Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 15, 2020

Virtual Writers Retreat Details

Many of you have asked me to put together a Virtual Writers Retreat that would work like the Avalon Full Manuscript Retreat I ran for the last seven years.  This past weekend I tested out Zoom with a few writers to make sure if would work for us and I think if it will work for our needs. If you never used Zoom, it is pretty simple to use and if you have an old computer and don’t think it will work with your limping along technology, I can arrange to put you with others who might be in your same boat as you. Or, you can buy a Kindle, which you can get for way under $100 and access Zoom from there. 

So here is my idea of how this could work. I am looking to keep the critique groups to four writers, which would mean you would only have three other manuscripts to read. I will place you in a novel group if you write novels (MG or YA) or a PB group if you write picture books. Since this would be virtual, I would be able let each group decide how they would want their group to work. Example: The group could decide to start in May and take turns reading each others manuscripts and then group meet virtually (maybe one every ten days or 2 weeks), then everyone could go back and revise for the agent/editor one-on-one critiques. The group could decide to meet as agreed to go over the revisions or meet to run new ideas with each other. Then in September I will schedule the one-on-one critiques with the agents/editors. We could even schedule two groups together with two agents/editors in September 12th or 13th for a first page session. 

Below is the cost and what you would get for that price:


For Novel Writers: One full, one hour manuscript novel critique up to 70,000 words – Plus, one 20 page – 30 minute critique with a second agent – Also, an hour to discuss your manuscript with the other writers in your assigned group and other meetings as group decides (May though Aug.) – $665

For PB Writers &/or Illustrators: One hour, three picture books critiques not over 20 pages – Plus, one 30 minute picture book critique with a second agent – Also, an hour to discuss your manuscript with the other writers in your assigned group and other meetings as group decides (May though Aug.) – $450


Danielle Burby at Nelson Literary Agency – PB, MG, YA, Graphic Novels, Adult Women Fiction

Liza Flessig at Liza Royce Agency – PB, MG, YA, Graphic-Novel, Nonfiction, Women’s Fiction (Suspense/thriller).

Leslie Zampetti at Dunham Literary –PB, Chapter Books, MG, YA, and Adult (Mysteries, Romance, and Women’s Fiction)

Chelsea Eberly at Green House Literary – PB, MG, YA, Graphic Novels, Adult Women’s Fiction

Space is limited.

If you are interested, please email me to reserve a spot and let me know which group and what you have written. BTW, you do not have to have a complete manuscript at this moment. I would think having a critique group could help you get the manuscript done. Please put VIRTUAL WRITERS RETREAT in the subject area.

If you signed up for the Writer’s Retreat this fall in Princeton or you wanted to attend that retreat. I will still do it if I get enough interest. If you already sent in a deposit for that retreat and would like to switch over to the virtual retreat. Just email me to let me know. You will get one of the first spots.


Corona virus,
How you tire us,
dishing out
your gloom and doom.

But we’ll beat you,
soon defeat you,
Hope and work
can help us bloom.🌷


Talk tomorrow,



  1. Love the poem!


  2. […] KT: I would like to let writers know I am currently working on organizing a Virtual Writers Retreat. I have done a full manuscript critique retreat for the last seven years. It has helped so many writers get published or opened doors for them with an agent. This COVID-19 and everyone being locked down and afraid of flying, I decided going virtually would be a good idea. If you write a novel, where would you get a chance to have an agent or editor read your full story. Plus, everyone gets assigned to a four person critique group and everyone gets a 20 page critique with one of the other agents. The retreat is open to picture book writers, too. Their cost is less. They get a total of four PB critiques and a PB critique group. Here is the link for more details. […]


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