Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 15, 2020

Book Winners and Kudos

HEADS UP: On Thursday I featured Meeg Pincus and her new book Winged Wonders, but somehow did not save the interior illustrations within the feature.

I wanted to mention the mistake, so you could use this link to quickly take a look. You don’t want to miss them. They are so lovely. 

Here is the link:


Connie Saunders is the winner of: LET’S DANCE! by Valerie Bolling

Judy Sobanski is the winner of: FREE FOR YOU AND ME: What Our First Amendment Means by Christy Mihaly

Roberta Gibson is the winner of: NUMBERS IN MOTION by Laurie Wallmark

Wendy from Williamsburg is the winner of: WOOD, WIRE, WINGS: EMMA LILIAN TODD INVENTS AN AIRPLANE by Kirsten Larson

Carol Scott is the winner of: AFTER DARK: Poems about Nocturnal Animals by David L Harrison

Please send me your name and address, along with the title of the book you won. Thank you!



Sarah Janssen will join Skyhorse as executive editor on March 16.

At Abrams, Rebecca Kaplan has been promoted to editor-in-chief.

At Random House Children’s, Maria Correa joins the Classic Brand team as associate editor.

At Bloomsbury Children’s, Mary Kate Castellani has been promoted to editorial director; Melissa Kavonic to managing editorial director; Kate Sederstrom to assistant editor.

Talk tomorrow,


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