Posted by: Kathy Temean | November 30, 2019

First Half of 2019 Illustrator Saturday Favorites

Every year I pick my favorite Illustration from each weeks Illustrator Saturday Posts. Here is the first half of 2019. It is not an easy job trying to choose.JILL WEBER: Featured on January 12, 2019

CARRIE SALAZAR: Featured on January 19, 2019 

AMY SCHIMLER-STAFFORD: Featured on January 26, 2019


MARCIN POLUDIAK: Featured on February 9, 2019 

KAYLA HARREN: Featured on February 16, 2019

KHOA LE: Featured on February 23, 2019 

AMANDA HALL: Featured on March 2, 2019 

AMBERIN HUQ: Featured on March 9, 2019 

CHRISTINA WALD: Featured on March 16, 2019

LENA RALSTON: Featured on March 23, 2019

KATE  COSGROVE: Featured on March 30, 2019 

APRIL HARTMAN: Featured on April 6, 2019 

DAVID LORENZO: Featured on April 13, 2019

NOEL ILL: Featured April 20, 2019 

MARIFE GONZALEZ: Featured on April 27, 2019 

LAURIE KUTSCERA: Featured on May 5, 2019

KEITH HENRY BROWN: Featured on May 11, 2019 

ROMINA GALOTTA: Featured on May 18, 2019 

JOSHUA HEINSZ: Featured on May 25, 2019 

MARYANN COCCA-LEFFLER: Featured on June 1, 2019 

ANNE LAMBELET:  Featured on June 15, 2019 

EMMA ALLEN: Featured on June 22, 2019 

SHERYL MURRAY: Featured on June 29, 2019 

Talk tomorrow,



  1. I love your choices, Kathy. as you said, it must be so difficult to choose between them. I look forward to the rest.


  2. I agree, Beth, Kathy’s choices all have something special that sets them apart—and what a difficult job it must have been choose. So many great illustrations!

    Kathy, thank you so much for all your hard work searching for, choosing, interviewing, uploading, informing and inspiring us daily with all of your posts. I look forward to them and hope you’re inspired by them, too.

    Much appreciated!


  3. Thank you, Kathy! I enjoyed all these fabulous illustrations -such talent!!


  4. Wonderful choices. Thanks for a beautiful post.


  5. Thanks Kathy, for this beautiful kaleidiscope of art and all your time sharing them with us. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. All of them are gorgeous, each in its own way. I have no idea how you chose, Kathy. Even with you narrowing them down, I wouldn’t be able to!


  7. ALways amazed by all the talent! ❤


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