Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 29, 2020

Write for Blue Moon Publishers

Write for Blue Moon Publishers

Blue Moon is a boutique Canadian Publisher. They focus on publishing literary fiction and women’s fiction, as well as young adult and middle grade works. The stories they publish span various genres including contemporary, historical, mystery, science fiction, and fantasy.

Blue Moon Publications welcomes submissions:

Submission Guidelines:

Please read the following carefully before preparing your work for submission to us. Our publishing house does accept unsolicited manuscripts but we want to receive a proposal first and if interested we will solicit the manuscript.

We are looking for solid writing and a compelling storytelling. Present an idea with originality and we will be very interested in reading your work.

As you can appreciate, we receive many submissions and give each proposal careful consideration so it can take up to sixteen weeks for us to respond, depending on the amount of proposals we have received. If it takes longer to hear back, your proposal could still be under consideration and may simply have been given to a second editor for their opinion. We can’t publish all books sent to us but each book is given consideration based on its individual merits along with a set of criteria we use when considering proposals for publication. Due to the amount of manuscripts we receive, we only respond to those that are under consideration.

How to Submit:

Please follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure that your proposal does arrive on an editor’s desk.

1. Before you send the entire manuscript, send a book proposal which should include a synopsis and two sample chapters:

*Synopsis is a short description of the book content. Please make it no longer than 800 words.

*Sample Chapters: The chapters don’t need to be consecutive but do send the first chapter of the book. Submit chapters that showcase your best writing.

*Double space the copy that you send in.

*Include a cover letter with essential details such as your reply address, social media channels, date of submission, title and size of your manuscript. Also indicate whether this is one book or part of a series.

2. If we do respond to your first submission, and ask to see your full manuscript:

Send the full manuscript in PDF form.*Make sure there is a short letter with your details on it.

3. Please send all correspondence to:

Click for FAQ’S

Talk tomorrow,



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