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Book Giveaway: THE NIGHT BEFORE THE DENTIST by Natasha Wing

Natasha Wing has a new picture book THE NIGHT BEFORE THE DENTIST, illustrated by Amy Wummer and published by Grosset & Dunlap hit bookstores this month. They have agreed to share a copy with one lucky winner living in the United States.

All you have to do to get in the running is leave a comment. Reblog, tweet, or talk about it on Facebook with a link and you will get additional chances to win. Just let me know other things you do to share the good news, so I can put the right amount of tickets in my basket for you.

Sharing on Facebook, Twitter or reblogging really helps spread the word for a new book. So, thanks for helping Natasha and Amy.

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Grab your toothbrush and get ready for a trip to the dentist in the latest big moment to be celebrated in Natasha Wing’s best-selling series!

It’s the night before a young boy’s check-up with the dentist. He’s lost four teeth, and two big ones have come in already! So what does he do? He brushes and brushes his teeth to make sure his smile is super bright, of course! Join him on his journey to explore the ins and outs of the dentist’s office in this delightful story, told in the style of Clement C. Moore’s classic tale.


The Night Before journey started back in 1999 with The Night Before Easter. From that one book grew a series of holiday, school-themed and big event books. This new one is the 30th title.

THE NIGHT BEFORE THE DENTIST was, admittedly, the hardest one for me to write. When my editor first proposed the idea, I asked her what could be so fun about going to the dentist? I myself didn’t mind since I never had braces and didn’t have a cavity until my 40s. A visit to the dentist was just a cleaning and a few X-rays. But I was thinking of the kids who were afraid of dentists and wondered how I could write a story that would be ensuring and encouraging. So this story took a lot of looking up pediatric dentists’ websites (their offices are way more fun than grown up ones) and speaking to my dental hygenist about what she did on a kid’s first visit to their office. Then it took writing and rewriting and more rewriting (seriously, it felt like pulling teeth), but at least now I had a fun factor to add to the story instead of just the fear stuff which makes for a good balance.

As with most of my Night Befores, I like to have a twist at the end. So in this story, the boy goes to the dentist, along with his mother and little sister. After he experiences the cleaning, flossing, etc., we find out at the end of the book that his sister has cut her first tooth and soon it will be her turn to go to the dentist.

One thing I can always rely on in adding more dimension to the story is illustrator Amy Wummer. She is so great about injecting energy and humor with her art which was extra helpful with this story since there were few setting changes. My favorite illustration is the visions of toothbrushes dancing in the boy’s head. That needs to be a poster in a dental office! I also love that Amy depicted an Asian family.

I must have a thing about teeth because I also wrote The Night Before the Tooth Fairy, and Pearl vs. the Tooth Fairy.

Now that I’ve gotten past the hesitancy of writing about going to the dentist, I’ll have to gear up to write The Night Before the Doctor. I wish I could say I had better experiences going to the doctor as I did going to the dentist. (I still ask for the fun kids’ Band-Aids whenever I get blood drawn and usually get that oh, don’t be a baby look.) But isn’t it the challenge that drives us writers? That’s what keeps me and this series going.


Author of 44 traditionally-published books and three independently-published ones, Natasha Wing has new Night Befores to write through 2023. Her books have shown up as bestsellers during holidays and back-to-school times of the year.

Natasha has lived in Connecticut, Arizona, California and now resides in Colorado with her husband and 11 year old cat, Purrsia. She graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Advertising and worked at an ad agency before deciding to do something more creative – writing children’s books! When she’s taking a break, Natasha hikes (her favorite wildflower is Colorado’s state flower, the blue columbine), rides her bike, travels, and collects squished pennies. Natasha is represented by Andrea Cascardi of Transatlantic Agency.

Please visit her website for all her titles and information about Zooms with Classrooms. Website:

You can also, find Natasha online here:

Twitter: @NatashaWing

Instagram: @natashawing




Amy Wummer is a published author and an illustrator of more than fifty children’s books. She uses pencils, watercolors, and ink.

Some of the published credits of Amy Wummer include Two Homes For Tyler, Valentines Are For Saying I Love You, If Jesus Lived Inside My Heart, and Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes (Social Studies Connects).

In 1998 and 2007, she received the Highlights for Children Cover of the Year award. Amy has illustrated many books in “The Night Before” series. She lives in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Natasha, thanks for sharing your book and journey with us. I love that you wrote a story that should help keep children from fearing the dentist. I am sure if we catch children early in life they might not grow up afraid to make an appointment with the dentist. Amy’s illustrations are perfect for the story. Good luck with the book!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. This looks like a fun one to share with young students!

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  2. Delightful & fun! I’m going to read it:)

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  3. I’m smiling that my book is features on Kathy’s blog. Honored! Share with your friends.


    • featured not features! The revising never ends! lol


  4. This book sounds fun and one parents will love as they introduce their children to the dentist. I’m an email subscriber and shared on social:


  5. Congrats, Natasha and Amy! (I’m signed up for the emails, too.)


  6. Fun book young kids will appreciate! So neat how this series has grown!


  7. I would love to win this book and probably give it to my new dentist who has three children and is a spectacular dentist. She could use it in her office waiting room. Cindy Towle


  8. Great concept!! Looks wonderful. Congrats, Natasha & Amy!!


  9. What a great idea for a picture book. It looks really cute. Thanks for telling me about it.


  10. Whoo-hoo! Very cute! Going to the dentist is such a big deal! Congratulations!

    I tweeted this post and follow by email, Kathy. 🙂


  11. What a great idea for a story, Natasha! Congratulations!


  12. I suspect kids fear the dentist if they’ve ever been hurt there. That was certainly true for my brother and me. I was in my thirties before I realized that my dentist didn’t hurt me–my brother avoided the dentist until he was in his fifties.


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