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Book Giveaway: DODOS ARE NOT EXTINCT by Paddy Donnelly

Paddy Donnelly has written and Illustrated a new picture book, DODOS ARE EXTINCT, published by Yeehoo Press.  They have agreed to send a copy to the one lucky winner in the US.

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Dodos Are Not Extinct

Psst! Hey you! Can you keep a secret? Dodos are NOT extinct! In fact, if you look extra closely, you might be able to spot other extinct animals . . . like woolly mammoths, sabertoothed tigers, and even dinosaurs! These famous creatures are in disguise everywhere, so keep your eyes peeled! You never know who might be right under your nose…

A hilarious, engaging primer on famous extinct (but never forgotten) animals that will keep kids giggling and guessing on every page, perfect for fans of Brendan Wenzel’s Hello Hello and Mo Willems’ Edwina.

Author-illustrator Paddy Donnelly delivers a silly, animal-filled read that is perfect for story time sharing at home or for the classroom. Nonfiction back matter jam-packed with facts about the endangered and extinct animals featured in the story makes this creative book as educational as it is fun.


The idea for the book

There’s something fascinating and mysterious about extinct animals. I always had that slight feeling of disappointment when I was a child as I realised that I would never see a dinosaur, or mammoth, or dodo in my garden. But wait, what if they weren’t extinct? Whatif they were just in disguise? That was the basis for the idea – that the animals weren’t 100% gone, they’d just come up with genius (or not so genius) ways to hide among us.

As with my first book, The Vanishing Lake, I wanted to play with that blurry line between imagination, reality and the magic of the natural world. Luckily enough, the publisher for my first author illustrated picture book, Yeehoo Press, also wanted to publish this one! It’s been released in English and Chinese so far, with perhaps some more languages to come…

Funny vs serious

As climate change, extinction and endangered animals are of course serious topics, I did consider whether I wanted this book to have a serious tone, or have a strong message atthe end. However, I decided that I would go in the opposite direction and make it a completely silly tale. And what could be sillier than having saner-toothed tigers with moustaches, mammoths shaving their hair off and dodos dressed as ostriches! I wanted this book to be a really fun introduction to the world of extinct animals, and get kids excited about the natural world. There are many ways to have kids connect with nature, and I went for the silly approach. Once kids have that appreciation for nature, then that will hopefully stay with them to adulthood when they can make a bigger difference to the natural world.

I did fill the back pages with lots of scientific facts about the real animals featured in the book. There’s a long timeline listing when each species went extinct, and what caused it. And there’s also some helpful tips on what kids can do themselves to help further animals from becoming endangered.

The artwork style

As this book is quite a funny one, and very different to my other book, The Vanishing Lake, it called for a completely different style. The characters themselves all have quite huge eyes, always looking around as if they’re about to get caught out. The colours are quite bold, and in general the style is a more cartoony.
It was lots of fun to write in the first person as the dodo who is letting kids into the secret of extinct animal disguises. You feel as if you’re really speaking directly with the kids who will be reading the story.
Another thing to notice in this book, is that all the kids in the illustrations have their suspicions and can spot something fishy about these disguised animals, but the adults are always busy in their own world and looking the other way. Kids are of course always better at spotting the details!

If your kids are into extinct animals, or the natural world in general, then this should be a fun one for them. Plenty to spot in the illustrations, and hopefully there will be a few new species for them to discover!


Paddy Donnelly is a picture book author-illustrator from Ireland, who has been living in Belgium for the last 13 years. His background is in web and graphic design, and has been writing and illustrating picture books for the past four years. He also has created the cover artwork for middle grade books.

His books include Dodos Are Not Extinct, Hom, Here Be Dragonsand The Vanishing Lake. His work has achieved international acclaim as he was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2022 and shortlisted for The World Illustration Awards in 2018. Paddy’s first book as both author and illustrator, The Vanishing Lake, was awarded the gold medal in the picture book category of the IPPY Awards.

He particularly loves to illustrate animals, however extinct animals are his absolute favourite. He says, “Ever since I was a kid I’ve been obsessed with them, and now I get to write and illustrate stories about them!”

You can see more of Paddy illustration work using the links below:





Paddy, thank you for sharing your book and journey with us. Your illustrations are so much fun. They really are perfect for this hilarious story. I love how you found a wonderful way to get children to really look at the wildlife around them. The seek and find disguises and hiding places on every page will keep children wanting to turn each page. Also, teachers and parents will love how this book encourages kids to observe and promote kids thinking outside of the box. Plus the back matter is great addition. Good luck with the book.

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  1. It looks lovely and very interesting story 😊 one that you can open and read again and again 🙂. Wish I can have it in my hands to enjoy it


  2. so cute


  3. This one looks like a winner with kids! Love the cover too! Congrats!


  4. Looks like fun and a book the nieces would love!


  5. What a fun book! It is certain to fly off shelves Best of luck with it. Kathy, I am a newsletter subscriber. LM


  6. This book looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing and good luck! I subscribe to your newsletter, Kathy, and I am sharing on Twitter.


  7. This book looks like fun! I can’t wait to read it and share it with some little ones. I’m a subscriber.


  8. Love silly books that feature animals–I’m sure kiddos of all ages will enjoy discovering animals we thought were extinct are actually hiding in plain sight! Kathy, I subscribe to your newsletter.


  9. Cute!!!


  10. Paddy Donnelly’s books are so much fun! (Kathy, I subscribe to your blog.)


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