Posted by: Kathy Temean | July 11, 2019

OPPORTUNITY: Picture Book Palooza!

Starting July 22, 2019, Sterling Editor Rachael Stein, some of our fabulous now published former students, and I will be doing a week of wonder-filled instruction, laughter, interaction, and action that we call PICTURE BOOK PALOOZA!! And it’s all FREE!

Click here to register now and receive more details soon.

The Children’s Book Academy students continue to publish like crazy. Mira went through the records and discovered that former students have published or contracted well over 360 books (that we know of). Have a peek at a recent exquisite picture book from former students Debra Bartsch and Gael Abary with a blog post about matchmaking writers and illustrators and a short video review of the book right here: Debra will be joining us in the Picture Book Palooza (among others) providing insight and instruction into how to mine your own life for picture book stories.

If you are a former CBA or Picture Book Academy student and have published a children’s book traditionally, please let Mira know and she will either do a guest blog post for you and/or a video review for you depending on time and availability. Mira says, “It’s a huge treat continuing to help students.” She is celebrating the 400th book published or contracted by a CBA grad with something special, so please let her know! Knowing Mira, it will be great!

Speaking of blog posts, over the past year, Mira, with the help of her assistant has been moving the Children’s Book Academy courses from WEEBLY to Teachable, including the Blogfish Blog. Teachable is pretty horrible from the backend and a pain to work with but fantastic for her students, which is why she made the switch. Unfortunately, it means that the posts are not in the order that they originally appeared and none of the comments have come through either. Still, there is a phenomenal wealth of helpful material from our fabulous bloggers and I will keep updating and copying those posts over time. If you are up for a treat, head on over and take a peek, here:

So what else is happening?

Scholarships have just opened for The Children’s Book Academy August 26th Craft and Business of Writing Children’s Picture Books that Mira will be co-teaching with Sterling Editor/AKA Girl Genius Rachael Stein. It’s the first time that Rachael and Mira are co-teaching this, so there will be all sorts of new materials in the course! It’s super exciting! They have given away oodles of scholarships with many recipients now published.

Please take a peek and apply here.

Now Mira’s co-teacher and her usually do a webinar before a new course as kind of a warm up, to give back to our community, and to inspire future students but this year they are doing the Palooza instead. Mira tells me it will be fabulous. So don’t dilly dally – register 


Helping people write, or illustrate, and publish wonderful books Mira’s life’s work and it has been a gift to so many people! Mira can’t wait to share  beautiful books with you and hopefully help empower you on your bookmaking journey.

Don’t miss out! Here is the link to the Picture Book Writing Course details.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Very exciting! Thanks for this, Kathy.


  2. Cool-

    I’d never heard of this Academy. I can’t find the cost for people who don’t qualify for scholarships-anyone know??


  3. OK…wow! 😀


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