Posted by: Kathy Temean | November 2, 2020

Introduction to the 2020 Picture Book Palooza & Scholarships

Hooray! The Picture Book Palooza is Back To Do Major Good in the KidLit World!! by Mira Reisberg

Hi lovely Kathy Temean blog followers. For the past few years, the Children’s Book Academy has been running the Picture Book Palooza full of fabulous lessons by friends and former students who are now published.

This year with all the madness, we saw how hard it was for many former students and friends who have new books to get attention for their work because of bookstores being closed down, school and library visits shut down, and so much shut else down. So, we decided to really open it up and create something akin to a lively conference that was also a lovefest and a very low cost fundraiser for our interactive course scholarships providing not only intensive lessons but also individual story and illustration advice, giveaways, worksheets and so much more for a pay what you can sliding scale that will benefit others and yourself.

This year, from December 5-7th the Picture Book Palooza will be hosting 8 phenomenal panels with fabulous published moderators and breakout room parties hosted by equally extraordinary hosts. 98% of the presenters are former now-published students. And we even have an agent editor panel sharing what they acquire and why. This is our Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and belated Eid gift as well as a staycation conference unlike anything you’ve ever attended before. We will be sending out worksheets, or play sheets if you prefer, related to the panel topics to help you get clarity on whatever you’re working on, or interested in, and prepare you for feedback in the breakout room parties. There literally is something for everyone, even if you don’t write or illustrate picture books.

Come take a peek at the Picture Book Palooza and register for this incredibly generous, inspiring, and fun event. Let’s celebrate a hopefully massive change for the better.

Sending children’s book love,


PS: The Panels consist of 4 speakers each plus a moderator and host exploring different aspects of:

  • 21st century Nonfiction
  • Writing Fiction Inspired by Life
  • Awesome Community Resources
  • How to Write Funny
  • ​Fiction Versus Concept Books
  • Editor/Agent Panel: What I Love and Why
  • Illustrating and Writing Picture Books

We hope you’ll join us!

Also, at this time we’d like to announce that easy peasy applications are open for our 2021 Craft and Business of Writing Children’s Picture Books course co-taught by two acquiring editors and an acquiring agent. This scholarship is named in honor of one of our favorite, incredibly-successful students, Yuyi Morales. Please feel free to apply for one right here.

Yuyi is an author and illustrator of many notable and award-winning children’s books. Some of her most famous books include Dreamers, Thunderboy Jr., Just a Minute: A Trickster Tale and Counting Book, Little Night, and Viva Frida among others.

CBA would love to be able to allow more kidlit writers and illustrate to improve their craft to publish wonderful children’s books. Our former students have published well over 500 books, many of them from scholarship winners, and we want that number to keep growing. So, please help spread the word and sign up for our Picture Book Palooza We would love to have you join us.

Talk tomorrow,


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