Posted by: Kathy Temean | July 12, 2021

Opportunity: Cricket Media

Cricket Media: Eight themes

Cricket Media just announced their themed submission calls for each of there literary magazines for children of various ages. They also accept unthemed submissions. They publish fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, as well as activities, games, puzzles, crafts, and recipes.

BABYBUG (magazine for ages 6 months-3 years; themes – Let’s Play; and Fantastic Fall)

— Let’s Play: They want poems, stories, finger plays, and action rhymes about little ones’ favorite games. “These might be baby classics like peekaboo  or hide-and-seek, silly personal routines developed with family and friends, or activities with balls, puzzles, or other favorite toys. We’re looking for playful writing that begs to be read aloud again and again.”

— Fantastic Fall: They want poetry, action rhymes, finger plays, and very short stories that celebrate autumn. “Your work might explore trips to the orchard or rainy days spent inside, the season’s special games, sights and sounds, or other appealing aspects of fall. We’re interested in lively writing that the very young will want to hear again and again.”

LADYBUG (for 3-6 years; themes – Exploring Our World; and I Can Help);

— Exploring Our World: They want non-fiction and poetry on compelling explorations of our world written for young  children. “We’re looking for narrative nonfiction (to 800 words), nonfiction and nature writing (to 400 words), and poetry (to 20 lines). You might introduce our readers to a cultural tradition you know well, or share your love of the natural world by introducing them to an intriguing animal or ecosystem.”

— I Can Help: They want short stories, rebus stories, poems, action rhymes, riddles, and songs about young children learning how to think through problems and help themselves and others. “Show us young children’s creativity and determination as they work through the kid-sized difficulties that come up at home or with friends, or find ways to contribute to their communities.”

SPIDER (for 6-9 years; themes – Legendary Kids; and Outside the Box);

— Legendary Kids: They want fresh retellings of folktales, fairytales, tall tales, and myths that cast a child—not an adult—as the clever problem-solver. “Anthropomorphic fables with young animal heroes are also encouraged. We are particularly interested in tales with origins outside of classic European and Western canon.”

— Outside the Box: “We love contemporary stories and poems, but we are excited to read more material that falls outside these popular categories. This might be plays, science fiction, or historical fiction and nonfiction. It might be simple, but inventive, activities like recipes, games, crafts, magic tricks, science experiments, or silly quizzes. It can be anything that defies categorization. We also enjoy stories or poems with accompanying hands-on activities or nonfiction components.”

CRICKET (for 9-14 years; themes – Ancient Worlds; and Game On!);

— Ancient Worlds:  They want historical fiction, nonfiction, myths and legends, and poetry about ancient cultures, including ancient Greece,  Rome, Egypt, India, China, Africa, the Americas, Pacific Islands, and more. “Submissions might focus on powerful political leaders and crises; legendary heroes; gods and goddesses; engineering and artistic achievements; cultural, religious, and scientific practices; or modern archaeological discoveries. We also welcome historical fiction featuring the everyday dramas and cares of children in the Cricket age range”.

— Game On! They want fiction, nonfiction, and poetry featuring a competition, game, rivalry, or challenge. “Submissions might focus on a school sports team, a kid trying out for the school play or newspaper, even on entering a local flower show or bird-watching competition. You could feature a warm family situation, such as playing checkers with Grandpa or the dreidel game at Hanukkah; or imagine a medieval fantasy about rival knights at a jousting tournament or battling the village dragon.”

Deadline: 15 August 2021 for all themes

Length: Varies for all magazines – see guidelines
Pay: Up to $0.25/word for prose; $3/line for poetry; $75 for games, recipes, etc.

Details and submission page here.

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  1. Thanks for posting these current themes, Kathy. I often forget to look until it’s too late!


  2. Thanks, Kathy!


  3. Great opportunities! Thanks, Kathy!


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