Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 13, 2020

Life Lines and Book Winners

Ana Ochoa sent me this illustration on Easter Day. It is titled LIFE LINES. I think Ana has told us a story with this illustration. Recent events have made us realize the importance of being there for each other – being each other’s life lines. See the smiles on those little faces? They made me smile. I thought you might need a a smile, too. Thank you Ana for sharing this with us. ANA OCHOA: Featured on Illustrator Saturday

Many of you have been emailing about the virtual writing retreat. It seems we could all use a writing life line. Please check back on Wednesday. I will have all the details.


Emily Bailey wonTHE STORY OF CIVIL WAR HERO ROBERT SMALLS by Janet Halfmann 

Carol Baldwin won THE LITTLEST VOYAGEUR by Margi Preus

Mandy Davis won IF SUN COULD SPEAK by Kourtney LaFavre

Laura Graves won BOATS WILL FLOAT by Andria Warmflash Rosenbaum

Please send me your name and address, along with the title of the book you won. Thank you!

BELOW ARE Previous BOOK WINNERS that I still need to hear from:

Roberta Gibson is the winner of: NUMBERS IN MOTION by Laurie Wallmark

Wendy from Williamsburg is the winner of: WOOD, WIRE, WINGS: EMMA LILIAN TODD INVENTS AN AIRPLANE by Kirsten Larson

Please send me your name and address, along with the title of the book you won. Thank you!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Congrats to all!


  2. I love this illustration! I actually did this with my neighbor. #memories


  3. I’ve been meaning to comment to say how impressed I am to get your post in email everyday even through all this chaos. Your unwavering consistency has been a sign that everything is okay. Thanks Kathy!


  4. That illustration reminds me of the videos I saw of the families in Italy singing from their balconies.


  5. Finding a way to connect…a perfect illustration for this unusual time!


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