Posted by: Kathy Temean | November 10, 2019

Zizzle Literary – Submissions

Zizzle Literary  is an anthology book series that aims to bring parents and kids together to foster a lifelong love of reading. They publish literary fiction that kids from age twelve, and adults will all enjoy.

They focus on short and flash fiction — the door opener to the world of literature. In today’s digital culture, short and flash fiction has great potential to compete for readers’ dwindling attention spans. Their very short fiction will appeal to those who already love literary fiction and will spark an interest in newer readers. 

In 2020 they will launch a special edition with illustrated short stories (2,000 to 4,500 words) that will cater to young adults. Their aim is to make quality literature accessible to a broader young audience.

Submission Guidelines

AZizzle we look for stories that will surprise, move, and amuse both young and older imaginative minds. We like fiction that dives deep into meaning and resists banality. We believe the moral, if any, of a great story should evolve naturally and not be imposed. We embrace fresh perspectives on the nuanced joys and tensions in kids’ daily lives and imaginations. We are open to pieces that defy traditional storytelling. Tasteful humor and a strong voice always appeal to us.

Because we respect and admire our writers (and know how much goes into crafting a great story) we pay professional rates for stories that are accepted for publication in our print, digital, and/or audio editions.

We accept submissions year-round.

Before submitting, we urge you to familiarize yourself with our aesthetic by reading Zizzle’s print issues. Order now! Or subscribe to our newsletter to get free access to our new audio editions.

Fiction Submissions

For our 2020 Special Edition:

• We seek literary fiction that will appeal to young adults and full-on grown-ups.
• We pay a flat rate of US $100 for each accepted flash story, and a flat rate of US $250 for each accepted short story.
• Some of the accepted pieces will be illustrated, and all accepted pieces will appear in our print, digital and/or audio editions, or in all these formats.
• Because we are writers too, we understand the need to accept simultaneous submissions. We only ask that you notify us promptly if your story is accepted elsewhere.
• We also accept multiple submissions. (Refer to details about submission fees below.)
• We welcome submissions from anywhere in the world, but stories must be written in English.
• Only previously unpublished works will be considered for publication.
• Length of flash story: 500 to 1,200 words
• Length of short story: 2,000 to 4,500 words
• Please only submit typed, double-spaced manuscripts with 1” margins in 12pt font. Include the author’s name and story title in the header on every page.
• Please include on the first page of your submission your full name and email address, the word count of your story, and a print-ready, third-person bio (less than 70 words) with your brief cover letter.
• Only electronic submissions are accepted. Submissions by post or email will not be read.
• The current response time for submissions is around 2 weeks. However, the actual response time will depend on the availability of our editorial staff. If you have not received a response after 4 months, you may check on the status of your submission via our online inquiry form.
• We only consider submissions from adult writers (age 18 or above).
• We accept submissions on a rolling basis.

Submission Fee

• There is a US$3 submission fee per story to cover our production costs. We hope writers understand the economic realities of a quality literary publication. Any revisions on previously submitted stories will be counted as new submissions. We do not issue refunds for submission fees.
• You may submit more than one story, but you will need to fill out the submission form again and pay the submission fee for each story you submit.


We are a paying market. While we may use the same piece of accepted work for print, digital, and/or audio editions, contributors will only be paid once for each piece of accepted work. Payment will be made after publication, and will be issued via PayPal and the contributor will be responsible for any associated fees, if applicable.


Worldwide First Serial Rights and Exclusive Two-Year Electronic Publication Rights. For all future republishing, acknowledge Zizzle as the first publisher. Contributors retain copyrights to their works. (Refer to agreements for details.)

How to Submit

We look forward to seeing your beautiful work. All submissions sent to us will be considered for our print, digital, and/or audio editions.

We urge our submitters to familiarize themselves with our aesthetic by reading Zizzle’s print issues. Please honor your work and ours by submitting stories that are appropriate for an audience that includes young readers. Order now.

Don’t miss out!

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