Posted by: Kathy Temean | November 18, 2019

Agent Katie Grimm – Likes and Dislikes


Don Congdon Associates

Born in Colorado and a graduate of Bowdoin College in Maine, Katie Grimm was somehow lured to New York City by the siren song of book publishing and started at Don Congdon Associates in 2007 as the assistant for the agency. As an agent, she is still currently building her own list of authors.

She represents vivid literary fiction (be it voicey, historical, speculative, or mysterious), up-market women’s fiction, cohesive short story collections, and graphic novels. In young adult, she loves compelling and heartbreaking contemporary novels and speculative high-concepts rooted in science and history. In middle grade, she enjoys novels with a heartfelt, timeless quality, and stories that explore the magic of our world or those imagined. For non-fiction, she is looking for memoirs and narratives that explore greater social issues, dark and weird times in human history, the personal impact of science, and any off-beat topic explored through an academic lens. Across all genres, she’s looking for books with a heartbeat, and she’ll always be interested in previously under- or misrepresented experiences and stories that contribute to a larger cultural conversation. She is also a member of SCBWI.

Here is Katie:

Most generally, I focus on adult literary fiction, narrative non-fiction, middle grade, and young adult fiction. Across all genres and ages, I’ll always be interested in the darker and weirder side of the human condition as well as previously under- or misrepresented experiences and voices.

In adult fiction, I enjoy literary and up-market fiction with a unique voice that evokes a strong emotion and necessitates a conversation – be it contemporary, historical, mysterious or speculative. I always want books with a heartbeat, and I’m delighted when an unusual structure or form functions at a higher level.

In non-fiction, I’m also looking for distinct voice and new perspectives. I enjoy narratives that blend the personal and investigative, are nerdy deep-dives into a particular topic, and/or use individual stories as a lens to analyze a systemic problem or issue.

In children’s fiction, I love the idea of finding a new middle grade classic that I wished I had as a child to guide me through complicated feelings or take me to faraway lands. I’m also looking for contemporary and speculative young adult novels that use genre tropes and form to create an emotional space to work through issues in a new way. In MG and YA, I’m open to every genre – from magical realism to horror to high fantasy to sci-fi – as long as the focus is on the characters’ personal growth and relationships, with an emphasis on creating wonder and building empathy.

Queries with the following topics will always get a closer look: cultural constructs, female friendship, mental health, cults, weird history, abductions, the Reformation, monsters, the sea, Space, Russia, twins, witches, lies we tell ourselves, and magic in our world or those imagined.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

Please include a first chapter or 15 pages with your query letter (if you have a prologue, you can include both, for alternating POV, please include a chapter from each) in the body of the email as we don’t open unsolicited attachments. I am no longer accepting paper queries.

Guidelines & Details

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing, Kathy. 🙂


  2. Hi Kathy Thanks for sharing Katie Grimms agent info. I have sent a proposal but it keeps saying failure to send email- checked her agency email and tried again but still i get it kicked back to me as “undelivered’ any suggestions ?? Thank you Rebecca Dickinson


  3. Thanks, Kathy!


  4. How funny! My father’s name is Don Congdon.


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