Posted by: Kathy Temean | November 29, 2021

Agent Pam Gruber at Irene Goodman Literary Agency.

After 10+ years as an editor and editorial director, Pam Gruber became a literary agent at Irene Goodman Literary Agency. Her favorite part of the publishing business is working directly with authors and artists, helping them to shape not only their stories, but also their careers.

Pam joined Irene Goodman in 2020 after she realized her favorite part of the publishing business was working directly with authors and artists, helping them to shape not only their stories, but also their careers. She looks for work that is gripping from page one, whether it makes her break out in a smile or gives her goosebumps (from excitement, not fear!). She loves complicated female protagonists, innovative twists on old tropes, and getting swept away by fully realized worlds—be they portraits of the next town over or an imagined universe unlike our own.

Originally from Philadelphia and raised by two artists, Pam knew she wanted to work in publishing from a young age. She brings an inscrutable eye for detail to every book she gets her hands on, and her experience at a publishing house gives her insight into how editors think, and what they’re looking for.

Fiction: Children’s, Commercial, Family Saga, Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Literary, Middle Grade, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult
Non-Fiction: History, Humor, LGBTQ, Memoir, True Crime

She is on the hunt for adult, young adult, and middle grade fiction with literary voices and commercial concepts. Her taste in adult fiction is broad–contemporary, fiction, historical, fantasy, spec fic, and fantastical realism all appeal–but she is most captivated by a strong voice and a good hook. Recent favorite reads include The InterestingsA Gentleman in MoscowNothing to See HereThe Power, and the Broken Earth Trilogy. In middle grade, she particularly loves layered, literary fantasy like The Girl Who Drank the Moon or the His Dark Materials series. In teen, she gravitates towards contemporary coming-of-age stories filled with hope, feminist themes, and grounded fantasies with fresh plots. She also has experience working on middle grade and YA graphic novels, and would love to see more of those in her query inbox.

As for nonfiction, Pam always appreciates learning something new through a manuscript, especially as it sheds light on the human condition. Over the years, some favorite nonfiction reads have included Devil in the White CityThe Immortal Life of Henrietta LacksEducated, and Furious Hours. She is also interested in middle grade and YA graphic novel memoirs.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

Please send your query letter along with the first ten pages of your manuscript, a brief synopsis, and your bio in the body of the email.

Guidelines & Details


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