Posted by: Kathy Temean | July 22, 2020

Opportunity: Children’s Book Illustration Course, Discounts, and Scholarships

Hip! Hip! Hooray! Registration is now open for The Children’s Book Academy’s game-changing CRAFT & BUSINESS OF ILLUSTRATING CHILDREN’S BOOKS interactive e-course!  Not only that, but there are time-limited $100 discounts, scholarship opportunities, and tons of amazing bonuses for this course! 

  • ​​Are you a writer wanting to illustrate your own books or would you like to become a better writer by fully understanding how the illustration process works and perhaps even open up to some long forgotten art making joy?

  • Or maybe you are a beginning illustrator who can only draw stick figures or a professional illustrator wanting to update your skills to move into new markets?

  • Then this lively, fun, game-changing course is for you! And it’s all starting soon with the first live training happening from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else starting August 31st!

This highly interactive, proven track-record e-course & talent search is designed to fit any schedule. Trust us, so many of our students wouldn’t be returning students if the content wasn’t excellent and the schedule wasn’t flexible. We also bring in a ton of fantastic opportunities. WORK AT YOUR LEVEL AND PACE! Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned writer or illustrator, this is a HANDS ON ADVENTURE you don’t want to  allow to pass you by. Also writers, if you thought you could never illustrate a picture book, take this course and let us prove you wrong so you can maybe even enter that most desired niche of author-illustrator!

JOIN​ Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Acquiring Art Director & Senior Designer ANDREA MILLER, Multi-published Illustrator LARISSA MARANTZ & Clear Fork/Spork Publishing Acquiring Editor & Art Director MIRA REISBERG and  find out why our students say our courses are…”like attending twenty conferences or a prestigious MFA program in one course.” And why so many of them either become published or reinvigorate their careers!

If you already know about this course and the Academy’s fantastic track record of former students publishing over FIVE HUNDRED books and winning EVERY major North American award, REGISTER right now and take advantage of these bonuses:

  • FREE Fun with Photoshop Course Parts 1 & 2
  • FREE Procreate Course
  • FREE Fun with Social Media Course
  • BONUS CONTENT The Craft & Business of Illustrating Children’s Picture Books e-Book
  • BONUS CONTENT The Little BIG Book of Children’s Book Illustration Techniques & Definitions​
  • FREE Lesson Plans for teachers and homeschooling parents
  • BONUS CONTENT for Creating Your Own Graphic Novels
  • FREE Awesome Website Building with Weebly Course
  • FREE 5 Ways of Making Dummies!!!
  • FREE Hand Lettering & Calligraphy Course
  • PLUS An EXCLUSIVE Insider Video Tour Led by Brilliant Chronicle Books Editor Melissa Manlove Who Shows and Tells What Really Goes on in a Major Children’s Book Publishing House
  • Exclusive Opportunities to Submit to Children’s Book Editors, Agents, and Art Directors
  • Lots of Worksheets, Handouts, Instructions, and Videos for Learning How to Draw and Make Art Traditionally (Beginners) Develop New Moves for More Experienced Artists, and Save Time and Frustration by Using New Technologies Like Procreate and Photoshop
  • Wonderful Technique Demonstrations and Studio Visits From Artists Such as Julie Downing, Ashley Wolff, Yuyi Morales, and Lisa Brown​

All of these bonuses are included in your registration for the Craft and Business of Illustrating Children’s Books at the Big Bonuses Level.  CBA offers generous payment plans AND right now you can take advantage of a fabulous $100 early bird discount with this code: ARTLOVE 

In the Success Levels, you’ll get everything in the BIG BONUS above PLUS an amazing opportunity to benefit from a personal one- hour-long critique with either a successfully published illustrator or one of two art directors. Also heads up, the critiquing options, which are like a mini-course focused just on you and your work or career, are only available when you register, so grab one while you can. They are amazing!

Because CBA loves to give back (and we understand these are difficult financial times for so many), there are quite a few opportunities for scholarships. The criteria includes  helping increase diversity and rewarding those who do so much in our field, so if you identify as being of color, or LBGQTI, or as having a disability, or are a member of a group who are currently underrepresented in the children’s publishing industry, please apply.   In addition, low income folks who might not be able to take this course otherwise, as well as SCBWI Regional Advisors, ARAs, and Illustrator Coordinators who may or may not identify as being of any of these communities above but who do so much unpaid work to help our field and children’s librarians who we also love are welcome to apply. Finally, because CBA’s founder is a homesick Aussie and because the exchange rate is so bad, some scholarships are offered to Aussies and Kiwis who tend to make the courses super lively. The Academy gives as many scholarships as it can based on the number of paying students within the size-limited course, so please help spread the word using our bitly link:  

Meanwhile here are your six easy peasy questions. Please be brief, specific, and use your language skills so that we fall in love with you. And while we will help with writing, the primary focus is on illustrating. Do your best to answer the questions in a writerly or fun way so that we can see your potential and want to keep working with you.  Here you go:

  • Using your funniest or most lyrical language, tell us  something lovely about yourself
  • Describe how you meet our scholarship criteria
  • Are you agented or published – if so with whom?
  • After filling out the form, include your website if you have one, or email 3 images labeled with your name and “CBICB” in the subject line to
  • Talk about how you are going to give back by helping your fellow students and the Academy by participating in the group and helping us spread the word about our offerings
  • Let us know if you are agented or if you’ve been previously published

CBA offers these full and half-priced merit-based scholarships in order to reflect the true make-up of the world both as creators and as main characters in books and to increase access to our interactive courses! We also have some other criteria in the form. These scholarships to the interactive online Craft and Business of Illustrating Children’s Books e-Course are for both fearful beginners (including writers open to learning to illustrate) to award-winning illustrators wanting to upgrade their skills and learn new and helpful information for the current market.

You have so much to gain! What have you got to lose?

Course starts August 31st

Mira Bio: Mira Reisberg PhD has worn just about every hat in the industry: award-winning author/illustrator, agent, kidlit university professor, editor and art director, and fearless director of the Children’s Book Academy. Her students have published over 500 books and won every major North American award. She is obsessed with making, reading, and helping others make wonderful children’s books. Mira lives in Portland, Oregon with her handsome husband Guy and two quirky cats.

Talk tomorrow,


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