: MG, YA and adult fantasy Historical Fiction/Fantasy, Retellings (myth, folklore, legends, fairytales), Mysteries/Speculative/Suspense.
How to submit: Read guidelines HERE.

*I love strong characters, unique and diverse voices, and new takes on favorite tropes*

Please know that this list isn’t comprehensive. If you think I would be a great fit for you and your book, send it my way!

Middle Grade

Fantasy (all types)
Historical Fiction/Fantasy
Adventure stories
Retellings (myth, folklore, legends, fairytales)
Friendship stories

Young Adult

Fantasy (all types)
Historical Fiction/Fantasy
Gothic/Horror (more suspense, less gore)
Retellings (myth, folklore, legends, fairytales)
Romance (Rom-Coms!)

Special Requests

Lore, myths, and fairytales from around the world
Something that makes me feel like I’m on vacation
Theme parks
Paranormal (witches, ghosts, werewolves–give me all of them!)
Fun sports stories (I love lacrosse and soccer)

Not Interested In

Picture/Chapter books
Anything with excessive gore
Political stories
Incest, suicide, rape, or abuse
Super scary stories (I like creepy and suspense, not being scared to go to bed).


Do you have any pet peeves?

I think my biggest pet peeve is when author’s don’t follow the guidelines when they’re submitting. It’s there to help us keep everything straight! I know every agency and agent is different and it can be a bit tedious to have to move things around or change things while querying, but the extra effort goes a long way for me.

Have you noticed any common mistakes that writers make?

One of the most common mistakes I see is word count. Definitely another hot topic lately, but seeing a word count be insanely too high or too low for that book’s genre shows me you either haven’t done the research or that not enough revision has taken place.

What are your feelings about prologues?

Prologues are tricky. Used correctly, they are fine and helpful. But often they are used incorrectly and just aren’t needed.

Do you have a place where you keep writers up-to-date on what you would like to see? Blog?

or my blog, though I try to keep them both updated simultaneously.

Do you give editorial feedback to your clients?

Yes! Editing is one of my favorite things. I love working through a client’s manuscript together.

How do you like to communicate (email vs. phone)?

I’m very flexible with my communication with my clients. It’s really whatever they prefer and what works best for them, depending on where we’re at in the process. Of course e-mail is the easiest, but I’m all for jumping on a call or Zoom to brainstorm together!

Once you submit a manuscript to a publisher, how often do you communicate with your client during the submission process?

I keep them up-to-date as I know things. Usually I give them the good news immediately, and most of my clients want any passes that don’t come with revisions spread out a bit.

What happens if you don’t sell a book and the author wants to self-publish a book? Would you be okay with that?

Normally, I tell my clients that if a book doesn’t sell we’ll shelve it and come back to it when it’s right for the market, etc. Though, if they decided they wanted to self-publish it instead, I would gladly have that conversation with them and support them!

Do you seek help from other agents at your agency to get suggestions on editors and/or publishers to submit to for the clients you sign up to represent?

Yes, Holloway is all about mentorship and helping each other out. From finding editors to looking at my pitch letter, it’s nice to be able to have someone to go to for advice or help.

Would you ever send a manuscript to another agent at Holloway if it was good, but not what you want to represent?

Of course, we do that often!

What do you think of digital and audio books? Are they part of every sale these days?

I definitely think digital books are part of the deal these days, and audio books are starting to become desired right as well.

Do you handle your own foreign/film rights contracts or does your firm have someone else who handles those contracts?

We handle our own foreign/film rights.

Do you see any new trends building in the industry?

Dark academia has a lot of interest right now. And I also see a big call for just happy stories, which makes sense after the last few years we’ve been through.

Any words of wisdom on how a writer can improve their writing, secure an agent, and get published?

This industry is tough, but you have to just keep pushing forward and taking chances. Keep reading and writing and growing your craft, whether it’s just for yourself or for publishing, and don’t give up. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make connections and have others look at your work!

Would you like to attend other conferences, workshops writer’s retreats?

Of course! I’m always open to attending conferences or retreats.



In the subject line, please write “AUGUST 2022 FIRST PAGE CRITIQUE” Example: Paste the text in the email, plus attached it as a Word document to the email. Please make sure you put your name, the title of the piece, and genre: a picture book, chapter book, middle grade, or young adult, Non-fiction, contemporary, historical, Sci-fi, fantasy, etc. at the top on both the email and the Word document (Make sure you include your name with the title of your book, when you save the first page).

PLEASE name the Word document file by putting 2022 AUGUST FIRST PAGE  – Your Name – Title of first page. Thank you.

REMEMBER: ATTACH THE WORD DOCUMENT AND NOT GET ELIMINATED! Your First Page Word document should be formatted using one inch margins and 12 point New Times Roman font – double space – no more than 23 lines – only one page.

Send to: kathy(dot)temean(at)gmail(dot)com.


DEADLINE: August 19th. – noon EST

RESULTS: August 26th.


Talk tomorrow,



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