Posted by: Kathy Temean | July 19, 2021

2021 Picture Book Palooza Announcement

For the past four or five years the Children’s Book Academy has been hosting the Picture Book Palooza and this year they are super excited to announce their latest and greatest. It runs for 2 days Saturday and Sunday September 18th and 19th and is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity at a super low price! Some of the details are still being finalized but here’s what they have so far:

The 2021 Picture Book Palooza features editors, publishers, agents and former students who are now published with thriving careers with new and innovative topics to help attendees flourish in their work. The Palooza serves four functions:

  1. To help former and current students get the word out about their work (especially during these crazy Covid times)
  2. To help attendees who maybe can’t afford in-depth courses or conferences or who want a taste of the Academy
  3. To help fund the full and half scholarships the Academy gives to as many Diversity+ and low-income students as they can afford
  4. And finally, to help get the word out about our courses

So, if you are struggling in your writing or illustrating career or need a bit of a boost to keep you going, The Picture Book Palooza has got you covered! There are 6 panels with 26 great speakers to help you learn everything you need to know to create wonderful children’s books. All proceeds go to help fund scholarships for writer’s and illustrator’s education through the Children’s Book Academy! Tickets are only $59 right now for a two-day conference!

To get access to all of last year’s materials it’s only $79! (That’s just $20 more for 8 extra fantastic panels!) Last year’s event had so many wonderful professionals. If you weren’t able to make it then, then you’ll want to pick this up. That’s 14 panels in all for the low price of $79 with a whole year of extra access PLUS a PARTY TBA!

In addition, there are many giveaways, free critiques, and even some publisher and agent submission opportunities. Save $40 right now right here if you want to take advantage of this fantastic event featuring all levels of recently published to established professionals.

So that’s two whole days of invaluable information, networking, and even some individual help. Your money goes into not just educating you, but also other diverse and low income kidlit writers and illustrators! What an awesome way to spend a weekend!

Attendees loved last year’s event and this year’s will be even better, so grab that discounted admission ticket while you can.

Looks like a great oportunity.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. that’s great –


  2. This is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing, Kathy.


  3. Thanks for sharing, Kathy! Mira’s Picture Book Paloozas are always filled with valuable content and are definitely lots of fun…and what a great opportunity to snag the replays of last year’s presentations.


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