Posted by: Kathy Temean | September 28, 2020

Neil Gaiman’s Eight Rules of Writing

I know all of you know these rules, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to read them again.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. ❤️ Neil Gaiman


  2. I absolutely love his advice, Kathy. thanks so much for sharing it


  3. I saw this last night but didn’t comment. Number 5 is my most important rule to remember with every CP and critique group.


  4. Reblogged this on Terry Pierce and commented:
    Thanks to Kathy Temean for passing along writing advice from Neil Gaiman.


  5. Thanks for the reminder, Kathy. I needed this as I revise my graphic novel.


  6. My favorite one of these relates to critiques. The “it’s not working” is usually right and “this is what’s wrong, and this is how to fix it” is usually wrong. Thinking about why someone is saying something is usually important for the author to discover from within, not from without.


  7. LOVE Neil Gaiman ❤ Thanks for posting these, Kathy 😀


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