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Book Giveaway: CLOVIS KEEPS HIS COOL by Katelyn Aronson

Katelyn Aronson has a new picture book CLOVIS KEEPS HIS COOL, illustrated by Eve Farb and published by Page Street Kids. It will hit book stores on August 17th. Paqe Street Kids has agreed to share a copy with one lucky winner living in the United States.

Just leave a comment, reblog, tweet, or talk about it on Facebook with a link and you will get additional chances to win. Just let me know how you shared the good news. If you follow my blog and have it delivered daily, let me know in the comments so I can put the right amount of tickets in my basket for you.

Sharing on Facebook, Twitter or reblogging really helps spread the word for a new book. So, thanks for helping Katelyn and Eve.


Clovis used to struggle with his temper, but ever since he took over his late grandmother’s china shop, he’s been learning how to manage it. He pours tea, listens to soothing music, and always keeps Granny’s words in mind: “Grace, grace, nothing broken to replace.”

But when rivals from his football days come to heckle him at the shop, Clovis faces a big challenge that even Granny’s words and deep breaths might not be enough for.

Readers will fall in love with Clovis’s gentle soul in this heartwarming and entertaining story about finding inner peace and second chances.


Writing stories professionally has been a dream of mine since around age 7. I first began learning about the craft from a brief stint with the SCBWI in my early 20s, but I didn’t actually put my nose to the grindstone until 2015 (well into my 30s). Clearly, I had needed time to grow up—and intomy own storytelling! I had the good fortune of signing with my agent, Christa Heschke, a year after that. It’s strange to think that a deep passion can ignite within us early on, only to take on a slow burn, growing stronger as we mature and have more experience with which to fuel it. Today, I can honestly say that, compared to my other professional and academic pursuits, my writing is not only what I am most proud of, but also what brings me the most joy.

It feels like I wrote Clovis Keeps His Cool ages ago. It was one of the very first books I sold, and I’m grateful to Charlotte Wenger and Kristen Nobles who acquired my manuscript for Page Street Kids back in 2019. The book is especially close to my heart, for three reasons:

I imagined more backstory for my main character, Clovis the bull, than probably any of my other picture book main characters thus far. I love character-driven narrative fiction for kids, and it seems to me that the more backstory you invest in a character, the more of a springboard you have for the character’s “forestory.” I hope readers appreciate Clovis is a multi-dimensional character, who certainly isn’t all good or all bad, but who has past struggles that he’s trying to overcome as best he can, like each of us.

I had the honor of selecting my very favorite illustrator, Eve Farb, to bring Clovis to life. An accomplished artist and illustrator in her native Russia, Eve hadn’t yet published a children’s book in America, and she brings a new style that is at once old-world, totally fresh, and completely her own. I’d never seen an illustrator reach into my words and conjure up, in full color, the exact scenes that I’d pictured while writing. But Eve managed to do that in Clovis, and I am forever indebted to her. To work with her again in the future would be the greatest gift.

My last, and perhaps most poignant of reasons, is that I dedicated Clovis to the memory of my maternal grandmother Delaine Hawkinson (1933-2014) who gifted me with my very first china teapot. We both appreciated the beauty of finely crafted tea-ware…despite a shared preference for coffee.

She was a shining example of grace, strength, and humor for me during her life. Whenever I was down about something, she’d say “Katie, this too shall pass. Have some chocolate.” She was a wonderful lady whose laughter still echoes in my memory. It pains me to think that she never lived to see my published stories, but I hope that somehow, somewhere, my Gramma Dee is watching, and that she knows that this book is for her, with love.

Photo: Coffee in Gramma Dee’s teacup + a little chocolate.

Katelyn Aronson’s Bio:

Katelyn Aronson grew up in southern California and spent six years working in independent children’s bookstores before moving to Europe. Today she divides her time between France and Switzerland, where she teaches at the prestigious Institut Le Rosey and writes children’s books. Clovis Keeps His Cool is the third of six books she currently has in the publishing pipeline.

I grew up in a home where reading was more of a shared activity than a solo one. My mother was a children’s literature lover; my father—a natural-born storyteller. She read aloud to my sisters and me; he spun entire sagas out of thin air at bedtime. TV wasn’t a big part of life. Make-believe was, and words were just another way of creating magic, together.

Reading remained so relational for me that, in my college years, I worked in children’s bookstores as a way to share my passion. I hand-sold my favorite titles, led story times and book clubs, dressed up as picture book characters, and hosted storybook parties.

In time, though, the travel bug bit. I ran away to Europe—the landscape of fairytales. I backpacked the continent, studied abroad in England, worked as an au pair in Italy, and started my own small business in France, only to follow my now-husband to Switzerland. After all that, I realized voilà !  I had a few stories of my own, ready to be shared.

Today, it is my great privilege to be represented by literary agent Christa Heschke of McIntosh & Otis, New York, and have five children’s books releasing between 2020 and 2023.

