Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 30, 2021

Book Winners – Kudos – Industry Changes


Rosihollinbeck won EDMUND THE ELEPHANT WHO FORGOT by Kate Dalgleish

Karen Ginsberg won THE LITTLE SPACECRAFT THAT COULD by Joyce Lapin

Melissa Darrow won BLUE RIDGE BABIES by Laura Sperry Gardner

Jill Purtee won BECAUSE I’M NEW by Brad Sneed

Jody Cahpelaine won JUNE ALMEIDA, VIRUS DETECTIVE! by Suzanne Slade

Joyce Frank won WAY PAST SAD by Hallee Adelmann

Ashley Sierra won A CAPE by Marty Kelley

Please send me your name and address and mention the book you won.


🎉Congratulations to the brilliant Amalia Hoffman! MY MONSTERPIECE won the 2021 Next Generation @IndieBookAwards in the category of CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOK! #NGIBA is the largest international book award for indie authors & publishers!


Senior Agent Elizabeth Bennett becomes partner at the Transatlantic Agency.
Catherine Cho has launched the new agency Paper Literary. She was at Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency.

At Delacorte, Kelsey Horton has been promoted to senior editor and Alison Romig has been promoted to assistant editor.

Renée Jarvis and Kima Jones both join Triangle House Literary as agents. Jarvis was at MacKenzie Wolf Literary; Jones is the founder of Jack Jones Literary Arts.

Kaitlyn Sanchez joins Context Literary Agency. She was at Red Fox Literary.

At Random House Publishing Group:
Alex Larned has been promoted to publishing manager, Del Rey & Licensed
Aubrey Martinson has been promoted to associate editor, Crown.
At Clarkson Potter, Sahara Clement has joined as editor. She was previously assistant editor at Chronicle Books.
Gabrielle Van Tassel has been promoted to associate editor.

At Bloomsbury Mary Kate Castellani promoted to publishing director of children’s trade.

At Harper Children’s, Luana Horry and Clarissa Wong have each been promoted to senior editor and Sara Schonfeld is associate editor.

Sarah Homer has been promoted to associate editor and Arianna Robinson to assistant editor.

At Little, Brown Children’s, Lisa Yoskowitz has been promoted to executive editorial director and Hallie Tibbetts to associate editor.

Megan Abbate has joined Bloomsbury Children’s as nonfiction editor. She was previously assistant editor at Roaring Brook Press.

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  1. Thanks, Kathy!


  2. Great news! Congrats to all! Thanks for the updates, Kathy. 🙂


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