Posted by: Kathy Temean | November 20, 2019

First Page Critique – Book Promotion Opportunity – Book Winners – Kudos

Hi, everyone. Couple of things. If you have a first page that you would like to have critiqued by November’s Agent of the Month. Your chances of winning a spot is high this month, since the amount of submissions are low. I will be picking the four winners on Thursday. Don’t miss this opportunity. Here is the link to the guidelines.

Also, so many of you have already contacted me to hold a date for a book in 2020, but there are a good number of spots available in December. If you would like to have your book featured in December, let me know. It doesn’t have to be a recent published book, just send me a note letting me know the titled and a little bit about the book or just send me a link to the book on Amazon. The one thing I need is your journey with the book. Usually I can find the other things I need for the feature. Of course, it is always great to get your picture (at least 500 pixels wide)your bio, the cover, book description, and four or five .jpgs of interior art. For those not familiar with the book features, they are done with a book giveaway. If you don’t have a book, your publisher might be willing to send out the book from their marketing department. Please send me an email at: kathy.temean (at) and put BOOK PROMOTION in the subject area, before the spot are filled. Note: You do not have to have a picture book to be featured. You can be an author of a Middle Grade book or Young Adult book 



Pamela Harrison won BACK ROADS, COUNTRY TOADS by Devin Scillian


Kim Pfennigwerth won SANTA’S SECRET by Denise Brennan-Nelson

Christopher S won WITCH WASHDAY by C.A. Nobens

Donna Weidner won SNOW DAY by Cheryl Nobens

Judy Sobanski won The Night Baafore Christmas by Dawn Young

Angie Quantrell won ALL COLORS by Amalia Hoffman

Carol Gwin Nelson won EXPERIMENT #256 by Marty Kelley

Jan Milusich won If You’re Scary and You Know It! by Carole Gerber


KUDOS to Katia Raina! Last week, she was recognized for her writing efforts and received a silver medal for her YA historical novel CASTLE OF CONCRETE.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Oh, Hooray! Thank you, Kathy – thrilled to win Santas Secret by Denise Brennan-Nelson Illus by Deborah Melman! Congratulations to all those who also won books and to Katia Raina for her Castle of Concrete silver medal🎉


  2. Yay! Thanks so much, Kathy! Can’t wait to read ALL COLORS by Amalia Hoffman. I appreciate all of your hard work in sharing these great books with us. 🙂


  3. Congrats to ALL the winners! And love that pic of you, Katia 😀 Congrats!!!


  4. Thanks so much,Kathy! I’m so excited to read The Night BAA for Christmas!


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