Posted by: Kathy Temean | September 15, 2020


Today we have a real treat and opportunity. Illustrator, Will Terry, has published an illustrator’s guide to making money and developing a successful career illustrating. The book is titled, WHAT THEY DON’T TEACH IN ART SCHOOL.

Will has agreed to share a book with one lucky winner. All you have to do to get in the running is to leave a comment, reblog, tweet, or talk about the book on Facebook with a link and you will get additional chances to win. Just let me know the other things you do to share the good news, so I can put in the right amount of tickets in my basket for you.

Even if you are not an illustrator, you can still share on Facebook, Twitter, or reblog. This really helps spread the word and you can always gift the book to one of your illustrator friends. Thanks for helping Will! Tell your illustrating friends, too. 

Illustrators. Stop Starving. Start Thriving.

Discover how you can turn your art skills into your own thriving career in Illustration.

FACT: Being an Illustrator is tough!

You have hopes and dreams to make it big as an artist; but you don’t know how to make it happen. Still, you push along doing the best that you can. Yet, as you move forward you can’t help but feel stress & anxiety about the future. “Will I actually succeed with my art?” “Is it even possible to find an art career that will pay my bills and fulfill me creatively?” To make things worse, you sometimes cave into your fears because of social distancing and/or your past.

Well, listen up! If you want to earn a solid living with your art skills, if you want to be recognized for your brand/content, or if you simply want to land your dream art job, then you need to read what I’m going to say…


The story behind the book: “What They Don’t Teach In Art School”

Sometimes in life you only get one chance to do something you really want to do. What I’m talking about is rare because even with some of the most important decisions we make like who to marry, or what home to buy, or even what career to pursue – we get second, third, and even more chances to change our choices. I had a decision to make and I had been delaying it for about a decade because I just didn’t want to do it wrong.

The decision I’m talking about is how to make the book I just finished that is now being sent off to the printer as I write this. What They Don’t Teach In Art School is an Illustrator’s guide to making money in the real world. 

I had wanted to make this book for the past 10 years but was afraid to do it poorly or afraid that I wasn’t ready to make it. I knew that once created I wouldn’t get a second chance to write it again. I had been compiling topics and ideas for this book for the past 3-4 years borrowing from the videos I had made for my youtube channel, my UVU lectures to my illustration students, talks I’ve given online and in person at different art schools, and from discussions I’ve had with colleagues. 

In addition I wanted  my book to show some of my work from my 30 year freelance illustration career. I gathered permissions from some of my publishers as well as selections of my best work over the years. Most business/marketing books are quite thin on visuals and the kid in me reasoned that I would love to read a self help book with pictures! So there are lots of illustrations throughout the book.

I also wanted to include advice from many of the illustrators I’ve looked up to over the years. In the end I’m an art geek who fans on many many artists and this was a good excuse to gather them in. I invited a really solid group of artists to lend their advice and art for the book and ended up with a great mix from pop culture artists to portrait artists – comic illustrators to gallery artists contributing to the book. I believe their contributions will really help up and coming artists gain important varied messages from top working artists.

Why did I want to make this book you might be asking yourself? Well, I have been a little frustrated with our system of art school education over the years. Art schools hire art teachers and many of them are really good at doing what they were hired to do – teach art. What they often lack is the ability and knowledge to teach the business side of art. The good teachers find people who are good at teaching their students the business side of art but that rarely happens and if it does it’s usually one or two guest lectures.  Instead, students graduate knowing how to make good images but know very little about the markets they need to sell their work in.

When I finished school it was no different – and I scrambled to find professional illustrators that would talk with me about and share their business knowledge with me. I found it odd that it was up to me to flesh out what I call, “the other half of an art education”. I thought we should have been talking about the business side of art a lot more in my schooling experience. This lack of education is what has fueled me for the past 15 years to incorporate business lectures in my University classes and to create my youtube channel. I’ve almost exclusively used my youtube channel to teach business related topics to artists who want to sell their work.

So, I was bumping along in life – everything going according to plan and then my wife died unexpectedly last year. I was fairly public about this event on my youtube channel as I knew that a lot of people would find out and want to reach out to me. It was the worst time of my life and I didn’t know how to cope or get through it – then I found out you don’t “get through it” – you learn to live with it. In learning to live with it I found that I just had no motivation to make art. For months I had nothing – I didn’t want to draw or paint and each time I tried I found myself depressed. 

I needed something to work on and that’s when I thought, “maybe I can start writing my book” – after all, I had all the resources, notes, outline, and material just waiting to be compiled. I quickly found that writing this book gave me purpose. I found that I could focus on the end user and their needs rather than my own and it was wonderful. I could feel fulfilled at the end of each writing session and I knew that my wife would be proud that her death gave new life to something good. 

After about 4 months I had my first draft. In subsequent weeks I was able to refine it to the point that I could share it with Kim MacPherson, my editor. The rest is kind of boring as far as getting it ready to give to my designer Maralee Nelson but for me the exciting part is that I was able to launch a successful kickstarter and follow up Indiegogo campaign and all totalled I was able to pre-sell about 7000 books! We are now in the production phase as files are being proofed and getting ready to send to our printer. We should have books back from the printer in late October/November. We will send out the books to all of our crowdfunding backers at that time. 

To grab a copy of the book, the best way is to visit and sign up for our mailing list. Before we get books you can be placed on the “notice” list and then after we get books you’ll be able to order a copy at our site and in the future we plan to also sell them on Amazon. 

