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Agent Eva Scalzo

Eva Scalzo Speilburg Literary Agency

Eva Scalzo was born in New Jersey, but has lived in Houston, Buenos Aires, San Juan, and Boston before settling down outside of Binghamton, New York. She has been reading romance since the fifth grade when she discovered the Sweet Valley High series. On inheriting her grandmother’s collection of vintage Harlequin Romances, she set a goal to someday finish reading them all on top of her already massive TBR.

Eva has a B.A. in the Humanities from the University of Puerto Rico and a M.A. in Publishing and Writing from Emerson College. Since graduating in 2002, she has spent her career in scholarly publishing, working for Houghton Mifflin, Blackwell Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, and Cornell University in a variety of roles. She has been with Speilburg Literary since 2013, and started accepting clients in 2017. Eva is a member the AALA (formerly AAR), RWA, and SCBWI.

In Adult Fiction, Eva represents Romance (all subgenres but inspirational) and Science Fiction/Fantasy. She also represents all subgenres of Young Adult Fiction. Before you hit submit on any queries please check out the agency’s Writing Tips.

If you are a Diverse Author, please see Eva’s special call for manuscripts and, if interested, submit here.

If you’ve submitted to Eva, please wait for a response before sending to any other agents at Speilburg Literary Agency.

General Wants:

All the items below can and should be applied to my specific genre requests unless specified.

#OwnVoices #Latinx stories please! Especially from authors of Puerto Rican, Dominican or Cuban descent. I want to see my culture represented in the books I read, but I also just want to promote authors whose voices and stories can reflect the diversity in our world, a diversity that is still lacking in publishing.

Beyond #Latinx voices, I want to see multicultural, diverse fiction. #OwnVoices for people of all cultures, races, ethnicities, abilities. I am committed to making sure underrepresented voices have a seat at the table.

#LGBTQ stories of all flavors, but especially f/f and bi/pan/demi. I’d also love to see trans characters written by trans voices.

Invisible chronic conditions: I want to see characters with diabetes, epilepsy, other auto-immune diseases, where the condition is part of their identity, but not the whole of it. I want to see their joy more than their struggles, but I don’t want it to be token or forgotten either.

Stories from marginalized voices that focus on the joy. If it’s not obvious by now, I’m a fan of the happy-ever-after. Issues books have their place on the bookshelf, but that’s not my wheelhouse. Everyone deserves a little love (whatever form of love that takes), send me those stories, please. I want to feel ALL THE THINGS.

In Romance:

Rom-coms are still hot, but I like to see some heart and depth along with all the humor. Slapstick isn’t what draws me in, but I delight in the absurd, think Bridget Jones’s Diary for moments that inspire outright laughter.

Raunch-coms that embrace female sexuality and are fun and sexy with heroes who are supportive and never slut-shame.

A summer/vacation story. It can be at the beach or by the lake, or while on travel in an exotic city. I want to see a story about falling in love and figuring out what happens when summer/vacation ends and going back to “real life” means having to make difficult choices.

A F/F sports romance. I’m shipping Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird, so if you have a story you’d comp to their story, please send it my way. Or you can comp it to Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris. Doesn’t have to be soccer either.

In historical romance, my tastes tend to Regency/Victorian England, Gilded Age America, Highland (any era). I’m not really looking for American West or Civil War. Other time periods/settings are fine to query, but the hook and writing must be compelling for me to want to read on.

In contemporary I’m especially hungry for stories where gender expectations are subverted, so something like a celebrity with a female bodyguard or STEM heroines with heroes are their perfect match.

I would love to see a hero inspired by @WinterforMT, the guy who found a dog on the campaign trail and rescued it and adopted it. No opposite side of the aisle stuff though, I DO NOT find that romantic.

Any retelling “but make it gay” pretty much would be something I want to read.

In Young Adult:

A friends-to-lovers, teenaged popstars love story. I’m totally shipping #Shawmila (Shawn Mendes-Camila Cabello) and if you have a story you’d comp to their story, I’m probably going to be sold. Big plus if this is #Latinx, #OwnVoices. Bonus points if it’s gay.

Anything with a road trip, especially if it is about the characters coming to terms with the baggage they carry before heading off to college.

Gothic or horror as long as it’s not too gory. I especially love atmospheric settings and psychological horror/suspense.

Contemporary fantasy that is inspired by non-European mythologies from #OwnVoices creators. I wouldn’t be mad if it were historical fantasy either. I’d really love some #Latinx creators to send me their stories.

I always enjoy a good superhero story, think Renegades or The Extraordinaries. Given the state of the world, where teen life in a contemporary setting has been indefinably altered, I think escaping into worlds where we all have superpowers might be just the thing.

Open to almost all subcategories, but stories must feature a strong romantic element. I am not a huge fan of coming-of-age stories, especially if they are boy narratives. Historical YA must have an incredible voice/hook for me to take the risk on it.

In Science Fiction and Fantasy:

Anything with a fairy tale at the root of the story is fair game, but also any retelling of a classic story in either sci-fi or fantasy would be right up my alley.

Stories that are feminist and intersectional, particularly in science fiction.

Historical Fantasy with a diverse bent and lots of magic. Like say a story about a bruja/o/x traveling transatlantically and owning all of Europe.

In Middle Grade:

Stories that are lyrical and on the more literary range of the spectrum.

Stories infused with magic and and mystery. With kids working together to save their world.

Diversity above all, kids in this age range need to see the a reality that reflects their world.

Both fantasy and contemporary, but the beauty of the prose will be what draws me in.


Inspirational Romance (Sweet Romance is okay, it’s the prayer/God stuff I don’t want.)

Nonfiction (If your story is autobiographical, I don’t want it.)

General fiction or women’s fiction that does not include a strong romantic element or a happy-ever-after. (If I fall in love with characters, for the most part, I want them alive and happy by the time “The End” rolls around.)

High or Epic Fantasy is not a good fit. (If you’re comping George R.R. Martin or Tolkein, it’s just not something I enjoy reading.)

Motorcycle Club Romance (Unless you’ve managed to write the MC f/f romance with no overt sexism/misogyny that I may secretly want to see! Bonus if the characters are #Latinx.)

I didn’t realize this needed to be said, but if your book features incest, that’s a hard NO for me. Also, no on the page rape or sexual abuse, these are not things I am okay with reading.

No COVID, not right now.

Chapter/picture books

Graphic novels (Love them but don’t know how to sell them)

Screenwriting/Short Stories/Poetry

Actual Fun Facts:
+My name is not pronounced with a long E sound. I’m of Puerto Rican, Lebanese, and Spanish descent.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit your query and first three chapters to:


Guidelines & Details

Vital Info




Talk tomorrow,



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