Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 6, 2020

Opportunity: Fun For Kidz

Fun for Kidz first began publication in January of 2002. It was the answer for children receiving Hopscotch or Boys’ Quest and needing something on the months when they were not receiving a magazine. Unlike Hopscotch and Boys’ Quest, Fun For Kidz is designed for both boys and girls. The idea is for brothers and sisters to share the magazine.

Fun For Kidz is an activity magazine that maintains the same wholesome values as the other publications. Each issue is also created around a theme. There is nothing in the magazine to make it out dated. Fun For Kidz offers creative activities for children with extra time on their hands. Girls are given a chance to work on a building project. Boys are allowed to make something artistically pleasing. The entire family can enjoy the various activities and “things to do.”


July 2020 – Horses

September 2020 – Native Americans

November 2020 – Animals Up Close and Personal

All themes: We need ONLY nonfiction stories accompanied by excellent high-resolution photo support.

Fun For Kidz Submission Guidelines

A Word at the Outset

Every Fun For Kidz contributor must remember we publish only six issues a year, which means our editorial needs are extremely limited.

It is obvious that we must reject far more contributions than we accept, no matter how outstanding they may seem to you or to us.

With that said, we would point out that Fun For Kidz is a magazine created for boys and girls from 6 to 13 years, with youngsters 8, 9, and 10 the specific target age.

Our point of view is that every child deserves the right to be a child for a number of years before he or she becomes a young adult.

As a result, Fun For Kidz publishes articles and activities that deal with timeless topics, such as pets, nature, hobbies, science, games, sports, careers, simple cooking, and anything else likely to interest a child. Each issue revolves around a theme.


We are looking for lively writing that involves an activity that is both wholesome and unusual. The Ideal length of a FUN FOR KIDZ nonfiction piece is up to 300-325 words for a one-page magazine article or up to 600-650 words for a two-page magazine article. Articles that are accompanied by strong high-resolution photos are far more likely to be accepted than those requiring illustration.

We will entertain simultaneous submissions as long as that fact is noted on the manuscript. Submissions should be double-spaced.

We pay a minimum of five cents a word for both fiction and nonfiction, with additional payment given if the piece is accompanied by appropriate photos or art. We pay a minimum of $10 per poem or puzzle, with variable rates offered for games, simple carpentry projects, etc. A complimentary copy will be sent to each writer who has contributed to a given issue.

Fun For Kidz buys first American serial rights and pays upon publication. It welcomes the contributions of both published and unpublished writers. We reserve the right to publish all material from the magazine on our website as a sample of the magazine. This is for display only on a limited time basis. Contributors will be compensated whenever their work is published to generate revenue and not strictly for exposure.

Sample copies can be purchased for $6.00 within the US, $9.00 for Canada and $12.25 for all other countries. All payment must be in US funds.


Nonfiction submissions should be accompanied by sharp, high-resolution photos (at least 950 pixels wide, at least 260 dpi) that support the article. It is better to submit several photos rather than just one or two. Photos should be in color. Payment is $5 per photo.


Most art will be by assignment, in support of features used. We are anxious to find artists capable of illustrating stories and features. We welcome copies of sample work, which will remain on file. Our inside art is pen and ink. We pay $35 for a full page and $25 for a partial page.

There’s One More Thing

Fun For Kidz issues each revolve around a theme. We often choose new themes as the result of a submission on a topic we haven’t covered. We work far into the future. If you don’t receive a quick response on your submission, that means we are holding it and giving it serious consideration. We strive to treat all of our contributors and their work with respect and fairness.

We are no longer accepting submissions by e-mail. Please mail submissions to:

Fun For Kidz Magazine
ATTN: Submissions
PO Box 227
Bluffton, OH 45817-0227

All submissions need the following to be considered for publication:

– Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) for acceptance/rejection letter
– Contact info., including e-mail address, phone number, and mailing address, on each page of the manuscript
– Notation of which upcoming theme your content should be considered for


Talk Tomorrow,



  1. Thanks, Kathy!


  2. Not having an online submittable link, as most mags do is a step backward, imho.


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