Posted by: Kathy Temean | November 3, 2020

DID YOU VOTE? – Book Winners – New Opportunity


Kathleen Rupff won LOVE CAN COME IN MANY WAYS by Terry Pierce

Heather Stigall won HOP TO IT by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong

Judy Sobanski won LILLYBELLE: A DAMSEL NOT IN DISTRESS by Joanna Pastro

Click the picture above to go over to Goodreads and vote.

OPPORTUNITY: Do you have a book that you are working on? Send in a 70 word description and I will submit it to Mira. She will wave her magic want and help you make it more marketable. PLEASE SEND TO: kathy.temean(at)  – Put Picture Book Pitch Idea in the subject area.

ASA GILLAND: Featured on Illustrator Saturday



SKYLAAR ARMANN: Featured on Illustrator Saturday

VIVIEN MILDENBERGER: Featured on Illustrator Saturday

JENIFFER J MERZ: Featured on Illustrator Saturday


The Day I Started Becoming an American

By David L. Harrison

We had been at sea crossing the Atlantic more than three weeks. I had been sick almost the whole time. I couldn’t keep food down, not even water. I was weak and dirty. My mouth tasted sour. I ached in every joint. It was 1901 and I didn’t feel like I’d live to see 1902. I was lying on my stomach with my face buried in my filthy bunk when Mama shook me.

“Hurry, child!” she said. “We’re here!” Grasping my hand hard, she helped me up the steep steps out onto the deck. “Look!” she cried. “See the Lady? See her standing tall, holding up her torch to welcome us to America? That’s the Statue of Liberty, child. We made it!”

© 2021 by Corwin Press,
all rights reserved,
reprinted from Guided Practice for Reading Growth – See tomorrow’s Book giveaway feature for a chance to win a copy.


Talk tomorrow,




  1. Thanks Kathy–hoping for a big change!


  2. Wow, what amazing illustrations! Nice work! Also, how generous to be able to send in a pitch. Thank you!


  3. Pretty post. Thanks for the opportunity to send in a book description.


  4. Congrats, book winners! Hoping for other winners tonight. Way too much anxiety *sigh*


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