Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 1, 2021

AGENT ALEXANDRA WEISS at Azantian Literary Agency

ALEXANDRA WEISS Azantian Literary Agency

Alexandra Weiss joined Azantian Literary Agency at the beginning of 2021, where she represents fiction and nonfiction picture books, middle grade, young adult, graphic novels, and select adult nonfiction. She holds a BFA in creative writing and publishing from Columbia College Chicago and has written for Bustle and Buzzfeed, among others. She joined the world of publishing in 2016, as an associate agent with the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency. Alexandra regularly volunteers with literary organizations and has a soft spot for working with young readers. When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s probably baking up a storm or snuggling with her cat.


Across the board, I’m dedicated to representing marginalized creators and diverse stories. I’m actively seeking BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, genderfluid, neurodiverse, and disabled voices for all ages and genres.


Please send me your early reader, MG, and YA graphic novel proposals! I’m actively seeking contemporary projects but am open to all genres. Some recent favorites include THIS WAS OUR PACT, SEANCE TEA PARTY and GO WITH THE FLOW. I’d also love to see some nonfiction graphic novels that cover fascinating topics.


I love heartfelt, funny, and whimsical picture books. If you have a clever concept that’s never been done before or provides a fresh twist on a classic tale (such as PRINCE AND KNIGHT), please send it my way. I’m also eagerly searching for picture books books that introduce STEAM concepts and make complex topics approachable (and fun!) for young readers.

I’m also interested in representing more author/illustrators. I enjoy a lot of different styles but generally lean toward art that’s unique, bold, and playful.


I adore all types of adventurous, smart, and out-of-the-box chapter and middle-grade books. Silly schemes! Fantastic friendships! Ambitious adventures! If it has magic, science, or time travel, I’m all in. I’m also a big fan of contemporary middle grade that pulls at your heartstrings (think I’LL SEE YOU IN THE COSMOS and SONG FOR A WHALE). I’m particularly interested in finding more middle grade that isn’t afraid to explore the complicated emotions and challenges preteens face today.


I’m most drawn to contemporary, light science fiction and fantasy, as well as magical realism in YA. I’m looking for strong, distinct, and diverse voices that authentically capture the coming-of-age experience. I’m a fan of angsty characters and stories that explore difficult situations, but I’d also love to see more lighthearted and fluffy romcoms. I’m also interested in YA stories that take place outside of the US or feature mythology from non-western cultures.


Currently, I’m seeking nonfiction proposals from scientists and experts in their field. Some topics I’m interested in include global warming, space exploration, and mental heath. I’m also open to unique gift books that bring something new to the table.

Click here for Alexandra’s submission form:

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Great info. Thanks, Kathy!

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  2. Hi Kathy! Hi Alexandra! Good info here. One thing Alexandra said that made my eyes pop out was, “I’m also eagerly searching for picture books books that introduce STEAM concepts and make complex topics approachable (and fun!) for young readers.” Guess who’s actively searching for and writing for picture book songs for STEM/STEAM in the hopes of making complex concepts and topics more approachable and fun. I’ve enjoyed using music to accomplish this, and am now asking teachers of middle schoolers and older…”What concepts or building blocks do you wish students had by the time they get to you, so you could continue building on that knowledge?” I’m thinking basic vocabulary and some easy but core info, put to a memorable tune. I know of one girl, whose Mom helped her put all her bio facts into little jingles, to remember them. She ACED the Bio part of the ACTs, but was admonished several times for humming in the back of the class😆. Looking for just the right scientists and teachers (and authors) who see the value of this, for collaboration. I’ve seen success using Music with STEM, and always advocate for turning it into #STEAM. Good luck with your searching and agenting Alexandra. You sound happy. That brings success. Stay well all, and have a great week!✌🏼💙🎶🎨📚😁

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  3. Thanks, Kathy!

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  4. Motivated to submit to you, however I can’t get the link on the agency website to open to your submission form. I get the guidelines but no where to actually submit. Any suggestion?

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    • Jude,

      I just tried it and it worked. I put the link into the blog post. If it still doesn’t work, try another browser. I have a site that I use all the time, but when I get to an important page, it does let me get the info I need. I reported it and the tech company said their wasn’t any problem. So I tried going to the site using another browser and it works every time. It is worth a try. I tried the link using Chrome. Hope this helps! Kathy

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