In this BEAUTIFUL 300-page fully illustrated hard cover book; you’re going to learn:

Industry Insights

You will learn the most relevant professional practices I use in my career to this date. To name a few: How to find clients, how to price effectively and close deals, how to figure out which industry your art is best suited for, how to correctly invoice, industry mistakes you should avoid, and more…

This means you will be fully prepared to find and secure the right opportunities that will fulfill you creatively and pay you fairly.

How To Land Your Dream Art Job

For some of you, landing that nice prestigious illustration job at a famous company like Disney, Riot games, or DreamWorks is your dream. In this guide you will learn how to network effectively, how to get yourself & your art noticed, how to nail an interview, and much more.

This means that you will have a competitive edge over all the other illustrators out there trying to get the top jobs in your industry.

How To Get Freelance Work

For those of you looking for the thrill of freelancer life, I’ve got you covered. You will learn how to get the best freelance work, how to get your work discovered to attract more clients, how to correctly structure your portfolio, best practices to follow as a freelancer, and more…

This means that you will be able to create the freelance work-hard/play-hard lifestyle you want, earn a living, and still have time for conventions and games.

How To Create Your Own Brand

As artists, what we want most is to be known for our accomplishments and abilities. In this guide, you will learn how to combine your talents and establish your own personal brand; what it takes to get your brand off the ground, and how to get your brand to scale.

This means you will have the groundwork to expand your influence so you can gain the recognition & wealth you desire.

How To Create Your Own Products/Services

Some of you have always wanted to create your own games/products/services and sell them online via Kickstarter, Shopify, or Amazon. In this guide, you will learn how to start your own line of products/services, how to fail fast & improve, and how to sell your products/services profitably.

Understanding & applying the lessons from this section means you will be on the fastest road to 6+ figures.

How to Develop The Successful Illustrator Mentality

You will learn how to think like a successful illustrator and see the world as yours to make & create. You will develop a growth mindset that will enable you to try hard things and accomplish great feats.

This means that you will be able to see opportunities that you weren’t previously able to see and you’ll have the courage to reach out and grab them.

And so much more…


Will Terry has been a freelance illustrator for 23 years. He was horrible at math, English, and science…luckily he found art. After finishing his BFA project at BYU he began working for magazines and newspapers not far from where he grew up in Washington D.C. His early clients include publications such as Time, Money, Wall Street Journal and ads for Sprint, Pizza hut, M&M Mars, Fed Ex, and Master Card. He has illustrated about 30 children’s books for Random House, Simon Schuster, Scholastic, Penguin, Klutz, and Albert Whitman. He has created several indie ebooks that have sold tens of thousands of copies and has started a story app series with Rick Walton beginning with Gary’s Place. He also co-owns – online illustration classes for children’s book illustrators selling in over 80 countries.

Will Terry and I am a successful  illustrator. – He has illustrated over 30 children’s books for publishers like Scholastic, Penguin Random House, and Simon Schuster. He co-founded the wildly popular illustration podcast – 3 point perspective and co-founded with Jake Parker and Lee White where they teach illustrators all over the world. He created a thriving comic convention brand and has taught illustration and business practices for 9 years at UVU. He has been giving entrepreneurial advice on his popular YouTube channel  for over 10 years!

The point is, he has made his own successful illustration career. He, along with 12 other award winning illustrators, will show you how to make yours.

Will has an Early Bird Special of $29 for a softcover version and $39 for the Hard cover version. 

Click here to view Will’s Illustrator Saturday feature.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Will, what an inCREDibly invaluable book for illustrators! I hope this reaches ALL of us! Thank you!!!! What a fantastic post, Kathy 😀


    • Sharing this, of course!!!! #kidlitart, here I come! 😀


  2. Wow! What a totally awesome resource and source of inspiration! Thanks for writing this and sharing it with us! Best wishes!

    I will Tweet this post. 🙂


  3. Thank you for writing this book Will. I needed it in college many years ago. And I know it will be a Godsend for many students and artists in general.


  4. I’d be really interested to see what Will says about how to make money. It’s TOUGH! His videos are great, so I’m hopeful that there’s some good advice!


  5. I bet this would be great for authors, too, who write picture books! Thanks for pulling this information all together in one gorgeous book!


  6. I’ve always loved Will Terry’s artwork -thanks for sharing such a fabulous book!


  7. I am sure the book will do well! Congratulations, Will!


  8. I’ll have to share this with all of the illustrators I know. Cheers!


  9. This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing all your wisdom with us, Will! Congratulations and wishing you great success.

    Kathy, I read your blog and I have reposted to Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for all you do for the writers and illustrators!


  10. This looks like an amazing book. Thanks for an interesting post.


  11. I’d love to have a chance to read this and get guidance with my own art. I would love to get more knowledge that I haven’t been taught that could improve what I already know. Additionally, I would love to be able to review this book for my blog, I’m sure my readers would love to hear about this fabulous book.


  12. Glad to get a little look at what this book will teach! Looks like it’s chock-full of great info for being a working illustrator in today’s market.


    • I’m tweeting and reblogging this.


  13. Reblogged this on Draw Each Day and commented:
    Its been a while since I’ve posted here – but I had to share this awesome book that Will Terry is putting out there. This book is chock full of guidance on the business side of being a working artist.


  14. I ordered a copy for my son who’s currently a visual arts major. And I shared on Twitter –


  15. Kathy, I’ve emailed you and hoping they got through. I did receive your email, first one even though it says last time. However, I really really want this book! It’s terrific and something to help me progress in my love for art. I hope you get back in touch. Thank you ☺


    • Yay! I am so happy that I have the address and you really want the book. It looks so great!


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