Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 11, 2021

DHH Literary Agency: Hannah Sheppard – Agent – Director

Hannah Sheppard
Director – Agent – DHH Literary

Hannah Sheppard studied English Literature at the University of Liverpool where she set up a small poetry press in her spare time. She has since spent over a decade working in trade publishing: first at Macmillan Children’s Books and more recently running Headline Publishing Group’s YA and crossover list where she published Tanya Byrne’s critically acclaimed Heart-Shaped Bruise.

She joined the D H H Literary Agency in 2013 because she realized that being an agent gave her more time to do what she loves most – using her editorial experience to help writers develop their ideas for commercial success.

Hannah represents authors across children’s fiction (from 9+ including teen and YA) and a small number of adult fiction authors (her main interests are thrillers and romance). Hannah does not​ represent picture books.

She likes stories that push the boundaries, have a strong voice and, often, a dark edge – although she’d love to find a great contemporary romance too.​

Follow Hannah on Twitter: @YA_Books

Submissions: Please send your cover letter, first three chapters (or about 10,000 words) and a synopsis all pasted into the body of your email in that order (rather than sent as attachments) to and put ‘Query’ and your title in the subject field.

General DHH Literary Guidelines:

DHH is always excited about finding new clients and do read all of our submissions but please remember that our first priority is to our current agency clients and the majority of our time is spent working for them so this may take some time.

Your submission should include:

A covering letter. Tell us about your novel (including total word count), where it sits in the market, and about yourself and your writing ambitions.
A brief synopsis. We prefer a single page synopsis – outline the whole story, no cliffhangers.
Sample of your writing. The first three chapters or about 10,000 words, typed (size 12 is ideal) and double spaced.

They will endeavour to respond to all submissions within 8-16 weeks of receipt but this timescale isn’t always possible. If you haven’t heard from us within 16 weeks you can assume your manuscript is no longer under consideration. Please do not call the office regarding your submission.

If they request the full manuscript to read they will aim to respond within 30 days.

Please Note:

We only accept submissions electronically. Submissions posted to the office will not be considered for representation and the material will be discarded.

Please do not send the same proposal to all of us. We all have individual taste and areas of expertise – read our profiles and choose the best agent for your work.

Unless we feel suitably passionate about your work, a standard email will be sent. This allows more time for reading and consideration of submissions. It does not mean your work is un-publishable, just that it’s not right for us. Keep trying other agents.

​If you would like to know what we recommend after receiving a rejection, you might find this page useful.

​Please don’t call the office. If you want to check on the status of a submission a polite email to the address you submitted to is the best way.

Talk tomorrow,


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