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Book Winners & the Carol Shields Prize for Fiction – No Fee


Lee Y. Miao won WE BELONG by Laura Purdie Salas

Angie Quantrell won ABUELITA AND I MAKE FLAN by Adriana Hernández Bergstrom


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Click to Read Submission Guidelines.

Do you have a book being published between September 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022, then make sure your publisher takes advantage of The Carol Shields Prize for Fiction. They must submit your book by November 18, 2022?

Carol Shields Prize for Fiction is a major new English-language literary award to celebrate creativity and excellence in fiction by women writers in the United States and Canada.

  • The winner of the Carol Shields Prize for Fiction will be awarded $150,000 Canadian dollars.

  • Four finalists will each receive $12,500 Canadian dollars.

General Guidelines:
  • The prize is open to novels, short story collections and graphic novels written by women and non-binary writers for an adult audience.

  • All books and entry forms must be submitted and filled out by the book’s publisher.

  • Publishers may submit only two titles per imprint, per publishing house.

  • Publishers must be American or Canadian companies.

  • Incomplete entry forms or books (both digital and physical copies) that fail to meet the submission deadlines will be deemed ineligible. See Prize Submissions Deadlines for details.

  • Self-published books or books submitted by authors directly are not eligible.

  • All entries for the Carol Shields Prize for Fiction are strictly confidential and may not be used to publicize an author in the future, unless they have been named to the longlist or shortlist or chosen as the winner.

Submission Guidelines:
  • Works of fiction in the form of novels, short story collections, and graphic novels are eligible for submission. The books must be scheduled to be published between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022.

  • Works written by women or non-binary authors are eligible for submission. The Prize welcomes and encourages submissions by transgender woman authors. The Prize recognizes trans women as women without qualification.

  • Publishers are encouraged to submit up to two eligible books from each imprint from their publishing company. Each imprint must be editorially independent, including a different name, from other imprints in order to be considered separate from the parent publisher.

  • This prize is for literary excellence and publishers are encouraged to only submit titles that meet this broad requirement.

  • Publishers must submit one digital copy (galley or final e-pub book) eligible title, along with a completed online submission form. Incomplete submission forms or digital and/or print copies that are not received by the appropriate deadline will render the book ineligible. See Prize Submissions Deadlines for all relevant dates.

  • Publishers will have to submit five published hardcopies of the books they have submitted for the prize. The prize administrator will contact publishers to request those books. Hardcopies are not to be submitted until requested by the prize administrator. Publishers will have thirty (30) days from the request for hardcopies to submit the final published book to the prize.

  • Final deadlines for submissions are listed below under Prize Submissions Deadlines. Books not received by the appropriate deadlines will be deemed ineligible.

  • Books must be first edition English-language books written by a Canadian or American citizen or permanent resident of either country.

  • Authors must be living at the time of publication in order to be eligible for submission.

  • Books that have been translated from another language are eligible and will be considered in the year that the English translation is published. The book in translation must be authored by an American or Canadian citizen or permanent resident who has resided in either country for the past five years. In the event that a translation wins the prize, the prize winnings will be split with the translator in the following way: $100,000 to the writer; $50,000 to the translator.

  • Books must be published by publishing houses with a professional editorial process, independent of the authors. Authors must not pay for the publishing house’s editorial, marketing, or publicity services. Self-published books are ineligible.

  • All books must have an ISBN and be available for sale in bookstores.

  • Books only available as eBook or audio editions are not eligible.

  • All books must be authored by a single writer. Books with multiple authors are not eligible. Anthologies are not eligible.

  • Graphic novels must be authored and illustrated by a single creator in order to be eligible. For example, if a graphic novel has been written by an author and illustrated by an artist who is not the author, it is ineligible.

  • If more than 20% of a submitted book has been previously published in book form, the book is ineligible.

Conditions of Prize Entry for Publishers:
  • Publishers who submit books for prize consideration are bound by the following conditions:

  • If a publisher’s book is one of the five shortlisted books, they must contribute $2,000 to the prize for the advertising and marketing of the shortlist. Publishers are requested to submit twenty additional hardcopies of the shortlisted book for promotional purposes.

  • Publishers must arrange for authors to sign a letter of agreement stipulating that, should their book be shortlisted, the author agrees to fulfill the obligation to attend the prize event and to participate in any events—including interviews, readings and appearances—promoting the prize and its finalists for a fifteen-day period, one week before and one week after the gala.

  • The publisher agrees to market and promote the shortlisted book.

  • The publisher agrees to sticker the book, including reprints, with the prize insignia. The artwork for the sticker will be provided electronically by the prize.

  • The publisher shall agree to provide permissions for excerpts of the shortlisted books to be used in prize materials for the gala, promotional events, and for media excerpts.

Prize Submission Deadlines:

  • There are three submission periods based on publication date. All publishers must submit one completed entry form for each submitted title, one digital advance reading copy for each submitted title, and five physical copies of the final book by the following dates.

Submission Period 1:

Entries for books published between January 1, 2022 – April 30, 2022, must be received on or before March 18, 2022

Submission Period 2:

Entries for books published between May 1, 2022 – August 31, 2022, must be received on or before July 22, 2022

Submission Period 3:

Entries for books published between September 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022, must be received on or before November 18, 2022


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  1. Yay! I love flan! I can’t wait to read this picture book! Thank you!


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