Photo: Katelyn & Dee having a laugh at a family photo shoot. (credit- Brieanne Aronson)


Eve Farb currently works as both an illustrator and a psychologist. She has a passion for design and Russian fairy tales, and has illustrated multiple books published in Russia, where she is from and lives with her husband and her cat.

Purchase links for Clovis Keeps His Cool

Katelyn, thank you for sharing your book and journey with us. This is such a cute book. A bull in a china shop, only he is not the one breaking things. He’s a bull, but not a bully. I think Clovis is a good role model for children and Clovis might be just what they need to remind them how they can control their temper like he did. Eve’s illustrations are wonderful. Who could not love Clovis with those images? I know I couldn’t. Good luck with the book!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. This looks lovely… thanks for sharing! Grandmas are so wonderful… article made me think of mine who was lovely, too.

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  2. Congratulations, Katelyn! What a great idea for a picture book! Thanks for sharing with us.

    Kathy, I follow your blog and I’ve reposted to Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for all you do!

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  3. A lovely interview. I’m already in love with Clovis and can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

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  4. Congratulations, Katelyn and Eve! I’ve been excited about this book since the first time I heard about it. I adore the art and the story sounds absolutely delightful. I can’t wait to read it!

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  5. This is absolutely hilarious and adorable! Can’t wait to read it. Congratulations, Katelyn and Eve!

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  6. Congrats, Katelyn and Eve! (I’m signed up for the emails, too.)

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  7. This book looks so lovely! I can’t wait to read it.

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  8. This book looks FABULOUS! I can’t wait to read it. Love the illustrations. Congratulations, Katelyn and Eve! I shared this on Twitter and receive your blog daily. Thanks, Kathy!

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  9. Love the premise of this story & learning the backstory. Congratulations, Katelyn & Eve! As always, sharing on twitter.

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    • Good to see you here, Patricia! Thank you for your support! 🙂


  10. I love the concept you present here. I can’t wait to read the book! I’ll have to get a copy soon. What a wonderful looking story! And that cover??? Who can resist it?!! It’s fantastic. Congrats, Katelyn and Eve!

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  11. I love the idea of a bull in a China shop — how clever! The illustrations are gorgeous! Congrats!

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  12. We love Katelyn’s books at our house! Excited about this one! And happy to help spread the word—IG story, two tweets with tags, Pinterest, and liked and followed your blog!!

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  13. Congratulations – Katelyn – wow 6 books in the pipeline – you’re on fire! and I love Eve’s art. Such a fun premise! –I shared this on twitter and follow this blog!

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  14. I’ve read this author’s books before and loved them. I just added this one to my Goodreads TBR as it sounds excellent too, with fun, expressive illustrations. I’m an email subscriber and shared on social:

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  15. This book looks delightful, and I look forward to reading it. Congratulations, Katelyn and Eve!

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  16. I love everything about this book already! Another wonderful social-emotional book to help kids. 🙂 I can’t wait to read it -congrats!

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  17. I love this, Katelyn. I’ve been counting the days until it releases. Thanks for sharing the story behind Clovis. Can’t wait to read!

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    • Thank you so much, Hannah! ❤ You know I can't wait to see your books, either! 😉


  18. So fun! An actual bull in an actual china shop. I love the message and illustrations are gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.
    I’ve tweeted:, and shared:
    I also follow daily by email: crs(at)codedivasites(dot)com
    Thanks again, have a great day!!

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  19. This books sounds perfect for my little guy…just pre-ordered it!

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  20. This is such a charming story, with equally charming illustrations. Congratulations 😊


  21. Gosh, this looks like a terrific book! Thanks for telling me about it. I follow your blog by email.

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  22. This book looks adorable and I can’t wait

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  23. Congrats on Clovis, Katelyn and Eve! It looks like so much fun!

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  24. Congratulations on the beautiful new book, Katelyn and Eve. Eve’s artwork is gorgeous, and I fell in love with Katelyn’s voice with her Piglette books and can’t wait to read this one. I posted a link to this on my Twitter and would LOVE to win a copy of Clovis 🙂


  25. Wonderful! I love the idea of a bull in a China shop. LOL. Congratulations and best wishes!

    I follow by email and I tweeted this post, Kathy.

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  26. I must admit to not having heard about this picture book until now and I am so glad that I did. What an adorable story. I especially liked learning the role that Gramma Dee played in the creation of the book. I believe she is looking down and smiling.

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  27. Gramma Dee sounds wonderful — and you’re sharing her message of with others. What a beautiful legacy. (Kathy, I subscribe to this blog.)

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  28. I love the concept, it sounds like a lot of fun to read out loud!

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    • Hey, thank you Katie. I hope it IS fun to read aloud!


  29. A bull in a china shop — I love it!!! Can’t wait to meet Clovis 🙂

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  30. This book sounds lovely! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.


  31. What a fantastic article! Working with children’s books was definitely in your blood. And you are truly lucky to have Eve as an illustrator. I too adore picture books even though my children are in middle school now!


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